390534244_3db9138593_mWhen the music stops…and every good piece does. The silence begins. And suddenly we are left with the realization that both have value. But we need a piece of music to understand this phenomena. In western culture. And by western I am speaking of what I know and live. Which is American culture. I would like to quote Samuel Gregg. From his notable book…Tea Party Catholic. In which he states the following. And correctly so I might add. Samuel states this of western American culture…Its most striking characteristic is its profound materialism….It has given its citizens everything to live for and nothing to die for. And its achievement may be summed up thusly. It has  gained a continent and lost its soul.

Jesus said the following. What does it profit a man to gain the whole world and loose his soul? And the answer is? The dilemma is this. We believe that our happiness and quality of life are both realized and fulfilled in the possession of and the use of material goods. The scripture is actually the source for the lyrics of an old rock song. To everything there is a season. And a time to every purpose under heaven. I watch and listen to many of my fellow men and women. They cant shut up. They cant sit still. They have no peace. Their marriages fail. They take extravagant vacations. They are perverse in their speech and actions. And they don’t know God. Now back to the music.

An old rock and roller turned preacher said this…There are two types of music. Godly and demonic. Now for most of you I have already crossed the line with this statement. But as far as I am concerned. You are tainted goods. Your life is one of continual and mutual compromise. And in the end if left unchanged. Your eternal destination will be hell. Its easy to label music as to where its origins are from. Simply listen to the lyrics as to where they are endeavoring to lead your mind, heart and spirit. You my friend are so inundated with the things of this world and the lusts thereof. That the things of which I currently speak are incomprehensible to your puny little intellect. You are a sponge of the demonic. Your every thought and deed is based on you and you alone. When your music ends there is no peace. There are only more thoughts of your own personal desires. Yeah Sinatra sang I did it my way. And his way is your way. Not Gods way.

There is no silence in you. Only troubling voices. Vexing spirits driving you to move. Not to be still. Not to hear the voice of God. Not to view his creation and his majesty in the heavens. If you ever hope to achieve freedom from the bondages of this world. There is only one way out. True freedom is in Jesus Christ and him alone. You must be strong and willing to do whatever it takes. Which begins with asking for Christ to help you. Secondly start reading your bible and praying on a regular basis. And start to make the changes which you already know are necessary. To free yourself from the things of this world. Jesus said that if you draw near to him. He will draw near to you…To be continued

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