I Have Joy Like a River

26732349576_396e0a1af8_mWhat makes you happy? The answer to this simple question will tell me everything I need to know about you. And it will also tell me whether or not you are an heir to salvation. In other words…that you are in fact saved by the blood of Jesus. And to make your answering a little dicey. Let me tell you just some of the things that make me happy. I like to surf fish while singing songs of praise and praying. I like praying the Chaplet of divine mercy while in Eucharistic adoration. I like listening to great preachers like Joyce Meyer, Joel Osteen, Billy Graham and many others. I enjoy theological discussions about the faith.

I like church history and learning about the saints. I like reading my bible. I like anything that has to do with praying. I like hearing testimonies from people who have been healed by the power of God. I like hearing of miracles and life changing transformations. I like to DVR papal masses from Rome and watching them several times. I like going to church  with my wife. And I like talking about Jesus. These are but a few of my favorite things in life. Now its your turn. Please do tell me what you like. Proverbs 16 verse 20. Happy is the man who trusts in the Lord…That would be coming from the God who created you by the way. Romans 14 verse 17..For the kingdom of God is not comprised of meat and drink. But righteousness and peace and joy in the Holy Ghost. There is great joy and peace to be found in walking with Christ.

It is both tangible and real to those of us who know it. It lingers deep within the soul. And nobody can take it from you. It is with me in the good times and the bad. It is both strength to my members and marrow to my very bones. OH… I am so sorry. I talk so much sometimes I forget to listen. My apologies. You were about to tell me what makes you happy when I so rudely interrupted. Please go right ahead…To be continued

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