Staying in the Light

3259001264_33482e91cd_mWe begin in the book of First John… chapter 1 and verse 6. If we say that we have fellowship with Christ and walk in the darkness. We are liars and do not do the truth. But if we walk in the light as he is in the light. We have fellowship with one another. And the blood of Christ cleanses us from all sin. If we say that we have no sin we are deceiving ourselves. And the truth is not in us. Furthermore if we confess our sins he is faithful and just to forgive us our sins. And to cleanse us from all unrighteousness.

Have you ever taken a piece of glass and held it up to a lit lamp? Or even your eyeglasses after you thought you had cleaned them. The light exposes every imperfection in the glass itself. And every smudge or piece of dust on the glass is made evident. We as Christians are called to walk in the light of God. Which means that we are willingly exposing all of our faults and blemishes to God our Savior. Who by the way knows them all rather well anyway. And in so doing we are saying to God… please take me as I am and help me. Clean me up in ways that I am not capable of. Make of me something new and better then I can dream or hope for. I regularly clean my eyeglasses in the sink. I turn on hot water and drip a few drops of dish soap on the wet lenses. And then I scrub with my fingers as the water is running on the lenses until they squeak. And do you know what? Every time I do this there is still something left on them when I hold them up to the light.

The book of Ephesians chapter 5 starting in verse 8. For you were at one time darkness. But now you are light in the Lord. Therefore walk as children of light. And have nothing to do with the works of darkness…but rather reprove them. The scripture says that if anybody is in Christ…he or she has become a new creature. All things of their past life have been swept away. And all things have become new. As Christians we are to allow ourselves to be illumined by the light of Christ. We are so to speak spiritually naked in the eyes of the world and Jesus. Now I am sure that I am not telling you anything that you do not already know. Nevertheless…have you ever thought much about how many outrageous acts of sinfulness are committed under cover of darkness? The entire night club scene is set in darkness. Shadowy faces with drinks in hand. Uncomfortable souls writhing in the shadows of a dance floor. The first stage of the next abortion being committed in the back seat of a darkened parked car. Thieves committing burglaries and home invasions. And all other manner of sinful debauchery.

The Gospel of John chapter 3 verse 16.And so we begin with Jesus speaking…For God so loved the world that he gave us his only begotten Son. So that whoever believes in him will not perish but have everlasting life. For God did not send his Son into the world to condemn the world. But rather that the world through him might be saved. He who believes in him is not condemned. But he that does not believe is condemned already. Because he has not believed in the name of the Son of God. And this is the nature of the condemnation. That light has come into the world and men loved the darkness more because their deeds are evil. For everyone who does evil hates the light. Neither do they want to come to the light. That their deeds may be made known.

And so my friend it is you who choose what side of the equation you find yourself on. For the most part… whenever I am speaking in depth to someone about the things of God. It always comes down to allot of finger pointing and excuses. But if the individual would be honest about it…which most will not. The issue is this and nothing more. They are happy. Or so they think. Being a sinner. And they don’t want someone like me exposing thier wrong doing. And this is why they maintain a certain group of acquaintances. People who typically like to do the same things they do. Those who have the same preferred sinful alliances that they do. This is their demonic comfort zone.But so as not to point the finger at just them. What about you Mister Catholic. Who maintain all your Catholic friends who never speak of Jesus. And who shun those like me. Saying… that guys a little too much for me. Oh sure you say. My sins are nothing like those other people. I wear nice clothes and drive a beautiful car. I’m not drinking in some nightclub and doing lines of blow. Well let me deliver a little show stopper to your spiritual mailbox. Romans chapter 3 verse 23. For all have sinned and come short of the glory of God. All men and all women are under the same condemnation of sin. All people need to repent and all people need to confess Jesus as Lord. All need to come into Christ’s glorious light. And this was exactly why Jesus told those who brought the woman before him… who they said was caught in the act of adultery.That let him who is without sin among you throw the first stone at her. I am in the light because I love the light. And you lurk in the shadows of sin because your father is the devil….To be continued

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