Being Reasonable

5750037391_2de8ac6a4b_mThe book of the prophet Isaiah chapter 1 and verse 18. Come to me now and let us reason together says the Lord. The fact is that God has never been, nor is he today, unreasonable with his requests for mankind. One of the greatest initial obstacles that we face. Is either the recognition or the failure to recognize God as our Father. If we as humans can but for a moment. Attach what we know as good human characteristics of being a father to God.

You are halfway there to beginning to understand the nature of the relationship which he desires to have with you and I. And as we begin. We will do so with the foundation of you and I being made in the likeness and image of God. Which tells us immediately that although we are not God. We do share some of the fundamental characteristics in our human lives that God has as our creator.

And now let me pose a few questions to you. And believe me there could be hundreds if not thousands. But we will take a look at a handful to get our thinking going in the right direction. All of which will be directed from the perspective of a father towards his children. Does a father want the best for his child? Does a father ask for obedience from his child? Does a father have rules which he asks to be followed under his roof and in his care? Will a father initiate punishment if a child is proven to be unruly? Will a father willingly allow his child to enter into danger without warning? Is a father happy to see his child unhappy?

Jesus told and taught his disciples to pray to his Father as being our Father in heaven. And he and the Father are inseparable. He was obedient to the Father even until death. And the same heavenly Father is asking us to be obedient as well. He has laid the groundwork for a good and fruitful existence with himself as the head of this spiritual household. He has warned us of and labeled the enemy of our lives being Satan and his minions. And as a Christian having God as my Father. I must tell you quite frankly. That there are no gray areas whatsoever in my life. And that is because I know my Father. I have a relationship with him on an ongoing basis. I pray and talk to him regularly. I am glad that he is my Father.

I am happy to have Jesus as my example for living. I am glad to have a resource who is compassionate, loving and very wise. And I know in my heart that he has my best interests in mind always. Even if I cannot see or understand the how and why at the time. It is a matter of trust. Most things at this point in my life are quite plain, spiritually speaking, for me to both see and understand. The devil who for most operates under spiritual camouflage. To me appears naked and alone. I see and know his motives in most everything that is presented in this world. It is at this point for me as obvious as black and white.

And Gods desire is for it to be this way for all of you as well. But you must first come to the place of being reasonable with yourself and with God. You need to understand that he has a plan. And to do that you need to read your bible. You also need to understand that the enemy has a plan as well. And to find that out you need to read your bible as well. It will then begin to be more than obvious to you exactly whos side you are currently on. You must also enter into a good, trusting and loving relationship with God by developing a regular prayer life between you and him and the saints in heaven. All of whom are there for the total and absolute benefit of mankind. Its simply a question of which of us will choose to be obedient to his calling. And which of us will not. Gods grace and mercy are at the ready for mankind all day and everyday. The door to heaven is open. In the gospel of Saint John chapter 10 and verse 9. Lets read together what Jesus said of himself…..I am the door…And through me if any man shall enter. He shall be saved…And so there you have it. The door and the way are one in the same. The Lord Jesus Christ. The question is now. Will you walk through the open door?…To be continued


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