2596679706_0e01f98c58_mAnd now for a little blogaroo for all of you spiritual gardeners out there. Whatever is in your garden beds at the time of your feeding…is going to grow. Food is in fact food for all things green. But what about feeding our spirit man? The bible tells us some rather unique things regarding feeding ourselves. First of all scripture teaches us that whoever tends to the flesh man…will fulfill the lusts of the flesh. And Jesus tells us in Mark chapter 8 verse 34 the following. Whoever wishes to be a follower of me. Let him or her deny themselves. And take up their own cross and follow me.

Self denial it not something that is readily taught in our society. What is taught is that I want more. I need more. And I want and need more now! Not tomorrow. Now! The cold hard fact of Christianity is this. You and I aside from Christ are utterly wretched and despicable human beings at best. OH I know…not you. But everyone else besides you. It was the apostle Paul who said the following. Oh wretched man that I am. Who can deliver me from this body of death? Jesus said to pick up your cross and follow him. We are the only religion who uses an instrument of torture to represent our faith. And with good reason. Like master…like servant. Our walk is going to have suffering and denial. And plenty of it if you hope to get anywhere. Which brings us straightway to fasting. We read the  gospels how the apostles were unable to cast out certain demons. Having had success with doing so to others. They found themselves in a bit of a quandary. So they asked the master why? Jesus replied quite simply. This type comes out only with much prayer and fasting. And now I am preaching to you and me.
Second Corinthians 12 verse 9.

Jesus is speaking…My grace is sufficient for you. For my strength is made perfect in weakness…The bible says that Jesus takes the weak things of this world to combat those things which are strong. What did Jesus do prior to his meeting with Satan? He fasted for 40 days and 40 nights. As it pertains to a human being. He was more than likely in the absolute weakest state that a man could be in at the moment of combat. This goes totally against what we are taught from our youth. Eat your food son. You are going to need your strength today at practice. But for us…the flesh accounts for nothing. The flesh is actually at the root of our entire battle as Christians. And to combat the flesh and its incessant urges. Our only weapon against it is to pray more and eat less. In other words we are to tend to the things of the spirit and not this lump of humanity.

Demons do not fear a 300 lb. weightlifter. They fear a 90 year old black lady who is weak, feeble and prayed up. Can you dig that daddy-o? Oh praise be to God! If you and I can take hold of this and run with it. We can crush the enemy in these last days! To deny feeding the flesh is to in reality feed the spirit. Did you get that you blog reading buffoon? As it pertains to the spirit of man. Less is indeed more. So stop eating those crumb buns fatso. And pickup your bible for a real meal. The next time those hot pants catch your eye. Start praying. If you begin to do these things on a regular basis. The change in you will be both remarkable and unmistakable. Now put that in your corn cob and smoke it Jackson!….To be continued


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