Satan’s Subtlety and the Catholic Saints

4438864653_d3bce0d274_mNow back to business. The enemy of our souls. Who is Satan. Has been fighting Catholicism for a long long time. And he continues to do so this very hour. And for you who think that by my stating this. I am nothing more than some big pompous wind bag Yankee fan. I would ask you to follow my logic. And reserve your David Wright, Tom Seaver and Keith Hernandez comments for later. What I am asking you to focus on are three Catholic saints. Two of which have holidays named after them. They are Saint Francis, Saint Valentine and Saint Patrick. Now as the Pundit. I am always happy to exercise my right to exorcize any demons. Wherever and whenever I may come across them. And this is such a time. Does it strike you as being a little bit odd? My demon oppressed reader. That three greatly venerated saints holidays. Are and have been torn to shreds by the secular society in which we find ourselves. St. Francis has become the patron saint of birdbaths. St. Valentines day has been made into the holiday for cupid,fornication and lingerie sales. And every other perversion that mankind can think of.

And you would think that St. Patrick was the patron saint of drunkards, rowdy’s and perverts. But since I am typing this on the eve of this great Catholic saint. I thought it would be an honor and a privilege to set the record straight. In some small way. As to who exactly Patrick was. First of all. Patrick was not Irish.So sorry all you drunkard, stoned Irishmen out there. Patrick was born into a family of some means. No he was not rich. But they were not poor either. When Patrick was in his teens. A band of marauders. Or as we would call them pirates. Came from Ireland and attacked the villa where he lived. They took Patrick and thousands of others back to Ireland as slaves. Now Patrick’s father was a deacon and his uncle was a priest. And guess what? God had a plan for Patrick’s life as well. While in Ireland for many years. He was the slave of a pagan Celtic priest. It was in his servitude. That he learned of their pagan practices. As well as learning the Celtic language. Years later after his freedom was gained. God sent Patrick back to the land that held him in bondage.To release them from the bondage of Satan’s grasp. Second Corinthians chapter 6 verse 17 and 18. Listen to what Jesus is commanding you to do. You drunken perverted Irishman. Who just happens to disgrace Catholicism by your saying you are one…Come out from among them. And separate yourself from them. And do not touch or do unclean things. And I the Lord will receive you. And I will be a father to you. And you will be my sons and daughters says the Lord of hosts.

So put away your hash pipe bud. And stay home and drink some green machine. Spend your day in the word of God. And start to set the record straight. Your not a Catholic. You are a son of Satan. And a disgrace to the great Saint Patrick…to be continued

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