What Do You Think?

2209268883_cefeda17ca_mLast evening when I came home from work. My wife was tuned in to the latest show on the Egyptians. In this latest rendition of walking like an Egyptian. The majority of the show was dedicated to their worshipping Nile crocodiles as gods. I cant even begin to wrap my mind around praying to and worshipping a reptile. The fact is that very little of what you think aside from Gods holy word. Will have any positive effect on your life. OH yes it will have an effect. But my emphasis is on the word positive. Your thoughts be they good or bad are creative in nature. Now let me run this by your egg shaped dome momentarily.

Our thoughts become words. Our words become actions. Our actions become habits. Our habits become our character. And in the end our character will determine where and how we spend eternity. Therefore according to Gods holy word. We can change our life by changing our mind. May I ask you a question? Do you or would you dare to wear the same clothing day after day? And why not? Because its dirty. And it will cause you to stink. Do you realize that your mindset has created who it is that you are? Your spoken words day after day. And what you have allowed repeatedly to enter into your mind and your body. Is what you have become. The sum has become the total of its parts. Now if you hang around people who are just like you. It really doesn’t matter. At least for now. Because they are not offended by what you say or do. They are not offended by what you think. And they are not offended by your choosing to worship crocodiles.

The Bangles sang a song that was named. Walk Like an Egyptian. Well as it turns out. The Pundit has a new song. Ands its name is Walk Like a Christian. First Corinthians chapter1 verse 14. But the natural man cannot receive the things which come from the Spirit of God. For they are foolishness to him. Neither can he or she know them. Because they are spiritually discerned….The bible teaches us that we have to put on the mind of Christ. The book of Romans chapter 12 verse 2. And do not be conformed to this world. But rather be transformed by the renewal of your mind. And so how is it exactly that this transformation occurs? By reading Gods word. By praying on a regular basis. By attending church regularly. Just like you need to launder your clothes or they will stink. You need to thoroughly scrub your mind and your thoughts daily to cleanse your spirit.

If you don’t know the story of Lazarus. Christ raised him from the dead after he had been buried for four days. We begin in the Gospel of John chapter 11 verse 38…Jesus groaning within himself came to the grave. It was a cave and a stone was laid against the entrance. And Jesus said to those present. Remove the stone. Now Martha who was the sister of Lazarus said, by this time he stinks. He has been dead for four days. Then Jesus said to her. Did I not tell you that if you would believe, you would see the glory of God? Then they took away the stone from the place where the dead man was laid. And Jesus lifted up his eyes and said. Father I thank you that you hear me. And I know that you hear me always. It is only because of the people standing by here that I say this that they may believe that you sent me. And when he had said this. He cried with a loud voice. Lazarus come out! And he who was dead came out. Bound both hand and foot with the grave cloth wrappings. And his face was bound with a napkin. And Jesus said, unwrap him and let him go.

Just like this man who was dead is wrapped in stinking grave clothes. So you are wrapped in the stench of sin prior to salvation. When God calls you forth from the dead. The clothes and spiritual death which once controlled you. Is the first thing that must be removed. Only then can you be free to move and live in Christ. You have become born again. You have been given a new lease on life. Now make the best of it. Unless of course you like worshipping crocodiles. What do you think? I’m so sorry. It doesn’t matter what you think. Or does it?….To be continued

Enough is Enough…Stop It Now

222445816_c565b238d3_mHere is a lesson my friends. That if  and when both you and I can take hold of it. Will enable us to both rule over our own will. And move spiritual mountains in our lives. Depression is a horrible and insidious demon from the pit of hell. The bible says that God has given us power over all of the power of the enemy. And that enemy is Satan. And in Second Timothy chapter 1 verse 7 we read the following. For our God has not given us the sprit of fear. But rather of power and love. And of a sound mind. When a man enters the armed forces. There is a time when he is taught how to properly keep his bunk in order. And there is a time when he learns how to kill or be killed. In close quarters combat with a knife in his hand. Knowing how to fold your sheets will be of no avail at moments like these.

You are going to prevail or you are going to die. A coworker of mine who reads my blog periodically. Said this to me the other day. You are a bible bully. She and many of you are asleep. Spiritually speaking you are right where the devil wants you to be. Unaware of his workings and ill prepared to do or warn anyone else about what is going on. When the devil starts to whisper in your ear that today might be a good day to end your life. And you find yourself reeling in fear. Pacing around your home like a caged dog. As though the entire world is coming down around you. And no one cares or can help you. You are finished. I have been in this very spot so many times I cant remember. I know depression. I know the confusion. And I know the God whom I serve.

First of all we need to identify who or what is causing this to happen. Timothy just told us that God has not given us the spirit of fear. So when these lies and fear start to take a hold of you.Realize immediately that you are under attack. The attack is real. It is from Satan. And it is time to defend and counter attack. There was a product sold called shake and bake. And I am going to refer to my blog as shake and break. Because I am writing to shake you and break you. And in the end to make you into. The spiritual warrior that Gods wants every man, woman and child to be. We are for the most part spiritual wimps. We really do not know how to defend ourselves in the spirit. Do you know that in olden times.When a city came under siege from invaders. Everyone inside had a role to play in the fight. There was in most cases nobody coming to their rescue. And to fail meant certain death or enslavement for all.

The book of the prophet Isaiah. Chapter 59 verse 19 says this. When the enemy comes in like a flood. The Lord will raise up a standard against him. This is exactly how depression feels. It comes like a flood from the enemy of your soul. You feel like your drowning and there is none to save you. You cant breathe and you cant think. You are being washed away in a torrent of fear. If you have to start shouting enough is enough.

You foul devil keep your filthy hands off of me. Spirit of fear get away from me in Jesus name. Call on the name of Jesus. Start quoting scriptures that you know. And keep doing it until you can prevail. Remember this my friend. The closer we are to God the more the devil hates us. And the stronger the attacks will be against us. We must learn how to counter attack and win. And above all never give up. I want the very best God has to offer for both you and me. And it is for that very reason that my blog is no holds barred when it comes to teaching. There are more than enough weak spined individuals out there. And the devil doesn’t understand nice…..To be continued

Hey Pal…What Are You Looking At?

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAProverbs chapter 27 verse 20….Hell and destruction are never full. And in the same way. The eyes of man are never satisfied. What exactly is it my friend…that you think will finally make you happy? What you look at. Or should I say what you allow yourself to look at. Speaks volumes as to exactly what kind of trash you really are made of. The bible tells us in Proverbs chapter 29 verse 16 this….When the wicked are multiplied. Sin increases. But the righteous shall see them when they fall. Everything you and your filthy friends lust after will become the cords of the noose that hangs you in the end. And I will be there watching and knowing. That it didn’t have to be. And it doesn’t have to be that way. Its not Gods will that you continue this way. Its your will..your insatiable desires…your lusts. And your distaste for all that is righteous and holy.

You have been played the fool by none other than Satan himself. And as the Proverb said. Hell is full of those like you. But you don’t see that now. You think that this Pundit is a wimp. A religious punk riding on the back of a turnip truck through Georgia. You and yours may outnumber me and mine 10,000 to 1. But what you don’t know is that 1 with God is a majority. Jesus didn’t need anyone. But he wanted everyone to be saved. And he still does. And he uses pathetic rogues like me to knock on your thick skull and see if anyone is home. Are you listening to me? Jesus is coming back very soon. And you are going to miss the greatest event in the history of mankind. And you will be left with the venomous swine’s who want to run this world and you with it.There are those who would tell you and I to say no to drugs. But what if your drug of choice is gluttony,lust,greed or perversion.What kind of rehab will help you then? Only Christ can deliver you from the pangs of death that await you in hell. John the Baptist had it right from the start.What was good then is better now. Repent for the kingdom of God is at hand. That’s what he was saying. And the people were coming in droves.And do you know why? Because evil was prevailing then as it is now.

And pigs like you were wallowing in the worlds mire then just like you are. Proverbs 15 verse 3…The eyes of the Lord are in every place beholding the evil and the good. But you in tinting the car windows. And turning down the lights. And waiting until your family goes out. You think that you remain unseen. That your vile deeds are unknown. Luke chapter 16 beginning in verse 19…There was a certain rich man. Who wore the finest clothes and ate greatly every day. And there was a beggar named Lazarus who laid by his gate every day. And his body was full of sores. And his sole desire was just to eat some of the crumbs which fell from the rich mans table. And the dogs came and licked his sores every day. And one day the beggar died. And was carried into Abrahams bosom. And then the rich man died as well. And he was buried. And he awoke in hell. And he lifted up his eyes being in torment. And he could see Abraham afar off. And Lazarus lying in his bosom. And he cried out to Abraham. Pleading with him to send Lazarus with some water to cool his tongue. Saying that I am tormented in this flame…..

And it is in this very same place of flames and torment that you will reside. Hell was not your intended destiny by God. But it will be by your own continued intentions to sin and sin more. That you will make it your final destination….Repent….To be continued

Laborers in Christ

2087933566_e198952b63_mI will ask you to consider for a moment. The construction of a house. And when I say the construction. I am speaking of the totality of the process. That is to say a process which is inclusive of mining the earth itself and the harvesting of the wood. Which in the end will become a dwelling place. God has put within his men and women a certain skillset. He supplies all the materials necessary for any and all tasks which he sets before us to do. But he doesn’t supply the labor. He also has given to many the ingenuity. That is to say the ability to reason how and why things are to be done. And the ways in which they are to be accomplished in an organized and productive manner.

Lets look at some of the many products needed to construct a simple form or modern home building. First the lumber. The forest is given and grown by the divine. He then puts within a man the notion of cutting the tree down and milling it to a variety of sizes. Over time and in a variety of ways. Various individuals have created the tools and machinery that are needed to accomplish all of these tasks. That is to say no one individual is or has created the saws,trucks,harnesses,safety devices,oils,ropes etcetera. Needed to take down the trees. And then there is the milling process. Which now involves a building,blades,machinery and of course labor. And then the fasteners such as nails and screws. Which begin their journey beneath the earth. At some point in time. Someone must have seen iron or other metals melting under the heat of intense fire. And God put within them the ability and the insight that something could be done with this. But how to get it done?

Today we have the end of the experimentation at our disposal. In the form of many nails and screws and fasteners. But again we see that the man hammering the nails did not make them. And the people who make them did not mine the ore. Therefore no single individual can lay claim to the building of the entire house. They are each as individuals contributors to the whole. And so it is God who gives us the materials. And it is God who puts within the heart of man how to get their portion of the job done. And he is not holding your hand while you are working at it. Yes he is with us in spirit always. But he requires you and I to get out of bed and do what needs to be done each and every day of the year. The book of Exodus chapter 28 and verse 3…And you shall speak to all that are wise hearted. Those whom I have filled with the spirit of wisdom. That they may make Aarons garments.This is just one of a number of scriptures. That shows us God has implanted within many people. Special talents to get things done. This scripture is describing the making of the priestly garments which would be worn in the new tabernacle.But there were others who God told Moses to go to for the  carving of the wood. The making of the curtains. The gold and brass work for the various ornaments and tools used in the tabernacle. And the jewels which would be affixed on the priestly garments.

God says that they are wise hearted. And that he had filled them with a spirit of wisdom. My question then is this. Relative to God given ability. How many people are actually giving any glory to God for what they have been given? And of those be they few or many. How many are giving back to God out of what they have been given? And additionally. How many are willing to give up or share what they have been gifted with? For the physical or monetary benefit of others. My experience is that for the most part. I find that people who have a gift. Particularly if it involves the ability to make or attain money. They are extremely prideful and secretive. They are also very stingy and selfish as it pertains to anyone other than themselves or their immediate family. They don’t want you to know how to make money because it may mean less for them. Greed of course it at the root of this. But you or they don’t see that do you? And if what they have achieved is knowledge based. They want you and I to perceive them as being the apex of human intellect and wisdom.To bow in obeisance before them is their hearts hope. In recognition of their superiority among their fellow men.

I have worked with many through the years. Who by reason of their college degrees alone. Think they are better than you and I. They are arrogant and boisterous individuals. Rude and crass in their dealings with those around them. Most of whom could not hang a kitchen cabinet. Or change the oil in their car. So who is better off? Matthew chapter 9 and verse 37. Then Jesus said to his disciples. The harvest is truly plentiful. But the laborers are few. Pray therefore to the Lord of the harvest. That he would bring forth laborers. In the process of building a house from the ground up. Or in the case of building up the Kingdom of Heaven. Nothing replaces the work force. The laborers. People who are willing to do the ground work. The mining for the raw materials. The prospecting and street evangelization for those who are heirs to the Kingdom of Heaven. Jesus just said that the laborers are few. Are you willing to labor for the lost in your life? James chapter 1 verse 22. But be doers of the word. And not just hearers. In so doing deceiving your own selves. If you are doing nothing for the salvation of souls. And the advancement of Christianity. You are under the influence of a spirit of deception. And this is none other than the spirit of anti-Christ working in and through you. You must put your selfish pride under your feet.You must change. And you must change now….To be continued

Coke….Its the Real Thing

5903408578_a73795b913_mIn the sixties Coca Cola had a commercial in which people sang a song that said Coke..its the real thing. The fact is that Coca cola was and is the original. And all other colas that came along were and are always trying to knock Coke down off the top spot. In order of course to sell you their own brand of cola. And we even had the so called un-cola brand doing the same which was 7 UP. The other night I was listening to a podcast. On which another protestant brother with the same old script in hand was railing against the Catholic church. He said everything that I myself had heard before when I was in their ranks.

Shy of saying the pope was Satan himself. And that I and other Catholics are demons from hell. We are all idolaters says he. We worship saints and Mary. And all of the miracles and sightings of Mary including the miracle witnessed by tens of thousands at Fatima. Which he said was of the devil. Are all brought on by Satan. And I being one of them according to this man and others. Am walking straight down a path to hell. By the way. I can’t wait for the next opportunity to share the gospel and talk to someone about Jesus. And these buffoons think I am on the path to hell.

I will make a few brief points to him and others like him. Matthew chapter 16 verses 18 and 19…Jesus is speaking. And I say to you. That you are Peter. And upon this rock I will build my church. And the gates of hell will not prevail against it. And I will give you the keys of the kingdom of heaven. And whatever you bind on earth shall be bound in heaven. And whatever you set free on earth will be set free in heaven. So we can plainly see that the Lord was setting Peter aside for the role of leadership. Protestants argue that the rock was not Peter but the revelation that Jesus is the Christ. We then go to Matthew 28 verses 19 and 20. Christ gives them instructions as to what they are to do…Go therefore and teach all nations. Baptizing them in the name of the Father the Son and then Holy Spirit. Teaching them to observe all the things that I have commanded you.

So we can see that there were many things which Jesus had taught and demonstrated to them that they were now to pass on. This is the beginning of what we call oral tradition. Long before there was a New Testament for people to read. Philippians 4 verse 9. The apostle Paul is speaking…Those things which you have learned. And received and heard from me and seen in me do. So we can see that Paul as well as Jesus was prompting the brethren to follow his example, his teachings, and the things which he had showed them or demonstrated.

John chapter 20 beginning in verse 21…Jesus is again speaking….As my Father has sent me…so I send you. And after he said this he breathed on them and said…Receive the Holy Ghost. Whoever’s sins you forgive are forgiven. And whoever’s sins that you retain are retained…This was the beginning of the Catholic or universal churches sacrament of confession. At the last supper when Jesus said to those present that this is my body and this is my blood. While holding the bread and the chalice of wine that was there. Became the basis for holy Communion. He told them whenever you do this. Do it in memory of me. So from the Lords own mouth. This was to be done again and again going into the future. And this is in fact the Eucharistic celebration given at every Catholic mass to this day.

In the book of Acts you can read on your own how after Christ’s ascension. The apostles settled differences on their own. Based on what they had learned and seen Christ do. In this case the disagreement started over whether or not gentiles had to become Jews first and then Christians. The formation of the church was already in place. There was leadership. There were discussions of doctrine and how they were to move forward. As the apostles went forth men or bishops were appointed over new churches. Responsibility was given as well as accountability. There were and are no loose canons. The body of Christ was organizing and moving forward on earth. In the book of Titus chapter 1 verse 5. Listen to Paul’s instructions…For this reason I left you in Crete. That you should organize those things which are needed. And appoint elders in every city. As I have appointed you to do. The apostles were the heads. And Peter was the head of them. And as they went forward and eventually went to heaven themselves. Other bishops were appointed to lead. And another was to take Peters role as the head. This was the beginning of the office of pope. Which by the way means father. None of these men then and now acted alone. They were organized and had well formed agendas. As to what direction the church was to move forward and what was to be done. And what was true to the scripture and oral traditions handed down to them from Christ and his apostles. There was and is a continuous unbroken chain of command.

This all began with Jesus calling them. They were founded on and in Jesus. Not a man as was the case with Luther and Calvin and John Smith. Who founded the Baptist church in 1680. Isn’t it rather odd. That for fifteen to sixteen hundred years before their inception. The foundation of the universal or Catholic Christian church was in place. Those who had both assembled and protected  and written the Holy bible. The monks and friars who dedicated their lives to writing bibles on animal hides and parchment. All of the oral traditions and church sacraments which had been passed on from the apostles themselves to their successors for over a thousand years. Is suddenly aborted by these men. And now things were to be run their way. But it was alright of course for them to keep the bible. Which the Catholic church had painstakingly assembled and approved. Eliminating those books in the process which they considered to be spurious in nature. And did not aid them in the formation of their new agenda.

No my friend. The Catholic church is the real thing. It is and was the first. And all of the ceremony and circumstance as been looked at and approved by the body and its heads for thousands of years. As the traditions and practices have moved forward. No it wasn’t formed by a Roman dictator to appease the masses. Church members were being killed and martyred under the Roman rule for doing the very things which we do now. So if you want to drink Pepsi or Dr. Pepper go right ahead. And if you want to bang a tambourine and jump around in the aisles go ahead. But Coca cola still is the real thing…..To be continued

You Are a Pervert

7207849748_8bdd4bdd1f_mTo turn away from the right course. To lead astray morally. These are the first two definitions given for the word pervert in the dictionary. I realize in this society of finger pointing and non culpability. The majority of people are more than happy to point the proverbial finger at someone else. With the intent of course albeit unspoken. Of pointing out how bad the other person is. And of course leaving themselves out of the picture entirely as being a pervert. Most today if asked, what is a pervert? Would say someone who lures in children. Or perhaps those who put hidden cameras in restrooms and the like.

But in the eyes of God you are a pervert if you have lost sight of his word,his guidance and his church. And by the way when it comes to perversion.It is just another avenue which sin takes. And if you are guilty of one you are guilty of all. So if you are watching the news and commenting to your spouse about the man being cuffed and put in the van for child porn. While you yourself are reading sex magazines. Your sin is the same. And although you haven’t faced a penalty by mans standards. You are equally guilty and known by God by his standards. Sin is sin and all of it will render you a reservation in hell.

And now to the book of Galatians. Where the apostle Paul is addressing some poor choices which have come to his attention in the church of Galatia.Just as a pig wants to return to the pen.To roll around in its own urine and feces in the mud. For most sinners. It doesn’t take long  for them to forsake Christ and return to their sinful ways. Just like you for instance.Galatians chapter 4 beginning in verse 17. I am reading the Amplified bible….So this I say and solemnly testify in the Lord. That you must no longer live as the heathen do in their perverseness, folly and vanity. And the emptiness of their souls and the futility of their minds. Their moral understanding is darkened and their reasoning is clouded.

They are alienated from the life of God because of the ignorance and willful blindness that is within them. Due to their hardness of heart and their insensitivity to their moral nature. In their spiritual apathy they have become callous and past feeling. They are reckless and have  abandoned themselves to unbridled sensuality. Eager and greedy to engage in every form of impurity. Which their depraved desires may suggest and demand…. My dear readers. Perhaps you have heard of the term…having reached the point of no return? Paul uses quite a few very descriptive adjectives in this text. But for the moment I would like to focus on the word callous. As someone who has spent more than their fair share of time doing hard labor. I can speak from experience. Every laborious job comes with the build up of callous on the body. The areas that are used and abused performing the work. Will develop blisters, bruises and even cuts. But over time from continued abuse. These same areas develop hardened skin known as callouses. And after having developed them you don’t feel the pain any more in those areas. You have become insensitive to what once hurt you.

Paul makes the connection to us spiritually. That we through neglect and hardening of our own hearts. Can reach the very same state of which I just spoke. Just plug in the word callous where the word hardening was just used in describing your heart. You now have no guilt, remorse or anything else you can think of in regards to your sinful behavior. And in most cases they now relish it. And the end of such individuals is generally worse then when they first came to know Christ. The Gospel of Luke chapter 11 starting in verse 24. Jesus is teaching on what happens when a person is delivered from a demon such as perversion…..When an unclean spirit is driven out of a man. The spirit walks through dry places looking for rest. And finding no place to rest. He says to himself. I am going to return to the place I was cast out of. And when he comes he finds  the house swept and cleaned. He then goes and gets seven other spirits more wicked then himself. And they all enter in and dwell there. And the end of that man is worse than when he first started.

The house spoken of here is a human body. A body that was formerly inhabited by the Holy Spirit. And the person has now forsaken God and turned back to his old ways of living. The house is now swept and clean as far as  the demon is concerned. The Holy Spirit is no longer present preventing him from entering the man.And finally in the book of Ephesians chapter 5 beginning with verse 5. I will end with this. But immorality and all sexual vice and impurity. Including greediness must not be named among you. As is fitting among Gods consecrated people. Let there be no obscenity and indecency or foolish and sinful talking. Neither any coarse jesting which is not fitting nor becoming of the saints of God. And be sure of this. That no person practicing sexual vices or impurity in thought or in life. Or one who has a lustful desire for the property of another. Will have any inheritance in the kingdom of Christ and God.And so now I must ask you. Are you a pervert?…..To be continued


Being Reasonable

5750037391_2de8ac6a4b_mThe book of the prophet Isaiah chapter 1 and verse 18. Come to me now and let us reason together says the Lord. The fact is that God has never been, nor is he today, unreasonable with his requests for mankind. One of the greatest initial obstacles that we face. Is either the recognition or the failure to recognize God as our Father. If we as humans can but for a moment. Attach what we know as good human characteristics of being a father to God.

You are halfway there to beginning to understand the nature of the relationship which he desires to have with you and I. And as we begin. We will do so with the foundation of you and I being made in the likeness and image of God. Which tells us immediately that although we are not God. We do share some of the fundamental characteristics in our human lives that God has as our creator.

And now let me pose a few questions to you. And believe me there could be hundreds if not thousands. But we will take a look at a handful to get our thinking going in the right direction. All of which will be directed from the perspective of a father towards his children. Does a father want the best for his child? Does a father ask for obedience from his child? Does a father have rules which he asks to be followed under his roof and in his care? Will a father initiate punishment if a child is proven to be unruly? Will a father willingly allow his child to enter into danger without warning? Is a father happy to see his child unhappy?

Jesus told and taught his disciples to pray to his Father as being our Father in heaven. And he and the Father are inseparable. He was obedient to the Father even until death. And the same heavenly Father is asking us to be obedient as well. He has laid the groundwork for a good and fruitful existence with himself as the head of this spiritual household. He has warned us of and labeled the enemy of our lives being Satan and his minions. And as a Christian having God as my Father. I must tell you quite frankly. That there are no gray areas whatsoever in my life. And that is because I know my Father. I have a relationship with him on an ongoing basis. I pray and talk to him regularly. I am glad that he is my Father.

I am happy to have Jesus as my example for living. I am glad to have a resource who is compassionate, loving and very wise. And I know in my heart that he has my best interests in mind always. Even if I cannot see or understand the how and why at the time. It is a matter of trust. Most things at this point in my life are quite plain, spiritually speaking, for me to both see and understand. The devil who for most operates under spiritual camouflage. To me appears naked and alone. I see and know his motives in most everything that is presented in this world. It is at this point for me as obvious as black and white.

And Gods desire is for it to be this way for all of you as well. But you must first come to the place of being reasonable with yourself and with God. You need to understand that he has a plan. And to do that you need to read your bible. You also need to understand that the enemy has a plan as well. And to find that out you need to read your bible as well. It will then begin to be more than obvious to you exactly whos side you are currently on. You must also enter into a good, trusting and loving relationship with God by developing a regular prayer life between you and him and the saints in heaven. All of whom are there for the total and absolute benefit of mankind. Its simply a question of which of us will choose to be obedient to his calling. And which of us will not. Gods grace and mercy are at the ready for mankind all day and everyday. The door to heaven is open. In the gospel of Saint John chapter 10 and verse 9. Lets read together what Jesus said of himself…..I am the door…And through me if any man shall enter. He shall be saved…And so there you have it. The door and the way are one in the same. The Lord Jesus Christ. The question is now. Will you walk through the open door?…To be continued



390534244_3db9138593_mWhen the music stops…and every good piece does. The silence begins. And suddenly we are left with the realization that both have value. But we need a piece of music to understand this phenomena. In western culture. And by western I am speaking of what I know and live. Which is American culture. I would like to quote Samuel Gregg. From his notable book…Tea Party Catholic. In which he states the following. And correctly so I might add. Samuel states this of western American culture…Its most striking characteristic is its profound materialism….It has given its citizens everything to live for and nothing to die for. And its achievement may be summed up thusly. It has  gained a continent and lost its soul.

Jesus said the following. What does it profit a man to gain the whole world and loose his soul? And the answer is? The dilemma is this. We believe that our happiness and quality of life are both realized and fulfilled in the possession of and the use of material goods. The scripture is actually the source for the lyrics of an old rock song. To everything there is a season. And a time to every purpose under heaven. I watch and listen to many of my fellow men and women. They cant shut up. They cant sit still. They have no peace. Their marriages fail. They take extravagant vacations. They are perverse in their speech and actions. And they don’t know God. Now back to the music.

An old rock and roller turned preacher said this…There are two types of music. Godly and demonic. Now for most of you I have already crossed the line with this statement. But as far as I am concerned. You are tainted goods. Your life is one of continual and mutual compromise. And in the end if left unchanged. Your eternal destination will be hell. Its easy to label music as to where its origins are from. Simply listen to the lyrics as to where they are endeavoring to lead your mind, heart and spirit. You my friend are so inundated with the things of this world and the lusts thereof. That the things of which I currently speak are incomprehensible to your puny little intellect. You are a sponge of the demonic. Your every thought and deed is based on you and you alone. When your music ends there is no peace. There are only more thoughts of your own personal desires. Yeah Sinatra sang I did it my way. And his way is your way. Not Gods way.

There is no silence in you. Only troubling voices. Vexing spirits driving you to move. Not to be still. Not to hear the voice of God. Not to view his creation and his majesty in the heavens. If you ever hope to achieve freedom from the bondages of this world. There is only one way out. True freedom is in Jesus Christ and him alone. You must be strong and willing to do whatever it takes. Which begins with asking for Christ to help you. Secondly start reading your bible and praying on a regular basis. And start to make the changes which you already know are necessary. To free yourself from the things of this world. Jesus said that if you draw near to him. He will draw near to you…To be continued