Divine Mercy

34196269255_9560af6581_m (1)And to the book of Romans chapter 5 verse 8 we go. But God committed his love for us,in that while we were yet sinners, Christ died for us on the cross. I know that you personally are more than likely unaware of the horrific nature of just what Jesus went through leading up to his death. Most people read through the scripture without giving it much thought. They read like its a duty to do so. They don’t read to actually learn and understand what’s being conveyed.

Aside from Jesus…Most of the apostles met horrible deaths. In fact one was flayed alive. Pause for a moment and ponder the thought of having your skin painstakingly removed form your entire body while you are alive and strapped to a wooden table or board. Now for all of you self proclaimed hard asses out there. Who in your own mind picture yourself single handedly facing the forces of hell. And saving mankind from destruction. You have watched one too many action flicks and Harry Potter films.

More than likely you would be crying for your mamma when the real action started. I myself might take a bullet for someone in a fire fight. And not necessarily by choice or willingly. But Jesus willingly underwent the cruelest of torments to redeem you and I from our sins. For those of you who will spend your lives trying to understand this. You will more than likely never come to salvation. And you will die in your sins having never accepted the work of Christ on the cross. The bible says that Gods ways are beyond finding out. In other words. No matter who you are or who you think you are. You and or I will never ever, ever have all the answers to the questions we have about God. And although there are many who would like you to think when they are speaking from the pulpit…that they have figured them out. My advice to you and me is this. Accept what you can read and understand.

For God is not the author of confusion. And he didn’t have this bible written to blow you and I out of the water. If God says that Jesus died for your sins. And that is all you have the capacity to understand. Then leave it at that. When God says that his mercy for you is everlasting then leave it at that. When God says that he desires for you and I to repent from our sins and receive his forgiveness than leave it at that. And when he says that all of us have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God. Then believe it and change your life for the better.

If out of the entire bible the only thing you can read and understand. Is that God loves you. And that you need to believe in Jesus. That you need to be in a continual state of repentance from sin and be baptized. And that you need to share God with others to the best of your ability and not be ashamed to do so. Frankly you are in fact saved and will make heaven your home. Do not get involved with complicating simple faith. Jesus said to the apostles that unless you come to him as a little child. You will not see or enter into the kingdom of heaven.

His desire is for you to receive the abundant mercy pouring out from the wound in his heart for you. He wants you to be the continual recipient of his divine mercy and graces shown in his death on the cross. And he wants you and I to pray and finish the course of our life in a state of grace and thanksgiving for what he has done for us. There is no need to complicate the uncomplicated. Don’t try to make a four piece puzzle into a tabletop nightmare. Capish?….To be continued


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