Slavery Never Ended

Slave HousePeople in the United States…if asked when slavery ended? Would more than likely say under the presidency of Abraham Lincoln and during the Civil War. They would be wrong. What did end was the ability for one man to purchase another man as human property. For the purposes of doing with them whatever they wanted to do. In other words. Sit down.. shut up…and I will tell you what to do later. Got it? No my friend slavery did not end and will not end in your life until you decide you’ve had enough. Now when we speak of slavery in biblical terminology. The word servant is readily interchangeable. For in those times and places. A servant was in fact owned by the master of the household. He or she was in fact a slave so to speak. But it is a different type of slavery of which I am speaking. It is that of being a slave to sin. And in so doing you have aligned yourself with your new slave owner. And his name is Satan. To the Gospel of John chapter 8 we go. And to a variety of verses contained therein. In order to make my point. Jesus is speaking to the Jewish leaders and those others who were present. Whoever commits sin the servant of sin. Why do you not understand my speech? It is because you cannot hear my words. Because you are of your father the devil. And the lusts of your father you will do always. He was a murderer from the beginning. And could not abide in the truth. Because no truth can be found in him. When he speaks a lie he is speaking of his own. For he is a liar and the father of all lies.

The scripture teaches us that Jesus came to deliver us from the power of sin and death. Both of which will render you in the same fiery destination. And by the way your father will be there also. So you can all have a nice little cozy family reunion by the fire. John chapter 16 verse 13. Jesus is speaking…No servant can serve two masters. For either he will hate the one and love the other. Or else he will hold on to the one and despise the other. You cannot continue in a sinful…God in the and expect anything less than the fires of hell in your future. You are not only kidding yourself in doing so. But you have allowed the enemy of your soul to spiritually handcuff you to the rail of a hell bent freight train. You are a slave to Christ or you are a slave to Satan. Those are your two choices. One or the other will own you outright. There is no middle ground and no if ands or buts about it. In John 16 verses 19 and 20 Jesus says this…If you belonged to the world. The world would love its own. But because you are not of this world..But I have chosen you out of this world. Therefore the world hates you. Remember the words that I said to you. A slave is not greater than his master. If they have persecuted me they will also persecute you. And then we go to verse 22. If had had not come and spoken to them they would not have any sin. But now that I have…they have no way of hiding their sins.

He that hates me hates my Father also. And so I would like to ask something of you. You don’t you? It wont take me long at all. Since you have been…shall we say. Walking with Christ. Do all of your old friends still know and call you? Do you still watch the same TV shows and attend the same functions? Do you still find dirty jokes to be funny? Do you still have those…Oh how should I say this without offending you? Filthy ,dirty,disgusting,sleazy,pornographic magazines in your dresser drawer? Jesus just said that if you were of the world that the world would love its own. So why is everyone still so lovey dovey with you Mr. Christian? Maybe its because your not a Christian at all my Catholic friend. Maybe its time for you to reconsider your stance on abortion Chicky Pooh.

And who by the way is persecuting you? It seems to me that everything is as it has always been in your little corner of paradise. At least for the moment anyway. For the day is coming and quickly. Where the trumpet of God shall sound out with a mighty blast. And the Lord will appear riding on the clouds with a heavenly host. And at his command the dead in Christ will rise from their graves. And we who are alive in Christ will join them to meet Christ in the air….And you sir or missy…will be left behind….To be continued

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