Hollywood if it Could

4377767718_a1e004081c_m-1Pardon me if you will for my play on words. But if may continue for just a moment to make my point. Hollywood if it could. But it wont because it don’t… know Jesus. My apologies for the poorest of grammatical expression. However now I will drag Hollywood to the proverbial woodshed for a good drubbing. Pundit style. Has it ever entered your mind… just how much momentary pleasure you would get out of storming into some fat cats boardroom? With a band of brothers by your side. And letting them know in beat down fashion.Just how much you cant stand them and what they have done to our country. As Martha and the Vandellas so aptly sung. No where to run from me baby…No where to hide. Now I know what your thinking. My goodness Mr. Pundit. Your a Christian. How could you insinuate such gross violence? Why this is totally unacceptable. Agreed! However such action is not unprecedented. The Gospel of Mark chapter 14 and verse 43.This occurred as Judas was approaching Jesus and the apostles in the garden to betray him…And immediately while Jesus was speaking, Judas came who was one of the twelve apostles with a great multitude having swords and staves. Sent from the chief priests and scribes and elders of the synagogue. And Judas who had betrayed him had given them a sign saying. Whoever I kiss. He is the one who calls himself Jesus. And as  soon as he came he said Master, Master and kissed him on the cheek. And one of the disciples who stood by pulled out a sword and hacked the servant of the high priest cutting off his ear.

To bad in my opinion that he wasn’t that good with the sword. He only got his ear. I don’t think I would have missed. And more than likely quite a melee would have ensued if I was there as well. Apparently one of the boys was carrying a little life insurance under his tunic. And don’t think for a minute that Jesus was not only aware of it… and could have stopped it as well. Keep in mind that these people were walking and talking and sleeping and eating with Jesus for a long time. And still the sword under the tunic. We are human and God knows exactly who he’s calling to be his own. A guy who carries a sword brings something to the table that Mary Magdalene does not. Capish? Now don’t start with your religious diatribe on just what kind of person you think I am. And that you think your so much better than I. And now back to Hollywood. I have been alive for quite a bit longer than many of you readers. I have been watching closely for many a year the evil that Hollywood and the media have been cramming down our throats. Looking back I would have to say that I was more spiritual than I thought as a youth. For even in the sixties my mind was already calculating the cunning involved in what they were doing. But I took note of it never the less…and have continued to do so to this very day. If such a vast network was converted for the cause of Christ…my God how many souls could have been saved rather than lost. But its not.. nor will it ever be. They serve Satan and he is their master. Why of course a woman superhero should be wearing a thong and fishnet stockings. What else could she possibly wear?

Oh yes… with a wave of a sorcerers wand an innocent child is now contemplating if he or she could possibly perform some magic. As the secret agent molests yet another woman of the night. Another marriage comes undone. A father leaving his wife and children for a new sexual fling with a co-worker. Satan knows exactly what he is doing. And you are a willing participant in his charade. Aren’t you? It started years ago. With a little leg show from a long evening gown. A martini held in hand…cigarette smoke being blown out the nostrils. And of course the ever present seductive glare. The first porno mags showed women in bathing suits. And now where it has gone is nothing short of full blown demonic activity of the highest order. My job as a Christian is something like that of a crime reporter. I bring to light more often than not. The absolute grossest shortcomings of humanity. Including those in myself. Now if your asking why? And you are. In order to defeat an enemy we need to know his actions. And if you are to be ever fully free in your own life. The darkest recesses of your soul need to be brought into the glorious light of Jesus Christ. Lay it all at the foot of the cross my friend. Hebrews chapter 13 verse 5..For Christ has said. I will never leave you or forsake you….To be continued


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