A Kingdom Divided

34911208385_bbddc31acb_mIn the Gospel of John chapter 17 verse 8 we read the following. This is Jesus praying to the Father prior to the passion….He is interceding for the apostles and the new believers. For I have given to them the words which you gave to me. and they have received them and known that I have come from you. and they have believed that you sent me. I pray for them. I do not pray for the world. but for those whom you have given to me. For they are yours. and all of mine are yours and yours are mine. And I am glorified in them. And now I will no more be in the world. But these are and I will come to you. holy Father keep them through your own name those whom you have given to me. That they may be one as we are one.

In part of the Apostles Creed. Which is a foundational prayer in the Catholic church. One of the lines says the following. One holy Catholic and apostolic church. Which means this. We are made holy by the blood of Jesus Christ. We were and are to be one body. We are Catholic which was a NAME GIVEN BY NON-BELIEVERS for the early Christian church. As their numbers and influence gained momentum. Which means universal. And we are apostolic. Which means we started with the apostles of Jesus Christ and we continue that chain to this very day.

Now there continue to be many even to this day. Who have spun of from the doctrines of Martin Luther, Calvin and others. Who in there supposed zeal for the truth. Have seemingly overlooked our Lords desire for us to be and function as one body in Him. Some eat meat. Some don’t. some pray in this fashion and some don’t. Some say we worship the pope. While to talk to them you would think that their pastor died on the cross. Some say their church is preaching the truth. Others say No! it is our church who preaches the truth.

There are those chasing around for a supposed word of knowledge or wisdom. trying to gain a foothold on what the future holds for them. Rather than trusting in Gods ability to bring to bare His holy will in their life. And the Catholic church which was and is founded by and in Jesus Christ marches onward. While some 30,000 sects of Protestantism battle it out amongst themselves and with the Catholic church. And Satan sits back and laughs.

I too have chased so called words of knowledge. And to that I will tell you a story.The church which I was involved in prior to coming back to Catholocism. Was headed by a pastor ho was knoiwn for speaking over people words of knowledge. The congregants were so headstrong about this that one could hardly enter the building without someone saying so to them. There is something unsettled within the heart of man. That doesn’t allow them to rest in God. This is why many go to palmists and astrologers. And this same spiritual itch is in the church. Of all the words I had spoken over me only one proved true. A wonderful old woman named Glady Deardon told me the following. This is only part of it….she said that as God had wept over Jerusalem…so I would weep over the needs of his people. I haven’t stopped crying since. And now to the falsities and my story.

I was plagued and attacked spiritually in my sleep. With a reoccurring dream of having perverted intercourse with a woman in the church. I spent what must have been weeks binding and taking authority over the devil regarding this evil attack. One evening service the pastor called me out. and he said to me the following. you have been binding the devil. but it has been God all along. Now unless you believe that God is the author of perversion. Which I certainly do not. It suddenly became apparent to me who was doing the talking. And it was soon after that I left the Pentecostal church.

My friends there is an old adage which says this. Be careful what you wish for. If you believe in God than believe also that He alone is able to guide and shape you. If he has something to say to you he will. Or he will say it through his word or by a brother or sister in love. Stop chasing after a vapor. There are no words of knowledge given in the Catholic church. No running around the chapel a screaming hallelujah. No people collapsing on the floor. No pastors or visiting evangelists showing up in fancy cars asking for as love donation. A kingdom divided cannot stand. Come home to the church where it all started and will all finish. One holy Catholic and apostolic church….To be continued


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