The Spirit of Fear

2099577192_5a620eae5b_mThe book of Second Timothy chapter 1 and verse 7. For God has not given to us a spirit of fear. But rather a spirit of power and love. And of a sound mind. When we speak of fear in a generalized sense. There are some fears which are prudent and good. For instance as I stated in one of my previous blogs. The fear of God is the very beginning of wisdom. And then of course there are some more generalized fears such as getting to close to the edge of a cliff. Or having ones hands or fingers to close to a whirring saw blade. These are all good and healthy fears to have. We can also look at such things as these. As being more of a respect for what can happen should we be drawn into think of these as being trivial or inconsequential. And of course in the sense of fearing God. If you don’t fear him. Well then I cant help you. What I am addressing is that fear that stifles an individual. The fear that turns action into stagnation. The fear that keeps you from sharing the gospel as God intended for you and I to do.

This type of fear is birthed in hell by the devil himself. My own personal reference for overcoming fear is Paul’s record of his life as an apostle. Found in Second Corinthians chapter 11.Check this out my friend. And then take a deep breath. Five times I received from the Jews 39 lashes. Three times I have been beaten with rods. Once I was stoned and left for dead. Three times I have been aboard a ship wrecked at sea. An entire night and a day I spent adrift on the sea. Many times on journeys I was exposed to perils from rivers, bandits and my own countrymen. Perils in the cities and from the unsaved. Perils in the deserts and in the sea. And perils from those who were posing as believers. Having read this we can plainly see that Paul was an overcomer. Nothing was going to stop him. And nothing was going to stop Jesus from going to the cross as well. Friends there is going to be fear in this world. And most of it is readily supplied by Satan to thwart our efforts to win souls.

I ask you to change your mind about fear. Rather than looking at it as an obstacle. God wants you to see it as an opportunity. Like another rep in the gym. Each time you face the fear that Satan puts in your path. You become spiritually stronger. First Timothy chapter 4 and verse 7.Refuse profane and old wives tales. And exercise yourselves rather in godliness. For bodily exercise profits little. But godliness is profitable in all things.Having the promise of the life that now is and that which is to come. Most Catholics have become photocopies. They have chosen the path of ease rather than that of confrontation. Do you think Paul was beaten with rods because they liked what he was saying? He had very real fears. But he was enabled by the grace of God to overcome them and accomplish great works. First John chapter 4 and verse 4. Greater is he that is in you. Than he that is in the world. God is in you and he is waiting for you to act. He has created you to be a unique individual in him. You are not the Prophetic Pundit. I am the Prophetic Pundit. God has something for you to begin doing right now like me. A copy of a Van Gogh can be bought for 20 dollars. An original will set you back 200 million dollars. You are an original masterpiece of God. The problem is that nobody knows that yet.

Second Corinthians chapter 10 verse 5.Cast down your imaginations. And everything that try’s to exalt itself against the knowledge of God. And bring into captivity every thought. Putting it under obedience to Christ. Stop your endless jabbering with your neighbors and coworkers. About your thoughts and their thoughts pertaining to everything under the sun. Like everything I am writing about. The sooner you realize that you are being used as  a tool of the devil. The sooner you can start to turn things around and actually do some good with your life in Christ. The only thing of value in the end will be that which is written in Gods eternal word and what you have done with it. The fear ends today…To be continued

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