Correcting Your Compass

5564747160_13547c0ea2_mRecently I purchased a Garmin hand held GPS unit. My sole purpose in doing so was to bring myself and my boat to an artificial reef that was made from sinking a barge quite a few years ago. Although I had a good chart…which also had printed on it the exact longitudinal and latitudinal coordinates. I had no way to zero in on them. As I was fumbling around with the device as I am prone to do. Trying to figure out how to operate it.I actually stumbled across one aspect that should have been done first.You see I had figured out how to enter the coordinates. But after having done so the directional arrow was pointing in the wrong direction. It was then that I ran across setting the compass for my location.God also has coordinates set in place for each one of us. He has both a plan and a course for us to follow.But without knowing the beginning or the end of our course we would be floundering about on the seas of life.

The good thing about this GPS unit as well as our Christain walk. Is that we have a history of people who have travelled these routes before . Those who have gone before us by land and by sea to follow.During one of my conversations with my brother Kevin. We were discussing what are known as waypoints. These are typically major bouys that are marked and charted on nautical maps.They were put there and marked by others through the years.So that someone could project a safe and secure route from point A to point B on a waterway. One can also mark their own path with the GPS while hiking or boating. So that after having traveled many miles or days. You can follow your trail of bread crumbs back to where you started.But as I stated earlier my compass was set wrong. And without it nothing else was right either. So I followed the directions which told me that after having pressed this certain button. I was to turn slowly clockwise while holding the unit level to the floor. A moment later the compass was set to exactly to where I was standing on the face of the earth.

When the Jews were delivered from the hands of Pharaoh.They began a journey to what was to be their promised land. Today having the distinct advantage of aerial mapping. We can look down on the area they were to travel. They spent forty years travelling a route that more than likely should have taken weeks or months. And do you know what else? God was with them the entire time. And they had no idea they were going in circles. Soon after they left Egypt by the miraculous hand of God moving on their behalf. They decided they didn’t need God as their compass any longer. And what about you dear reader? What coordinates are you heading for? If you are a Christian. And your destination is to be heaven. Then you had better start mapping out your course. And yes there will be waypoints along the way. If there weren’t…you would not be saved. For everyone who walks with Christ will be tested again and again. These tests will become markers in your life for advancement. With the plan being that someday …that you having traveled the route. Will now be able to direct and counsel others who are themselves just beginning their journey. Or you can be like the Israelites. And you can say I have no need of any God.

But we must begin with some fundamentals. Lets rename our GPS…GODS POSITIONING SYSTEM. The book of Romans chapter 14 verses 13 and 14.Let us live and conduct ourselves honorably,and becomingly.As being in the open light of day. Not in reveling and carousing and drunkenness.. not in immorality and debauchery, sensuality and licentiousness. Not with quarrelling and jealousy. But clothe your self with the Lord Jesus Christ. And make no place for yourself to indulge the flesh. Put a stop to thinking about the evil cravings of your physical nature. Which do nothing accept to satisfy its desires and lusts….The apostle says that we are to wear Jesus as a garment. We are to be wrapped in him. He is to be in direct contact with our being all day and every day. This is the foundation of our journey. The bible says that we are to put on the mind of Christ. Throwing away our old thought process. We are to be new creatures in Christ. And this process will be ongoing. Reading your bible,praying and seeking the Lords direction every day of your life. If you do this you will achieve all of the waypoints plotted out for you on your journey. And heaven will be your destinations end. If you do not. You will be as the Israelites were. Murmuring and complaining. Traveling in circles. Worshipping idols made with human hands. And in the end…you will find your way home also. But your home will be quite different than mine. Hell will be your destinations end.

And now for something you don’t know. About halfway through this blog. I stopped to go to mass at church. The priest during his message…which we call the homily in Catholicism. Was preaching about  hiking the Appalachian Trail in Bear Mountain. The long and short of it was that he got lost. And after having spent the night in the woods. He found his way to a highway the next morning. And do you know what he said? He would never hike again without a COMPASS…To be continued

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