I Don’t Want to Live Any More

4828243428_d57d6df2b2_mThe book of Galatians chapter 2 verse 20. For I have been crucified with Christ. Nevertheless I live. And yet it is not I that am living. But Christ who lives in me. And this life that I now live in the flesh. I live by faith in the Son of God. Who loved me and gave his own life for me. If  you are truly sick and tired of being sick and tired. Surrender to Jesus. Paul has just explained to us the crux of being born again in Christ. When you mean business with God. You are actually committing yourself to the utter and total destruction of who you were prior to your conversion. Spiritual suicide if you will. You have actually given up willingly all the rights you had as an individual. And have placed yourself under the Master…The Lord Jesus Christ. First Corinthians chapter 6 verse 19 and 20.What then do you not know that your body is the temple of the Holy Ghost which is now in you? Which you have been given by God. And that you are no longer your own? For you have been bought with a great price. Therefore glorify God in your body. And in your spirit which are now Gods.

When a man or woman has a true conversion experience. A dramatic change ensues in who they are. There is both an immediate change as well as an ongoing conversion process.
Paul just said that your body has just become the temple of the Holy Ghost. And that the Holy Ghost is now residing in you. And guess what? He is not to happy if you continue in your old lifestyle after he has taken up residency. Second Corinthians 5 verse 17..If any man is in Christ. He is a new creature. Behold …old things have passed away. And all things have become new again. As Catholics we baptize infants. The reality is that it is the heartfelt hope and desire of the parents. That is those parents who are themselves living for Christ. That their babe will be a Christian. During the First Holy Communion and later The Confirmation. These commitments are re affirmed by the youngsters themselves.

And during the annual Easter mass. We all as a congregation. Confess with our own mouths together as a body.What it is that we believe as Christians. And we denounce Satan in our lives. But all of this is an exercise in futility unless it is truly the desire of the individual to let Christ take over and rule their lives. For without that understanding and desire of the individual heart. You and I are just mouthing worthless words. And for most. This is in fact the case. It is like raising your hand in court . Swearing to tell the truth. And then lying your way through the proceedings.For no change has or will occur in this type of individual. It is a hard concept for many to grasp. The Holy Spirit living in us. When we truly understand and embrace this fact of regeneration in Christ. It will become nearly impossible for you to treat yourself and your body the same way. Back to First Corinthians chapter 6 beginning in verse 15 this time. Like it or leave it…Like it or leave it..Do you not know that your bodies  are now the members of Christ? Will you then take the members of Christ and join them together with a whore? God forbid. Do you not know that he who has intercourse with a whore has become one body with that whore? And its not just a whore. Its sex out of wedlock.A.K.A. fornication. Friends…In Christ your body is not a garbage disposal unit. You are now a holy vessel committed for the Lords use and residence. You have become a tenant in your flesh body. And God is residing there with you…Think about it…to be continued

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