Its Your Life

6428708791_caea11ecc6_mIf you are a Christian. Your life is not around you…its in you. First John chapter 4 verses 4,5 and 6..They are of the world. Therefore they speak about the world. And those of the world listen to them. We are of God. And he that knows God hears us. Those that do not know God do not listen to us. My dear readers.The Lord has given you and I a great gift. Firstly in that we were able to recognize Jesus Christ for what he did and who he is. And secondly after that recognition and realization. The ability to say yes to his calling. When we evangelize. That is to say if we evangelize. Which most of you do not even attempt. It is not our job to save anyone. The apostle John just told us…that those who know God will listen to us. And those who do not know God will not hear us.

I stated in one of my other blogs. That when I first heard of Jesus. Spoken from someone who had a life changing experience. I was all ears. I couldn’t wait to hear more about him. And at that time in my life I was not close to Jesus in my own mind. But he had other plans for me thank God. Your salvation is not so much a possession. But rather we should look at it as having received an abundant inheritance. If it was money…which it is not. It would represent so much that you couldn’t spend it in a hundred lifetimes. So what to do? There was a commercial that comes to mind about some kind of product. And in the commercial they would say to we the consumers. That what they were selling was the gift that keeps on giving.

If you are truly born again in Christ. What you have received is literally bubbling out of you. It is like steam which cannot be contained anymore. And must escape from the tea kettle. But the difference with God is this. The more that you give. The more you receive. It is liken to a perpetual motion machine which cannot stop moving. Most people have bought into the lie. And that lie is this. The getting of. And the keeping of. More and more worldly goods. In Luke chapter 12 verse 15 Jesus says this…For a mans life does not consist of the abundance of his possessions. It was Jesus who said to his apostles that he did not even have a place to lay down his head. Now it is not wrong for us to desire to make a living and care for ourselves and our families. But it should not be consuming us. Our abundance should be in Christ. Jesus says this in Matthew chapter 12 verse 34…For it is out of the abundance of the heart. That a man speaks. We should be so full of the things of God. That we feel as though we could burst at any time. Our desire should be like that of a predator on the prowl for a meal. But our predation is this. We are on the prowl hungry for the next person to talk to about Jesus Christ. Your life in Christ is not to be kept. It is in fact given to us to lose.

In Matthew chapter 10 verse 8 Jesus said this….Freely you have received…So freely give. And in the gospel of John chapter 10 verse 18 Jesus says this…No man takes my life from me. On the contrary. I lay it down voluntarily. It is difficult for us to wrap our earthly minds around just what is in store for us who are saved after this life is over. I sat on the stairs in my parents house after my mother died. My father had passed years earlier. It was totally still and I was alone. I was crying. I thought of sneaking down the stairs on Christmas eve to see the presents in the dark under the tree. I thought of people sitting in the now empty chairs of the living room. And I thought of the fact that this was the last time I or any of my family would be in this house again. The day is coming my friend and it is inescapable. That you and I will leave this earthly vessel for an eternal destination. The train is in fact leaving the station and on schedule. And you cant stand in front of it and keep it from leaving. First Corinthians chapter 2 verse 9…But as it is written. Eyes have not seen. Neither have any ears heard. And it has not entered into the hearts of man. The things which God has in store for those who love him…….All Aboard…..Next stop..Heaven or Hell….Tickets please!…Tickets! …..     To be continued

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