4545957060_62a9a33520_mJohn chapter 3 verse 20….For everyone who does evil hates the light. Neither will they come into the light. That their deeds may be made known. God intended for man to be good from the beginning. The same stands true today. That we should be merciful, kind, trusting, forbearing, loving and kind hearted towards one another. But it seems that something has gotten in the way. And that something is called sin. And sin when it gains momentum in the hearts and minds of men spawns evil. Evil thoughts. Evil desires. Evil intent towards everyone and everything. Jesus said who can know the thoughts and intents of the heart? For they are continually wicked.

Paul recognized this and verbalized it in an act of exposure to the brethren. He wanted them and us to know of and to be aware of the simple fact that evil lurks just below the surface of every man, woman and child. So what can be done about this? Well that my friend is a good question and it has an answer. We combat evil with a willful desire to do good. There is however one thing that I do not understand. And it is about you. Why and how could you possibly desire to both do and choose evil over good? There is something very, very wrong. For the most part there are not many who would do evil against their own. Although there are exceptions even to that. But for some reason many do not consider their fellow man as having any attachment to them. Its O.K. that they and their families should die or suffer hunger. As long as I live and have food. It OK that they should live in squalor with torn clothes and disease. As long as I have enough suits and ties. And my cupboard is full. And I have health and medical care.

Jesus told his early followers that the Son of Man doesn’t have a place to lay down his head. He was born in a manure strewn stable. He was leading by example. But who do you know that is following his example? I look around my small home. And if I truly allow myself to see with the eyes of Christ it sickens me. I have more than enough of everything. I give to the poor but with reservations. I put money in the church collection but with reservation. I will give to you but will give more to myself. I am like a puppet. I am controlled by many strings. And the person controlling the strings is me. And if I am truly and earnestly honest with myself. And if I cannot be than who can I turn to? Their is evil at work within me. And I am a Catholic Christian man.

God is asking you and I to be honest. Honest with him and with ourselves. Paul said that no good thing resided within him. And I after 59 years of living have reached that point in my own life. I am greedy and selfish. I am self centered and will do whatever it takes to keep myself happy in my own little world. And it makes me miserable to say that. And I see the same at work in everyone around me. As well as the members of my family. They are offering next to nothing that can and will be of help to me or anyone else. And they are more than happy to keep all and everything to them selves. They and you have become spiritual pigs. Slaves of sin and evil while claiming allegiance to Christ. And now for the resolution. I and only I. And you and only you. With and through the grace of God have the solution to our dilemma. And that is this. I am going to push myself to pray more. To give more than I have been giving. To love more than I believe I can. To make better choices in my dealings with my fellow man. And to close the gap between what makes me happy and what makes God happy. And I am asking you to join me…..To be continued


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