The Day of the Lord

3656827180_c65e95caa1_z33784355173_81d700c3af_mNow as it pertains to the specific times or dates or seasons. We as Christians have no need for anything to be written down for us. For we know perfectly well that the day of the Lord will come as suddenly and unexpectedly as a thief in the night. When the world is saying that all is well and peaceful and secure. Then in  a moment unforeseen death, ruin and destruction…will come upon  them suddenly. Like the labor pains which come upon a woman with child. They will by no means escape for there will be no escape.

But we as Christians are not given over to the power of darkness. That the day should overtake us also as a thief. For we are sons and daughters of the light and of the day. And neither darkness or the night have any part of us. Accordingly  let us not be found sleeping as the rest of humanity does. But rather let us remain wide awake, watchful, alert, cautious and on our guard.

For those who sleep..sleep in the night. And those who are drunk get drunk in the night. But we belong to the day. For God has not appointed us to incur his wrath. He did not select us to condemn us. But rather that we might obtain his salvation through the Lord Jesus. Who died for us that whether or not we are alive or dead at the time of his coming. We  might live together with him and share in his life. Therefore encourage, edify and admonish one another as you have been doing….Got Jesus?…to be continued

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