In God We Trust

8399835057_acbdf7aff4_mOh really now…In God we trust is what it says on the currency issued by the United States of America. At some point in time that may have been the prevailing sentiment of most American citizens. Churches were full on Sundays. It was looked proudly upon to be a teacher of religious instruction.Tens of thousands of people were in line to make a life out of being a nun,priest,pastor,deacon,brother,friar etcetera. Boy have things changed. And not for the better. For the moment though…that is not what I want to speak about. Its trusting our government or lack thereof. If your like me…you have wondered on more than a few occasions. Just who is running this show anyway? And what are there motives? This blog is addressed in particular.To those of you who think the proverbial big brother is watching over you. I want to bring to your attention a couple of odd tax breaks that I came across. And if this doesn’t prove my point…than I don’t know what will. Property owners in Australia can claim the cost of garden gnomes added to their rental property as a deduction. A court in the Netherlands ruled on Sept. 23 2005 that witchcraft lessons were tax deductible. As long as they increased a persons employability and earning potential. Not only were bribes to private businesses legal in Germany until 2002. But they were tax deductible until 1999. The deduction was reportedly rarely used because it required the identity of both parties.

So what’s a few grand between officials anyway? Just prior to this last presidential election. One of my coworkers said to another. Who are you voting for? To which the person replied. Trump! She then said. Oh he scares me. At that…having lost all ability to keep my mouth shut. I said to her. And what you’ve had the past 16 years hasn’t scared you? And what exactly is it that these protesters are protesting. Apparently they are like her. They trust in man. And they want more of nothing. If you are a Christian. Your trust is to be in the Lord. Not in government. Because come hell or high-water. Gods people will reign victorious in the end. And as for those who are protesting. They would probably be envious of having the witchcraft tax deduction. If it was up to them abortion would be tax deductible as well. After all. We are entitled to have a good time aren’t we? Just remember folks. Freedom is not free. It just means that someone else paid for it. And I am sure that you like that idea as well.

Proverbs chapter 3..starting in verse 5. Trust in the Lord with all of your heart. And do not lean on your own understanding. In everything that you do acknowledge him. And he will make your paths straight. Do not think yourself to be wise in your own eyes. Fear the Lord and depart from all evil. Proverbs chapter 14 and verse 12.There is a way that seems right to man. But the end of that way will lead him to death. Now why don’t you just man up for a minute and stop this ridiculous charade that you call your life. You have had all your plans in place for a long time as to how and why you are going to live the life you live. And your plans include about 1 % of God and 99% of doing whatever you want to do. And now your walking the streets protesting when you should be working. Your holding your banner that says we are a nation of immigrants. What your banner should say is that we are a nation of legal immigrants. Or did you leave your brain home again today? When I was a young man….all of the immigrants I new were damn proud to be an American. And they were also damn proud to speak English as their language. They called themselves Americans and they sang the same patriotic songs that I sang.They went to church as well . Because amongst other things it was considered shameful not to. In the Assumption Catholic church in Centereach NY. It was standing room only at ten minutes to the hour. My entire neighborhood was there. One man said to me that they were in a very tight spot during the Korean war. They were being shelled. All of the Catholics had there heads down and started praying the Hail Mary prayer. Over and over again.

And guess what macho man. All of the other guys of every denomination including the Jews started praying with them. They had nothing to hang on to. They didn’t bring God to the fight with them. Don’t wait until its too late. Don’t wait until all hell is raining down on you and your family. The time to trust God is now. The time to be the man or woman that God has called you to be is now. Trust in the Lord with all of your own heart. Don’t wait for others to be in agreement with you…You can do this!…To be continued

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