What’s Your Perspective?

10089763526_7be3012125_m (1)During the Vietnam conflict…a good fishing buddy of mine was drafted. As the plane landed in some God forsaken field in the jungles of Nam. John and another grunt disembarked. They hadn’t even reported for duty when a superior officer said…Hey you two guys. Take this truck and bring these Marines to the other side of the base. It was night time. As the Marines who were fully armed were getting into the truck. John said to them..Hey we just landed…Where the hell is the other side of the base? And how do we get there?

The Marines told him to just follow the dirt road. John is about 6ft. 6 inches and 300 lbs. Herman Munster size. As they got under way. Bang bang bang and 3 wallops against the side of the truck. John said he jammed himself under the dash. Now how you jam that size package under any dash is beyond me. Moments later he gained his composure and floored it down the rest of the road. Arriving at the other side the Marines piled out of the back and inspected the trucks damage. They started laughing like mad men. Telling John and his bud…Well those Gooks missed us this time…And they walked away laughing.

How we perceive our situations and lives. While we have them. Has allot to do with the quality of life that we lead. In the Gospel of John chapter 10 verse 10 Jesus says this. I have come that you may have life. And that it may be abundant. Now don’t get me wrong. But if you are talking to living beings. Which he was. Don’t they already have life? Of course they do. So what exactly is he talking about? And so to the dictionary we go once again.

Abundant: more than adequate…abounding…richly supplied. Overflowing…over sufficient. People let this be a wake up call to all of you saved and non. Most of you are living your lives in bondage. And this because you are either ignorant of Gods plan for you. Or you are unwilling to take charge of your life and do what God wants you to do. God wants all mankind to have and to hold on to the born again experience in his Son Jesus Christ. Yes you already have a life. But its not a life that is in Christ and Christ centered. And to live this life will require all that you have to give. Including radical lifestyle changes. Changes in friends. Self sacrifice at every level. The life that I lead. And the life that you could be leading. So far excels the life that I once lead. I would never consider going back.

Since I have gotten involved with Facebook as a link to you and my blog. I cannot believe the out and out debauchery contained therein. The sleaze…the nudity..the violence…and the overall language of many is despicable. I get approached by prostitutes weekly. And do you know what? I keep reaching out to more and more of them. And do you know why? Because Christ died for such women as these. They just don’t know it yet. Mary Magdalene was at the foot of Christ’s cross with Mary our Blessed Mother and John. When all others had fled for fear. Mary the ex hooker stood firm. Jesus teaches us that the greatest love comes from the one who has been forgiven the most. Christ is knocking at the door of your heart. The next move has to be your own. Does it not? What’s your perspective?…To be continued

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