Good Friday

6429287413_c408e05f4f_mFrom the Webster’s dictionary. I present you with the definition of the word excruciating…Extremely painful; causing intense suffering; unbearably distressing; torturing. Many do not know. That this word was derived from the crucifix. Or to be crucified. This is Good Friday. The day which some two thousand years ago, our Lord Jesus Christ allowed for himself to be brutally tortured. Followed by being nailed to a crucifix for the sins of the world. I do not know if I personally will ever fully comprehend this action of our God for us. And voluntarily as well. Jesus openly admittedĀ  in the garden. When the Jews and the soldiers came to apprehend him. In Matthew chapter 26 verse 53 the following…Do you think that I cannot pray to my Father at this very minute? And he will send me more than twelve legions of angels to help me. But how then will the scriptures be fulfilled that this must be?

I know that many of you wonder just as I do. Why such a plan for humanity? And why would God Almighty himself, enter into such a scenario? The answer for me and more than likely for you. Is that we don’t know. All we can do is accept what we have been given. And we have been given allot. I know this is a ridiculous statement. But I am confident that you as well have thought it. If I was God I would not have done that. It is an event which is unequivocally beyond our scope of understanding. Jesus was killed this day some two thousand years ago. And rose from the dead on Easter Sunday. Having defeated both hell and death. And having redeemed we that believe in him with his sacrificial blood. That we may have eternal life with him. The scripture tells us. That as many as believe in him. To them he gave the power of eternal life. This is a good time of year to reflect and ask ourselves. What exactly am I doing with the life that I have been given? As it relates to my walk with Jesus Christ. And ask yourself this. Will I continue to be the filthy sinful wretch, ignoring the call of God on my life, and doing whatever I want to day in and day out? Answer the question honestly. Put on some decent respectable clothes. Go to church and confess your sins. And begin your new life in Christ starting today….God Bless You…And Happy Easter to All……To be continued

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