Pulling Down Strongholds

1948975545_40a005bd97_mA stronghold is nothing more than a well defended position. As for myself.. I associate this type of fortification with the bunkers and pill boxes of World War 11.Generally made of reinforced concrete several feet thick. With steel rods interwoven within the concrete. These were built and used by the Japanese and the German armies in areas where they were certain that the allies would come eventually. They usually had only slots built into the front and sides. Slots that were wide enough for a machine gun to move left and right in. Or a cannon barrel in the larger ones. The allies knowing that these were present in advance of most invasions. Did their best to come up with new ways to infiltrate these fortifications. But most of the time they were taken only by the loss of many lives.

Satan also has strongholds. And he also has a hierarchy in his own ranks as well. He is at the head of his demonic realm. And his minions fall in rank beneath him. Now for you novices out there…which is most of you. And in particular my Catholic brothers and sisters. You don’t know jack about Satan. And do you know what? He likes that just fine. And you are playing you and your families lives right into his trap. Knowing your enemy is crucial in every battle scenario. Including the gathering of intelligence. Now let me side track for a moment. In 1941 the United states was still neutral as far as the war was concerned. But that would soon change. However neutral we appeared to be to the world. We were not ignorant or stupid. Our government knew how things were going. And that we were unprepared in the area of intelligence. So what to do? Well as it turns out the British were well skilled in the art of spying and espionage. For they had been engaged in it for many years.

So we asked for help and help we got. Being neutral the USA set up what became known as Camp X in Canada. This was to be our new secret agent training camp. It opened one day before the Pearl Harbor attack. The people recruited to Camp X were to be trained in espionage,sabotage and the gathering of intelligence. And the man in charge was a Major Fairburn from England. On his first day he had a few recruits gathered outside standing in front of himself. As he called one of the recruits forward…motioning him to himself ..he kicked the man square in the nuts. Sending him immediately to his knees. Nice introduction eh? As the man slumped on the ground before him …he calmly addressed the other onlookers. And this is what he said. From this position …it is much easier to kill him. This set the stage in both mind and heart. That this was to be ruthless and unmerciful methodology. You must and will do whatever it takes to kill and destroy your adversary. This was the beginning of what was called the O.S.S. The precursor of todays C.I.A..They were looking for a man with the mind of a PHD who could win a bar fight. Smart and tough as nails.

You and I are up against an adversary who wants us and our families dead. If you really understood the hatred and the desire to hurt your family that Satan possesses. You would have stopped playing church a long long time ago. But you don’t. You think this is all some foolish little game.Where everyone wins and all things turn out happily ever after in the end. And that I am some over the top Christian fanatic. Who has taken this walking with God thing just a little to far for your liking. And Satan is very pleased with your thought process as well. But you are entirely wrong in your presumption. This is a ruthless and no holes barred spiritual brawl. Kill or be killed. Without mercy or regret. You and I are called by the Lord Jesus Christ to engage the devil at every front. Be they fortified positions or not. You are to be a soldier in Christ. As some of you fade away from this blog…I will continue to help those of you who are man or woman enough to stay.

The Book of Second Corinthians chapter 10. Starting in verse 3 we read as follows. For though we walk and live in the flesh. We are not carrying on our warfare in the flesh using mere human weapons. For the weapons of our warfare are not physical. That is to say weapons of flesh and blood. But they are mighty before God for the overthrow and destruction of strongholds. The book of Ephesians chapter 6 and verse 12 says this. For we do not wrestle against flesh and blood. But against principalities and powers. And against the rulers of darkness in this world. And against spiritual wickedness in high places. Notice the delineation if you will used by the writers in describing the enemy. Strongholds,spiritual wickedness, darkness of this world, principalities and powers, high places.

Allow me to ask you a question. If you believe nothing else that I say or write. Do you believe that the bible is the inspired word of God? If your answer is no. Than you are in some very deep trouble my church going Catholic. If your answer is yes And even if you were unaware of these and other scriptures up to this point in time. Your eyes have now been opened to the reality of what it is we are up against. Now let me back up momentarily to Ephesians 6 and verses 10 and 11.Finally my brethren. Be strong in the Lord and in  the power of his might. Put on the entire armor of God. That you may be able to stand against the tricks and treachery of the devil. At Camp X the individuals in training were being taught advanced methodology in warcraft. They were becoming skilled in areas that the average human being will never come in contact with. And they were being taught how to dispatch an enemy combatant quickly and efficiently. All being done to win the war. And win you must also if you are to make heaven your eternal home. God is looking for a few good men and women like the Marines. Do you have what it takes? Or are you happy to continue having your spiritual ass handed to you every day of your life?.. To be continued

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