Defending the Faith

8426261345_3806c94637_mIn New York City there is a radio station that I frequently listen to. It is a sports based broadcast.One of the jocks who just happens to be my favorite.  Happens to be Jewish as well. And is equally as sarcastic if not more so than myself. Through the years I have heard him say this is my god. Speaking of his work. And one of his favorite lines when speaking of hockey goalies. Is to say that the goal tender has more saves than Jesus. The irony is that he is a son of the promise to Abraham. Out of whose seed would come the savior of not only him but the world as well. Matthew chapter 12 verse 34.For out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks… Whatever you are full of will make its way to the surface eventually. And by the surface.. I mean it will come out of your mouth.

How sadly I have often thought of him and others as well. That Christ came and died for his sins. And all this Jewish man can muster is a sarcastic crack about him. So one night a caller was pulled up on the cue. And as he began to speak he told the host that he didn’t appreciate his on going rant about Jesus. And he went on for quite some time without relenting. Now I had felt as he did for quite some time. But I never invested the time to call and say what he did. I could tell through the radio that this host was more than embarrassed by the call. And for quite a while his comments on Jesus seemed to subside.

We… being you and I. That is to say if you have the guts. Which you don’t. Have an obligation to not only stand up for what’s right. But to defend the gospel as well. The heathens that most of us work and deal with. Have no problem inviting you in on their conversations about all manner of perversion. Whether or not you and I like it is of no consequence to them. They just blather on about their filthy dates. Their sexual preferences. And their drunken escapades. The scripture admonishes us to be always ready to give a reason for the hope which lies within us. Your faith in Christ is not to be a secret. The bible says let your light so shine that men will see you and glorify God. When Jesus was taken in the garden. Everyone ran for the hills. When he was being paraded to the cross half dead and beaten to a pulp. The only people with him were John and Mary and a few other women.

Saving your own ass is what it was all about. When push came to shove apparently all the men forgot how to make a fist and use it. I would have started throwing punches at every creep present and repented later. I cannot stand injustice and I despise wimpy men. Now I am not justifying physical altercations at the drop of a hat. But to not defend what it is you believe. And to allow every demon possessed individual on planet  earth to run ramshackle over you is beyond reproachable. There is man who I know that I have shared aspects of Christianity with for quite some time. At one point I thought he was an heir to salvation. But as time went on I realized that he wasn’t. And wouldn’t receive anything that I had to say regarding the faith.Do you know what? Move on. I started to recollect my own early days hearing of Christ. There was no sarcasm coming out of my mouth. I was all ears. And I had legitimate questions. There was no arguing on my part and no excuses. I was a sinner and I new it. As should you. So start opening your mouth and see what’s in the abundance of your heart. You may be shocked at what is or isn’t present there…To be continued




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