We Are The Champions

6843253333_f5b425b416_mDig this all you Punditeers. The definition of champion from the Webster’s dictionary. OH and by the way. I believe it is the Webster’s 1882 edition. I could be wrong about the year. That was untouched by anyone else. I should say unchanged by any other men or woman. And I believe you can still purchase one. The reason I even mention this, is that Webster was a very godly man. Any many of his descriptions or definitions will have a godly connotation if there is some biblical basis for the word. Just a little tip Pundit style. And now for the definition of champion. 1] One who has defeated all opponents in a competition or a series of competitions so as to hold first place 2] One who fights for or defends any person or cause: a champion of the oppressed. So here’s the skinny for all you readers.Romans chapter 8 verse 37….Yes in all of these things we are more than conquerors through Christ who loves us.

And now for my dissertation. To be a conqueror is no great shake. Don’t get me wrong. Lets just say that I and my Viking army invade a neighboring land. And we defeat them taking all the spoils. And no I am not a watcher of the Vikings TV show. It is vile and corrupt. And if you hope to make heaven your home. Turn it off. However…my distant relatives were the first Viking kings or Norway. Thank God I am saved. Back to the invasion. After I and my army leave the land. We can say that we are conquerors of that land. Or that we have conquered it. But to be a conqueror can be and many times is a one trick pony. For having conquered but once. If next week I am hit with an arrow and die. My reign is in fact over. Now a champion is quite another thing entirely. A champion must over a period of time. Have subdued all comers. However many there may be. They cant run and hide. And they cant back down. A champion must take each one on and soundly defeat them.

Paul just said in the Book of Romans. That in Christ we are more than conquerors through Christ who loves us. When the time comes that you decide to break out of the spiritual slumber that you are currently in. And you get sick and tired of being sick and tired. Maybe just maybe. You have the makings of a true champion within you. The bible says that we have been given power over all the power of the devil. You have within you the ability through Christ to take on the devil at every front and kick his ass up and down the sidewalk. Again and again and again. Did you get that? But are you willing to exercise your God given right? Now I am not a proponent of fighting. Although I am more than aware that within me still reside some of my old nature. Which was more than willing and able to get in a scruff. And I was quite a fight fan even as a young Christian. Up until the day I watched Ray Mancini and a young man from Korea fight. They were exchanging blows as fast as they could throw them. And they were landing on both sides. This went on for many rounds. Hundreds and hundreds of punches. Hitting each of the combatants. My recollection was that the fight was between 7 and 10 rounds. I don’t remember.

And then suddenly the Korean man fell.And he didn’t get up. He was in fact dead. I know God was speaking to me that day. Saying…Have you had enough Billy? And I had.You have no reason as a Christian to be a fan or an onlooker of fighting. Or loud mouth perverted wrestlers. These things have no place in the life of a Christian. Here is what you are to be dwelling on mister tough stuff. The book of Philippians chapter 4 and verse 8…Whatever things are true. Whatever things are honest. Whatever things are just. Whatever things are pure. Whatever things are lovely. Whatever things are of a good report. And if the be any praise or virtue. Think on these things. If you both focus and dedicate your life in this fashion. You will be a true champion in Christ. You fail? Impossible!…To be continued

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