Dead Men Walking

4061334601_6de6dff39b_zThere is an old joke. Now I am not one to repeat jokes anymore. But this is actually clean. Believe it or not there was a time when an entire family could sit in front of the boob tube. Without worrying about who was going to hear what. That is not the case anymore. For Satan has certainly secured a well used niche in the realm of video and audio….So here goes nothing. Two men are standing in front of a casket. One guy says to the other… He looks great! To which the second man says…What do you mean he looks great? He is dead….And the other fellow says….Yeah I know he is dead….But he never looked so good when he was alive….Now I now its not much of a joke in the realm of Ha Ha…But the point made is one that I shall expound upon.

The truth as you know. Is the only thing that can benefit mankind. For a lie is nothing more than a discreet covering of what the truth is. And to tell the truth…no matter how uncomfortable it may be for the listeners. Is always, always, always the best remedy for any of life’s situations. Lets read together one of Jesus Christ’s many truths conveyed through the holy writ. Once again he is dropping a holy hand grenade into the Jewish religious leaders camp. And by the way. Deception is akin to a lie. For both divert ones attention away from reality. And for those of you who believe that a little deception is OK..It was Jesus who said that Satan was a liar and a deceiver from the beginning. Of course many of you could care less about aligning yourself with the devil. But as for me and my house it will remain…The truth…the whole truth…and nothing else… so help me God. The gospel of Matthew chapter 23 verse 27….Woe be it unto you oh scribes and Pharisees! You are hypocrites! For  you appear like a well whitewashed tomb. Which on the outside seems beautiful. But on the inside you are filled with dead men’s bones.

Even so outwardly you appear as being righteous to men. But within you are full of hypocrisy and iniquity. Much like our politicians of today. As well as many of our religious leaders. These creeps were scamming their congregants. Mugging for the cameras so to speak. Happy when in public someone said to them… Hello rabbi. Causing their pride to jump within them. They were spiritually dead. While their façade was that of a spiritual leader. I find this to be true in my own religion more often than not. People take the microphone. Wearing their suit and tie. Or religious garb. But as they speak….the words fall out of their mouths like stones to the ground. Their words have no life because they came from a spiritually dead… inanimate being. Dead words from a dead man….Hence the term Dead Men Walking.

But Jesus had a better plan for mankind. And that plan was life. The gospel of John chapter 10 verse 10…The thief comes for nothing but to steal, kill and destroy. But I have come that you may have life. And that you might have it more abundantly…..The emphasis being on the word.. might.. my friends. You might have it if you decide to pick up your cross and follow him. I find it rather interesting that life comes through an instrument of death such as the cross…..Got Jesus?…..To be continued


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