Its a Disease..Isn’t It?

3181374471_26fb468b5b_mSome time ago I was having what seems to be a reoccurring conversation with an individual. I use the term reoccurring because the topic  comes up rather frequently. The woman told me that her daughter was suffering from alcoholism.To which I said that it was a form of demonic oppression. She immediately flipped her wig stating it was a disease. As though I was accusing her daughter of being a demon or something of the sort. So what do you say we sort through the spiritual rubble? And see what is really going on here with her daughter and many others. Be it alcohol,drugs,pornography or any other form of sinful possession. The old testament book of Hosea chapter 4 verse 6. My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge. Because you have rejected knowledge.  Unfortunately this is where it all begins for most people. It is nothing more and nothing less than ignorance of the word of God and his plan of protection and  deliverance for your life. Most Catholics for starters do not ever read their bibles.They rely totally on little snippets of scripture given during the mass. And typically there is zero passion behind the person speaking them. And generally there are no teachings being given in their entirety on any particular subject. Because they are out to please people by getting you in and out quickly. So you have time to put your thong on and fill your cooler with beer. And get to the beach to meet your boyfriend.

Personally I have learned the value of prayer and good solid preaching and teaching. I can think of no better way to spend a couple of hours of my life. The lack of knowledge of which Hosea the prophet speaks. Is nothing more than ignorance of what God has available for you. And if you think you are going to go it alone in life. The results can be catastrophic. The second part of the dilemma is reliance on the medical community to dictate to you what your problem is aside from Gods holy word. Since most of the world doesn’t know or care about what God says. They have no other recourse than to label everything and anything according to the medical model. A model which in fact has become their god. Lets take a look at what Jesus said in the Gospel of John chapter 8 and verse 36. If the Son therefore sets you free. You will be free indeed. So what is it exactly that you and I need to be freed from? Jesus through faith in Him. Sets us free from the oppression of the devil. Prior to salvation in Christ the devil has free reign to attack you at will. And attack you he will.He is a ruthless and cunning adversary. Who will stop at nothing to kill you and your family. In the book of Romans chapter 8. The apostle Paul says some very interesting things…Lets read it together. For the law of the Spirit of life…which is in Christ Jesus. Which has become the law of our new being. Has freed us from the law of sin and death.

There are two wonderful little nugget’s here. Firstly is Paul’s expression of a new being. Now any of you who have read my blogs are aware that he is talking about being born again in Christ. Let me refresh your memory with the following scripture. If any person be in Christ. He or she is a new creature. All things have passed away and all things have become new. We were also as Paul states. Prior to salvation.Under the law of sin and death. And without going into a 1000 word dissertation on the Mosaic law. Suffice to say that the breaking of laws. Even in the society we live in. Have repercussions to us as individuals. Now I used to drink a fair amount of alcohol. I have in my refrigerator beer that I have bought for visitors. I cannot put my finger on the last time I drank a beer. And when I did I think it was half a bottle. I have no desire to do so. And do you know why? I have been set free from excessive drinking. And I have  zero desire. I am not tempted in any way to drink what is in my fridge. Neither will I then go out and buy a case to chug down.

Now for all of you holy rollers out there who think I am mad. Beer is in and of itself is not bad. In fact on a hot day an ice cold brew is quite refreshing. And beer has been a staple throughout history for man, woman and child. For hundreds and hundreds of years. So for all of you American drunkards. Who haven’t fully given yourselves over to Christ. Be you church goers or not. You need to fully put that desire at the base of Christ’s cross. Giving and committing your lives totally to Jesus. And you will not have a problem with beer,drugs,money,women,men. Or anything else that currently has you in spiritual bondage. What you need is to read your bible. And to start to learn what God has to say about you. Until you are willing to do that.You will continue to be Satan’s whipping boy or girl. And you can hang on to your disease for as long as you wish to do so….To be continued


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