Spiritual Bigotry

8200217561_cd43daab27_q-1One of the things I remember most in my long walk with Christ is the Billy Grahm television crusades. I was not close to the Lord back then… but looking back he was close to me. He was already drawing me into the fold of his flock…even though I was yet unaware.Now as a mature Christain I can look back on many aspects of my life and recollect more fully on the hand of God at work on my behalf.Reverend Grahm would end his sermons by having a call to salvation. And as the crowds came forward to give their lives to Christ. The cameras would pan back to Billy. And he would end by telling all who were listening to go to church on Sunday. But he didn’t tell them what church to go to. This is a man of God who had confidence in a God that would surely direct his people where to go. I believe that Billy was an Episcopal…but I may be wrong.

And that has no bearing on where I am going. The fact is that there is a tremendous amount of bigotry in the church. So what is a bigot? By definition it is a person who is intolerant of those holding different positions. For the sake of this blog.. I am discussing Christian spiritual bigots. For the world is full of those who would say we as Christian’s are bigots. And they would be right…but for the wrong reasons. We are to defend our faith. For there is only one empty tomb. And there is only one Son of God sent to die on a cross for the forgiveness of the sins of mankind. Of this there is no compromise and no toleration within ourselves for opinions to the contrary. If those around you do not believe this then move on. For it was the Lord himself and not me…who said don’t cast your pearls before swine. Is he calling nonbelievers swine? Well you can read that and determine it for yourself.

What I am talking about is toleration within the Body of Christ not the world at large. I have stated in previous blogs that the Lord called me to come back to the Catholic church. Which is at the forefront as I all to well know of the grossest forms of bigotry imaginable. As ridiculous as I know this is in my heart…which is why I obeyed the call to return. I have lived many years on the other side of the Catholic fence. Embedded within the ranks of Protestantism. I cleaned the church…walked the streets handing out tracts and evangelizing. I put together radio broadcasts for many years that were aired on Long Island. And when it was time I left. And do you know what? Nobody of all the people I had known through the many years so much as called me on the phone. And do you know why?  Because I had left the fraternity. I was still a member of the body of Christ. but not in a form or fashion that was acceptable by them.

Lets clear the air for a moment. And yes I do speak the oracles of God for I am his servant. Called to be an evangelist of the gospel of Jesus Christ. I am a Catholic and yet I am a devotee of Joyce Meyer, Joel Osteen and many others through the years that you would know. I understand that they and I are but a few molecules or cells if you will in the body of Christ. I am not asking you or them to be a Catholic. I appreciate who they are and what they do…and yes they are most definitely heirs to salvation along with myself. The Catholic church…like it or not has been at the forefront of the church for longer than any other faction. They began what it now called public welfare. They were there  at the beginning of what we now call hospital care. They were there at the very foundation of what we now know as university education. And they are still there today. The Catholic church is the number one charitable giving institution on the planet. And has been so for many, many years. It was Catholics who were fed to the lions in Rome. It was Catholics who were hiding in the catacombs having mass in secret.

When the reformation occurred. There were many reasons for the split. Many of which I personally respect and think were well founded. For there were many wolves present then as there are now within the church. There were also many wrongs being perpetrated by some evil entities running the show back then. And they were the predominant cause for the rift. But to not see Satan at the very core of this absolutely dumbfounds me as a Christian. From that one rift came some twenty or thirty thousand denominations. All acting on there own accord and predominantly without any oversight or supervision. We have the First Baptist, the Second Baptist, the only Baptist. We have the Church of God, the Church of God in Christ. The Assembly of God. I could go on and on. All of these are free to do and say whatever they want and whenever they want to. For the most part the congregants don’t know where and how the money is spent. And they are rife with those who think nothing of denigrating another church that doesn’t hang their banner over their front door.

In other words we are right and all others are wrong. A huge amount of these are being run by former Catholics and their congregation’s are filled with the same. God sent me to preach to the Catholics as I have opportunity. They have been lacking solid bible based teaching and connect the dots biblical reading for a long time. Most Catholics that I know could not quote John 3:16. And that’s not entirely their fault. My observation is that the Catholic church is turning a corner in this regard. But its going to be a long haul. Religion stagnates people. Christianity liberates people. The bible says that he whom the Son makes free is free indeed. It doesn’t say that he who the Son makes free remains in prison. And so my friends I will leave you with this. The next time someone starts shooting you down  when they hear what church you attend. And you know in your spirt that they think you were the biggest fool ever born because of your decision. Step away and get on with doing the will of God in your own life. And remember what Billy Graham said…Go to church on Sunday. God Bless You….to be continued

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