15341584855_073367748a_mMany of you who read my blog know that I came back to the Catholic church after having spent decades in the so called born again community. And as is always the case. I cannot but speak out against the many discrepancies within the many sects of Protestantism. While there remains only one Holy and Apostolic church. Which is the Catholic church. There are so many things wrong with Protestantism. That I cant help myself from continually mentioning them. The estimates are that there are about 20 to 30 thousand protestant denominations.All of them saying to their ranks that they have it right. And all of them more than willing to say that the Catholic church is the evil empire run by Lucifer himself.

If you spend enough time within their ranks. Most if not all claim to live by the word of God alone. And not by any teachings of man. However they are all aside from having any viable church hierarchy. Teaching their congregants their own take on scripture. Which is generally different than the other guys. And so on and so on. One lives by the rule of not eating shellfish. Another says no wine. Another says don’t buy a lottery ticket. And another says we don’t eat pork. I find it now as well as when I was in their ranks odd. That for groups who claim to live by the bible alone. They can all claim to be right and yet be so wrong.

Briefly I will state the following. Jesus himself and Paul as well. Stated the following. The things you have seen me do and say. You must do also. Nobody was handed my Thompson Chain reference bible and told to hit the bricks. There has always been and still is an order and hierarchy to his church. A government if you will. Looking over and overseeing Gods people. And that was and still is Catholicism. Or the universal church of Jesus Christ. Its rather odd that you look at me funny when I am eating a bacon, egg and cheese. When God has stated  that all things are good for meat and drink for the New Testament church. And how is it that you cant read that when I have your same bible my protestant friends? And I can clearly see it myself? You pour your hard earned money into an IRA account. You have no guarantee anything will be there for you to retire on. In fact in 2008 my friends father in law lost it all. And yet you say I am a sinner for dropping 2 dollars on a lottery ticket. It makes me wonder. Just who is it that is taking the greater risk? But never the less it is in fact both of our monies to do with as we please. God being the judge and not you.

No my friends. I think that I am more than fine in Catholicism. I don’t need 30 thousand commanders trying to run the army of God. Each one giving the troops a different set of marching orders. Christ’s prayer to the Father was this. I pray that they would be one as we are one. But I guess your protestant bible is different than the one I own as well. Or maybe you have failed to read that scripture as well……To be continued


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