Laborers in Christ

2087933566_e198952b63_mI will ask you to consider for a moment. The construction of a house. And when I say the construction. I am speaking of the totality of the process. That is to say a process which is inclusive of mining the earth itself and the harvesting of the wood. Which in the end will become a dwelling place. God has put within his men and women a certain skillset. He supplies all the materials necessary for any and all tasks which he sets before us to do. But he doesn’t supply the labor. He also has given to many the ingenuity. That is to say the ability to reason how and why things are to be done. And the ways in which they are to be accomplished in an organized and productive manner.

Lets look at some of the many products needed to construct a simple form or modern home building. First the lumber. The forest is given and grown by the divine. He then puts within a man the notion of cutting the tree down and milling it to a variety of sizes. Over time and in a variety of ways. Various individuals have created the tools and machinery that are needed to accomplish all of these tasks. That is to say no one individual is or has created the saws,trucks,harnesses,safety devices,oils,ropes etcetera. Needed to take down the trees. And then there is the milling process. Which now involves a building,blades,machinery and of course labor. And then the fasteners such as nails and screws. Which begin their journey beneath the earth. At some point in time. Someone must have seen iron or other metals melting under the heat of intense fire. And God put within them the ability and the insight that something could be done with this. But how to get it done?

Today we have the end of the experimentation at our disposal. In the form of many nails and screws and fasteners. But again we see that the man hammering the nails did not make them. And the people who make them did not mine the ore. Therefore no single individual can lay claim to the building of the entire house. They are each as individuals contributors to the whole. And so it is God who gives us the materials. And it is God who puts within the heart of man how to get their portion of the job done. And he is not holding your hand while you are working at it. Yes he is with us in spirit always. But he requires you and I to get out of bed and do what needs to be done each and every day of the year. The book of Exodus chapter 28 and verse 3…And you shall speak to all that are wise hearted. Those whom I have filled with the spirit of wisdom. That they may make Aarons garments.This is just one of a number of scriptures. That shows us God has implanted within many people. Special talents to get things done. This scripture is describing the making of the priestly garments which would be worn in the new tabernacle.But there were others who God told Moses to go to for the  carving of the wood. The making of the curtains. The gold and brass work for the various ornaments and tools used in the tabernacle. And the jewels which would be affixed on the priestly garments.

God says that they are wise hearted. And that he had filled them with a spirit of wisdom. My question then is this. Relative to God given ability. How many people are actually giving any glory to God for what they have been given? And of those be they few or many. How many are giving back to God out of what they have been given? And additionally. How many are willing to give up or share what they have been gifted with? For the physical or monetary benefit of others. My experience is that for the most part. I find that people who have a gift. Particularly if it involves the ability to make or attain money. They are extremely prideful and secretive. They are also very stingy and selfish as it pertains to anyone other than themselves or their immediate family. They don’t want you to know how to make money because it may mean less for them. Greed of course it at the root of this. But you or they don’t see that do you? And if what they have achieved is knowledge based. They want you and I to perceive them as being the apex of human intellect and wisdom.To bow in obeisance before them is their hearts hope. In recognition of their superiority among their fellow men.

I have worked with many through the years. Who by reason of their college degrees alone. Think they are better than you and I. They are arrogant and boisterous individuals. Rude and crass in their dealings with those around them. Most of whom could not hang a kitchen cabinet. Or change the oil in their car. So who is better off? Matthew chapter 9 and verse 37. Then Jesus said to his disciples. The harvest is truly plentiful. But the laborers are few. Pray therefore to the Lord of the harvest. That he would bring forth laborers. In the process of building a house from the ground up. Or in the case of building up the Kingdom of Heaven. Nothing replaces the work force. The laborers. People who are willing to do the ground work. The mining for the raw materials. The prospecting and street evangelization for those who are heirs to the Kingdom of Heaven. Jesus just said that the laborers are few. Are you willing to labor for the lost in your life? James chapter 1 verse 22. But be doers of the word. And not just hearers. In so doing deceiving your own selves. If you are doing nothing for the salvation of souls. And the advancement of Christianity. You are under the influence of a spirit of deception. And this is none other than the spirit of anti-Christ working in and through you. You must put your selfish pride under your feet.You must change. And you must change now….To be continued

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