Enough is Enough…Stop It Now

222445816_c565b238d3_mHere is a lesson my friends. That if  and when both you and I can take hold of it. Will enable us to both rule over our own will. And move spiritual mountains in our lives. Depression is a horrible and insidious demon from the pit of hell. The bible says that God has given us power over all of the power of the enemy. And that enemy is Satan. And in Second Timothy chapter 1 verse 7 we read the following. For our God has not given us the sprit of fear. But rather of power and love. And of a sound mind. When a man enters the armed forces. There is a time when he is taught how to properly keep his bunk in order. And there is a time when he learns how to kill or be killed. In close quarters combat with a knife in his hand. Knowing how to fold your sheets will be of no avail at moments like these.

You are going to prevail or you are going to die. A coworker of mine who reads my blog periodically. Said this to me the other day. You are a bible bully. She and many of you are asleep. Spiritually speaking you are right where the devil wants you to be. Unaware of his workings and ill prepared to do or warn anyone else about what is going on. When the devil starts to whisper in your ear that today might be a good day to end your life. And you find yourself reeling in fear. Pacing around your home like a caged dog. As though the entire world is coming down around you. And no one cares or can help you. You are finished. I have been in this very spot so many times I cant remember. I know depression. I know the confusion. And I know the God whom I serve.

First of all we need to identify who or what is causing this to happen. Timothy just told us that God has not given us the spirit of fear. So when these lies and fear start to take a hold of you.Realize immediately that you are under attack. The attack is real. It is from Satan. And it is time to defend and counter attack. There was a product sold called shake and bake. And I am going to refer to my blog as shake and break. Because I am writing to shake you and break you. And in the end to make you into. The spiritual warrior that Gods wants every man, woman and child to be. We are for the most part spiritual wimps. We really do not know how to defend ourselves in the spirit. Do you know that in olden times.When a city came under siege from invaders. Everyone inside had a role to play in the fight. There was in most cases nobody coming to their rescue. And to fail meant certain death or enslavement for all.

The book of the prophet Isaiah. Chapter 59 verse 19 says this. When the enemy comes in like a flood. The Lord will raise up a standard against him. This is exactly how depression feels. It comes like a flood from the enemy of your soul. You feel like your drowning and there is none to save you. You cant breathe and you cant think. You are being washed away in a torrent of fear. If you have to start shouting enough is enough.

You foul devil keep your filthy hands off of me. Spirit of fear get away from me in Jesus name. Call on the name of Jesus. Start quoting scriptures that you know. And keep doing it until you can prevail. Remember this my friend. The closer we are to God the more the devil hates us. And the stronger the attacks will be against us. We must learn how to counter attack and win. And above all never give up. I want the very best God has to offer for both you and me. And it is for that very reason that my blog is no holds barred when it comes to teaching. There are more than enough weak spined individuals out there. And the devil doesn’t understand nice…..To be continued

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