Do What You Will

10925517215_65a91246af_mThis is a strange topic indeed…is what you are more than likely saying. And as far as my own life is concerned. Doing what I will or want to do… for the most part… is the furthest thing from my mind. And if you are now or ever want to be. A living ,breathing, talking, Christian man or woman. Then you should have your spiritual sights fixed on this same target. As for myself. Doing Gods will is my top priority in life. Satanism or the cult of Satan. Has several basic tenants or beliefs that they both teach and live. And here they are. The first is that you can do all and anything that you wish to do. The second is that no one has the right to command you in any way shape or form. And the third and last is that you are the god of yourself. If you have never heard these before. That is why I am here.To expose the devil; who is our arch enemy in every facet of life. For once you understand his motives and his appearance. Then and only then can you begin to combat him.

We live in a world today that is predominantly a satanic society. And yes I do mean what I just said. A society that is satanic.No I haven’t lost my mind. For I am not speaking about man, woman and child walking about in black hooded cloaks under the cover of darkness. But I am speaking about man,woman and child doing whatever they wish. And giving the nod to others being allowed to do the same. I would say that over the last ten years or so. Maybe less. The term don’t be a hater has come into my spiritual radar screen. Sounds rather simple and inconsequential to most. But not to the Pundit. What really is being stated is don’t judge me. And don’t condemn me for what I do or say. Do not debate me over my actions and I wont debate you over yours. In doing this or embracing this philosophy. You are in actuality aligning yourself with Satan. And Satan my friends is more than happy to embrace you in any capacity. Be it knowingly or unknowingly. It doesn’t matter to him at all. What does matter is that you in choosing to do nothing for God.Have rendered yourself as another useless entity for the gospel of Jesus Christ. And herein lies the problem. You don’t like the fact that I am associating your behavior with that of Satan. But you also don’t want to be to closely associated with the God whom you say you believe in. You think in your twisted middle ground thinking. That there is in fact some comfortable middle ground to your ability to sin. And your ability to remain somewhat religious in your own mind. Let me bring to your attention once again the words of Jesus speaking to John while imprisoned on the island of Patmos. Revelation chapter 3 verses 15 through 17.

I know your workings. That you are neither hot or cold. I would prefer that you were one or the other. But because you are lukewarm. And not hot or cold. I will spit you out of my mouth.Because you say to yourself. I am rich. And have increased with much goods. And I have need of nothing. But you know inside that you are naked,wretched,miserable,poor and blind. I counsel you to buy gold from me. Tried in the fire. That you may be truly rich. And white clothing to hide your nakedness….Have you had enough yet? Yes it is you that the Lord is speaking to. He is pleading with you to stop the charade and come back to church. He is asking you to surrender the fight and to join forces with the winning side. Listen to what Paul said to the church goers at Galatia my Catholic friends. The book of Galatians chapter 3 verse 1…Foolish Galatians…who has bewitched you? That you should not obey the truth.

I was listening to a Catholic father the other night on EWTN. He was interviewing a man somewhat younger than himself. A man who had graduated from the same college he had. But some 30 odd years later. He said to him. When I went there. We had regular rigorous debates. When he asked him of them. The man stated that he had hoped for the same when he got there.But found that after being there. That there were none such debates available any longer. This is in actuality an embracing of the satanic tenant. Let no one command you. Which is nothing more than someone telling you what to do and why it is that you should do it. Or stating to you that you are wrong. And here are the reasons why. Remember….don’t be a hater. Which by the way is one of the most pansy assed statements I have ever heard. And all of these things are now being brought to bare by young adults. Who don’t know what it is to be scolded. They haven’t been spanked. The principles office doesn’t contain a formidable wooden paddle anymore. A paddle which by the way could have been implemented by the principle to said buttock region. And everyone wins a trophy in every event.

What exactly is left for an individual to strive for by the way? If the trophy is given to the winner and the loser. Listen to what Jesus the Son of God said in the Garden of Gethsemane. As he realized the time was upon him to be turned over to those who would lead him to the crucifixion. Matthew chapter 26 verse 39. And he went a little farther away from them and fell on his face. And he prayed saying. Oh my Father. If it be possible. Let this cup pass from me. Nevertheless not as I will. But as you will be it done to me. And in the Our Father prayer. When he was teaching us how we should pray.What did he say? He said thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven. Now if the Son of the living God. Out of his own mouth. Demonstrates to us that this life has nothing to do with our will being done. Or doing what you will.Who exactly do you think that you are serving in doing the very things which he tells us not to do?….Think about it…And for Gods sake come to your senses man…..To be continued

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