204951059_369977a117_m8230967999_6aef3b1356_mThese were the last words uttered by our Lord Jesus Christ as he died on the cross. Among the many things that occurred as he died. Which included previously dead people being seen walking around Jerusalem. The veil or curtain which separated the Holy of Holies from the rest of the Jewish temple. Was torn in two. This was symbolic of access now being granted to all mankind…not just the priests…into the kingdom of heaven…through the final sacrifice of Christ once and for all on the cross.

When God has finished something. Be it in your life or the life of your family. You had best reside yourself to let sleeping dogs lie. As you know I can and will continue to be somewhat redundant in my blogs. There are points  which need to be made over and over again so that knuckle heads like you and I are not soon to forget them. In one of the gospels it is said that if all the things which Christ said and did were written down. The world itself could not contain the books. This is why the Catholic church has so much oral tradition. These were things that were developed and handed down by example and in word and deed through the millennia. Such as the mass…its prayers…its ceremonies…the priests garments etc. But this blog is not about that. It is in fact a lesser known history lesson. For yes the church also has a history. And a great deal of it was logged for mankind by people who did not believe and did not attend church.Their perspective was purely from a historical standpoint. I do wish to recommend a good book to you. Hostile Witnesses by Gary Michuta. Ammianus Marcellinus was a Roman soldier and a historian. His book recorded the Roman empire from A.D. 96 to 378.And there were others who also recorded this same time period as well. As well as what you are about to read. So he was not alone in his account.

Without giving any history to who Julian is in this passage. Please read on. For it would take too much time to explain……Julian thought to rebuild at an extravagant expense the proud temple that once stood in Jerusalem. And he committed this task to Alypius of Antioch. Alypius set vigorously to work. And he was seconded by the governor of the province. When during the work fearful balls of fire, breaking out from the ground at the foundations, continued their attacks on the men. Until the workmen after repeatedly being scorched and many killed. Could no longer perform the work. And Julian gave up the attempt.

In other accounts of this event. Many,many men were killed and burned. Mysterious fireballs bursting from the remains of the old temples foundations as they attempted to rebuild the temple. This you may recall was the very temple which Jesus told the religious leaders. That there would not be one stone left on top of another. When God is done you are done. There is and will be no reversal of fortunes won and lost. You will be in heaven or in hell. And for most unfortunately it will be the later. There was to be no rebuilding of the temple. No more animal sacrifices for mans sins. Christ the sinless Lamb of God had died once and for all. No further blood could or would be shed anymore. Christ is about to come again for his bride…the church. If you choose to be continually ignorant of his word and his sacrifice for your life. Well it is just that. Your choice. You will not be able to claim ignorance. For the resources available to you and I are inestimable. And I the Pundit have told you so as well. Get your spiritual self together and do not delay. For as the bible says…In such an hour as you think not…The Son of Man is coming…To be continued

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