Business Partners

  8704744968_6464e4135d_q Whether or not you own a business or are employed by one is of no consequence to the Lord. The fact is that he is your partner in all aspects of your life including how you make a living. There are therefore Christian values and rules by which we are to live our lives. Habitual wrongdoing is sin in no uncertain terms and must be dealt with. That is to say if you care to make heaven your eternal home. Lying,cheating,extortion,unjust weights and measures, false delivery dates and all other manner of deceit when doing business with our fellow man is sinful activity. And there are no exceptions with regards to this type of behavior. I would ask you to keep in mind as we cover this topic. That even though the grand stock markets and huge businesses of our day were not around during the time of Christ. There was still plenty of commerce and trading of goods and services going on.


   And oh yes, Rip Offs! Part of the fallen nature of man is to try and take advantage of another for personal gain. God has addressed this both then and now in his holy word. And when we address this topic we are speaking of work in general. This includes the basic human need and desire to be both gainfully employed and working at providing for your family. And so as I bring to the forefront some of the scriptures teachings on this topic. I hope you will allow the Lord to speak to you about your own illicit behavior if there be any. And so we begin by reading what Gods word says to those who reap financial gains in an unscrupulous manner. Proverbs chapter 16 and verse 8 says the following…Better is a little with righteousness…than great revenues achieved without the right. Proverbs chapter 21 verse 6 says this….The getting of wealth by a lying tongue is a vanity which is tossed back and forth by those who seek death…Fairly poignant I might add.


   And in Proverbs 22 verse 16 it says…He who oppresses the poor to increase his own riches…as well as he who gives to the rich shall surely come to want in the end….Now let me see…..I wonder if he was addressing my local power company? But I digress. The book of Jeremiah states the following in chapter 22 and verse 13…Woe to him who builds his house by unrighteous doings. And its rooms by wrong doing…Now let me pause for a moment to bang on the heads of some heavy hitters out there. Those who think that their dirty deeds be they in business or government are unseen by the Lord. Whose end will be destruction in the lake of fire. The oil  companies continue to post record profits quarterly. Profits which dwarf those from the previous quarter. Yet they proclaim…that the price of oil is responsible for the rise in gasoline prices.




   Now call me stupid…but it seems to me that you must buy cheaply and sell at a higher price to turn a profit. And to make a higher profit quarter after quarter you must purchase at a lower and lower rate each time. And yet we are lied to by these devils and politicians that this is not so time and time again. We are also taking oil out of our own ground here in the United States which is then put out onto the world market and sold back to us at a higher rate. The banking industry has picked our pockets clean with the recent housing fraud scams being their latest heist. Our own so called representatives have given them our money to so call…bail them out. Money with which they continue to line their own pockets . Wall Street has been rife with fraudulent acts from its inseption. They continue to make money off the backs of the common man who believes they are doing what is the best interest of their family investing with them.



   It doesn’t matter what changes are made to my portfolio. When I make a little they make allot. And when I make nothing they make allot. And when I lose my ass they still make allot. The large banks as well continue to be caught laundering illicit monies. While the fines they pay are substantial…they are noting next to the profits they reap in between. And as if that wasn’t enough…nobody goes to jail. These businesses are filled with people who claim to be Christians and Catholics and are nothing of the sort. Do not think for a moment sir or mam that God does not see your evil deeds against your fellow man. Neither will he reserve his judgement against you. For the time will come, and sooner than you think, that God will give to you and all who have been stealing from us your just rewards.


   We also read that God wants us to work and not to be idle. Which includes being on Welfare or collecting Unemployment if it is within your ability to work you bum. Proverbs 18 verse 9 says this…He who is lazy in his ways is a brother to him who wastes…Ecclesiastes chapter 10 verse 18 says….By much laziness the building decays. And by the hands remaining idle the roof will fall in…God despises laziness. If you are able to work you should be doing so. And if you cannot find a great job, work at what you can until God provides something better. There are also many people out there grubbing off the body of Christ. Pretending to be poor they enter into churches seeking how they can get some money or food under the pretense that they are without. I know a man whose acquaintance deliberately appears as a vagabond. His total appearance is a fraud as though he just climbed out of a garbage pail.


   He stands by busy intersections holding a sign that says he is hungry and out of work. He is a liar and a cheat. But there are others who wear a suit and a tie. They call themselves Tele-Evangelists. Pretty girls and boys mugging to the camera proclaiming Gods word to the viewer. They say give God 10 dollars and he will give you back a 100. Well if that’s the case why don’t they give 10,000 and God will give them a million? They are thieves. Wolves in sheep’s clothing defrauding the body of Christ. Building for themselves mansions on the backs of Gods people. Wearing the finest of clothes and hob knobbing with the world. They too will be destroyed if they do not repent. There are also those commanding that the members should tithe. That is to say give a tenth of their income. And after having received the tithe they build themselves bigger and better edifices. While dining out for breakfast, lunch and dinner. As the poor in their churches come in hungry and leave the same way.


   Vile and corrupt individuals are they. Heaping up treasures form themselves and their families. God is good they say while the poor have nothing to hold on to. I was told a bishop by me had a wine cellar built for himself. And no doubt had it filled as well. How much wine can you consume you drunkard? Don’t speak to me from your pulpit of God’s word. Demonstrate it to me by your actions. You will drag your money to the grave and hell will be your reward. You say these are some harsh words that you readily spew out Mr. Pundit. To which I say…I am a sinner just like you my dear reader. And in Gods mercy I have been on the receiving end of his wrath and lived to tell about it. The fact is that the world has entered the church and not to be saved. It has entered the church for personal gain and not for salvation from sin. Be vigilant and repent. For the Lord will come as a thief in the night whether you are ready or not.


   The book of Ezekiel chapter 22 verse 12 says this…You have taken money to shed blood. You have taken bribes and great increase…Sounds like our government…And you have greedily gained by extortion from your fellow man and forgotten my ways. Says the Lord. The prophet Amos in chapter 5 verse 11 foretells what will be left behind by the sinful…In as much as you have tread upon the poor. And you take from him his food. You have built houses out of beautiful stone, but you will not dwell in them. You have planted pleasant vineyards but you will not taste of the wine…Where are your riches now you corrupted man? As judgement brings you naked before the throne of your Creator. Someone else now owns your possessions as Christ asks you to give an account of your life as a Catholic. You have nothing to say.


   For everything done by you was for yourself. It is a fearful thing to fall into the hands of the living God. Turn away dear reader. Turn away before it is too late and the door is closed behind you. In Luke chapter 12 beginning in verse 16 we read about someone just like you. He was also a little presumptuous as you are…The fields of a rich man brought forth a bountiful harvest. And he thought within himself what shall I do? For I have no more room to store all of my goods. And he said…I know…I will pull down my barns and build bigger ones. And then I will store all of my goods for myself. But God said to him…You fool! This very night your soul will be required of you! Oh wretched man or woman that you are. Another boat. Another gold watch. Another deposit in your bank account. Fifty thousand a year for your child’s education while the hungry weep and mourn in their lack. Truly the scripture says how hardly a rich man will enter into heaven….To be continued   




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