Welcome to Eternity…Smoking or Non?

14343108053_743808cc33_mFight fire with fire. And the world grows hotter. An eye for an eye. And the world becomes blind. Both of these phrases are certainly truisms in their own right. The Lord taught us to do to others as we would have done to ourselves. As well as loving our neighbor as our self. Listen to what Jesus was teaching about the latter days. In the book of Matthew chapter 24 verse 12. And because iniquity shall abound. The love of many will grow cold. First of all there is no doubt whatsoever in my mind that we are in the last days. In fact even atheists and agnostics are saying the same. And my prayer frequently during the weeks as they pass. Is Lord please come quickly.

I don’t like this place much anymore. Jesus said that iniquity would abound. And iniquity my friend is nothing more than sinful living. And because of this overwhelming push for sin. Love will fall away. Today when a man or a woman says that they love someone. For the most part what they are saying is that they have a lust for them. This is exactly why marriages end in divorce. And families are broken up by the millions. People don’t know what love is because they don’t know Jesus. Now for my black brothers and sisters out there. May I offer you a word of warning? And by the way. God doesn’t care what color you are and neither do I. I have had many acquaintances through the years. Of every race and ethnicity. I would call them friends but the truth is that my purpose is to win a soul to Christ. That is why I speak to people and try to get to know them.

I am seeking an opportunity to plant a seed.Many of them were fine churchgoing people with whom I had rich fellowship. And now for the word of warning. Only you black folks can answer this question for yourselves. I have found that many of those people of color that I know. Are enveloped in a spirit of perversion. The conversations and the direction of their speech. Is extremely promiscuous.There seem to be extremely devout Christain men and women who are African Americans. And then the complete flip side.Those who are singing hymns at work. And talking about the latest man or woman they are sleeping with. Many of these folks claim they are church goers. And when they see me come around they shut up tight and quick. One of the men I know has children by three women. And he is constantly speaking in a perverted way both to and about women. Hugging and kissing anyone who is a taker. While the women tout him as a real ladies man. All of this with nothing but a smile on his face. He says he is a Seventh Day Adventist. Another  speaks of his wife often. His game is always the same. Sweet talking about his wife. Which always leads to his prior and extramarital affairs. Oh and I almost forgot to mention his size. That’s always an important point of reference in any conversation he has.You and or he will not be smiling for long. That much I can assure you. If you are unaware of this statistic. May I be the first to bring it to your attention. I heard that in the N.Y.C area.Some 70% of black children don’t know their father. This obviously should not be.

I cant imagine the torment of growing up without a dad. And without a good explanation for it. Especially knowing that your dad is out there somewhere.And you don’t know who he is or where he is. And now back to size for a moment. As if that is some type of marker for being a man. I almost cant remember a week or maybe even a day going by. Without some perverted wretch hinting about his size if you catch my drift. Let me tell you what your size will do for you. You will be big enough for the demons to drag you through the gates of hell. And small enough to realize the gross error of your ways while you were living. Now if you think that I am some kind of racist. And that I am picking on black folk. I am an equal opportunity opponent of sin. This just happens to be your turn in the barrel today. And I personally don’t care what you think of me.There were several people whom the Lord specified will not enter into heaven. Among them were the fornicator and the adulterer. So unless you left your brain where you parked your car. That would be you. I frankly don’t understand how people can selectively read their bible. Including what they like. And excluding what they don’t like. As though its a pick and choose scenario of some sort. Jesus said that heaven and earth will pass away. But his word will never pass away.

And going to church on Sunday wont help you. For if you believe that you can sit in church and attend bible study. While living this way during the week. Your heart may already be hardened beyond repair. I also find the same to be true with most of the white folk I meet as well. They are fornicating as well. And are more than willing to enter into any perverted conversation that is available. For me it is as though as hard as I try. I can almost not find anyone to have regular meaningful conversations about God with. And believe you me I am trying. True love is more rare than a fifty carat diamond. This place is dying and rapidly. And you will never find happiness until you grab hold of Jesus Christ. Most people are living like a man who goes to a carnival. You have entered the gate with your tickets in hand. You go from booth to booth sampling the games. The flashing neon lights are around you. They are a distraction…an illusion. Like this world they are inevitably trying to draw your attention away from God and towards something else. And when your tickets are gone. You are down a hundred and still searching for happiness.

I think that David had it right. When he said that we should acknowledge the Lord in all of our ways. And he will make our paths straight. Your life is the way it is by choice. If you are chasing money,sex,power,prestige. Or anything else for that matter.No matter what your success rate is in your own estimation.
You will die in your sins. And eternal separation from God and all that is good will be your reward. Repent for the kingdom of God is at hand……To be continued

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