SONY DSCAs we blog along together. You will notice over time. That there are certain topical discussions which will occur over and over again. When I was a young Christian I considered this very process like fingernails dragging across a blackboard. I would literally writhe in my seat as the preacher hit on the same old topic again. Thinking within myself. How many more times do I need to hear this boring  material. Well my friend. As many times as it takes until you no longer consider it boring. And until you and I finally realize that the foundational teachings of the church are what is supporting our spiritual house until the day we die.

We are living in what is beyond the shadow of doubt. The most prideful, self aggrandizing,braggadocio’s, egocentric,society in the history of man. And its called the United States of America. Your average American worships self, money,ego, looks, celebrity. As well as a host of other things which I could list. But I will not. Suffice to say everything except their creator. And this mindset on the part of most humans. Is the essence of pride. And this in and of itself puts the individual in perfect harmony with their father Satan. For it was Satan. Who before his fall. Thought first within himself. That I can rise above God. And now for a moment of exposure. Oh and not the way you like it you perverted slob. I am speaking of exposure of our adversary. Or should I say my adversary. Who happens to be your chum Satan.Your average angel has an intellect which would dwarf that of the wisest person on earth.

Satan…who was Gods greatest created being before his fall. Has the intellect of a million super computers joined together. And he has charge currently over this planet and over you. I am a big fan of Sherlock Holmes. The old school version. And any of you who know of whom it is that I speak. Knows that Sherlock’s arch nemesis was Professor Moriarty.Who was a cunning murderous swine. Whose intellect closely matched that of Holmes. But in the end always fell short of the master sleuths abilities. I am not saying that Satan even comes close to God. What I am saying is that for you or I to underestimate who it is that we are up against every single day. Is a most grievous offense against ones self. He is the absolute epitome of cunning and treachery. He will stop at nothing to destroy you. And his tool box is filled with the demonic and the diabolical. Everything and anything is at his disposal to use against you. And his number one tool is self pride. Now the antiphase’s of pride is humility. Or that of an individual being humble.

Which is quite frankly almost as speaking a curse word in todays society. Proverbs chapter 16 verses 18 and 19. Pride comes before total destruction. And a haughty spirit before a fall. Better it is to be of a humble spirit with the meek and the poor. Than to divide the spoils with the rich . I am also a fan of formula one racing. One of the recent world champions… apparently allowed some pictures of himself…But of course…who else would the pictures be of ? To get on the internet.They were of himself in the shower at various angles. This is a man by the way. And adult human being doing this. Now call me funny. But in all my days I could never depict my father,grandfather,uncle or myself. Standing nude in a shower. And holding a camera at various angles to photograph ones self. And then to post them for all to see. And the very idea of mankind being so obsessed with the idea of taking a selfie. That devices are now made to help you do so. If you cant see what I am driving at here. Which is the obsessive,compulsive,perverted behavior of the world. Than you may be in fact to far gone down the rabbit hole yourself.

As we just read in the Book of Proverbs. Gods word always,always,always.Goes against the grain and direction of mankind. God just told us that PRIDE PRECEDES DESTRUCTION. Did you get that? And that you and I are better off hanging with the poor and the humble. If I told you that I was having a party on Friday. And that I was inviting all the poor people in my neighborhood. And all the people at work who don’t like to talk so much. Would you come? Of course you wouldn’t. Because you are such a prideful, wretched, God forsaken slime ball. That you wouldn’t even consider the possibility of doing anything of the sort. Now if I was to say the  richest, most beautiful, most educated people on Long Island would be in attendance. Including some athletes and celebs. Who were all going to be there. The line would be a mile long at 5000 dollars a ticket. Its true. So admit it and shame the devil you filthy self serving pig.

I will close with this. Beginning in the gospel of Matthew starting in verse 2.This is Jesus giving a little lesson. I think its directed at you actually…The kingdom of heaven is like a certain king who was preparing a wedding for his son. And he sent out his servants to call those who were invited to come. But they would not. And he sent out still other servants. Saying to them. Tell those who were invited that everything is prepared. All the food and fixings are in place. Come to the wedding feast. But they made fun of it all. And each went his own way. One to his farm. And another to his merchandise. And those who were left treated his servants badly and killed them. But when the king heard of this he was very angry. And he sent out his army to kill them. Then he said. The wedding is ready. But those who were invited were not worthy of coming.

Go out therefore into the highways and invite anyone who will come to the marriage. So they went out into the highways and invited all both bad and good. And the wedding feast was filled with guests. And when the king came into the feast. He saw a  man standing there who did not have on a wedding garment. And he said to the man. Friend…how is it that you are hear at this wedding without  a wedding garment on? And the man stood speechless. Then the king ordered his servant to bind him hand and foot and take him away. And cast him into outer darkness.Where there will be much weeping and grinding of teeth. For many have been called. But few will be chosen….I hope you own the correct wedding apparel. And its not your black tux macho man. Or your skin tight low cut evening gown chickster…..To be continued

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