3532687082_9d5a85c987_mAs I begin this blog. I will do so by saying the following. Within the context of Christianity. There are certain base points of the faith which are infallible. As Jesus said that he is the same today, yesterday and forever. So are these base points of which I speak. One of the points of faith is that we will know a tree by its fruit. Simple enough. A peach tree does not grow pears etcetera. And in this same light. A Christian is not a filthy vulgar pig. Laughing and participating willingly in vulgar conversations and so called humor. Each time I go to the store as was the case today. To buy a card for someone or some occasion. Which today just happened to be a young boys birthday . I was passing by a  Rite Aid store and went in to look for a suitable card.

But  before I continue. Just a little retrospective view on my part. In years past when looking for a religious card. There were always some. And they were generally marked with a little cross on a card which protruded above the card case. Which aided you in locating it on the rack. Now since there are in reality so few Christians in number. As compared to the unsaved. The percentage of cards available was more than likely along the lines of 1% of the total cards on display. On my last trip card shopping it was a Stop and Shop. And I believe they had 1 or 2 available in the religious category. Today for little Eddies card in Rite Aid there were none. Now as far as the so called humorous birthday cards. And all of the others. There were hundreds of cards available.

These cards as I perused a number of them. Contained lewd comments of every sort. Vulgar and semi nude depictions. And every sort of debauchery imaginable. And these are the cards being given to almost everyone in celebration of their particular day. When I was young there were clown faces and happy little dogs and cats for the children. Beautiful rainbow, landscape and floral designs for the women’s cards. And cars, boats and hunting scenes for the men. As I pondered this. My mind was drawn also to bumper stickers. When I was young the most popular sticker scene on a car was South of the Border. Which many people picked up driving to Florida. Now there are curse words. Nude depictions of women. And even homosexual scenes. In the sixties you would have been ticketed and or arrested for such things. And forced to remove them from your vehicle.

But now you can pull up behind a truck or car. With your son or daughter or wife in the car. And you are being confronted with such garbage at will. At work the most vulgar and perverted conversations are spewed out without restraint. Nobody seems to care or desire to do anything about it. In fact most participate in it quite willingly. And that without remorse. And when they see that you are not laughing along with them. You either receive some type of grimace from them. Or a comment like why are you so serious? I am reminded always of what the scripture says….Consider from how a great a height you have fallen. And repent!….My Christian friends. We must guard our faith always as a precious gemstone. We are definitely on the outside looking in as we move forward towards Christ’s soon return. Although I am praying for the lost daily. I cannot dwell on them continually. I realize that wide is the way which leads to destruction. And unfortunately there are untold millions entering that gate on a daily basis….Which gate will you go through?…To be continued


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