What Are You Hiding?

5261826705_56bc1a1c70_m5893815228_d1ee7d1640_mMy experience over many years of living and working. Is that when you are at work.At some point in time and in some fashion. The conversation of some if not all that are present. Can and will take a turn for the worse. I am speaking of vulgar communications and dirty jokes. Now although this can be initiated by the most vulgar of the staff. It always seems as though most of those present will at the very least smile or laugh. This is being done as a nod of approval for what was said or done. You or they are giving a sign of approval. When you laugh at filthy communications. What you are actually doing is expressing your fear of man. And your actions are belaying a further point which is this. You fear more being singled out by your coworkers more than you fear Gods wrath.

How many of your coworkers know that you are a Catholic Christian? How many of them have you ever even remotely tried to break the ice with? As it pertains to conversing about Jesus Christ. I have said this many times. The best way to start a conversation with someone is to begin by telling them what God is or has done in your life. But if nobody knows you are a Christian its because you have no guts. You are not really a Christian at all. You are a fake and a fraud. And the dilemma is this. As with the laughing at and participation in the telling of dirty jokes. Nothing is hidden from the Almighty. Or perhaps you think you caught Him napping. Peter… a day prior to denying the Lord. Said to Jesus that he would never deny Him. And that night he denied him 3 times and fled the scene weeping bitterly. He made a bad decision. In very much the same way that you and I can and do make bad decisions as well. Separation from God will always lead to sorrow.

And if its not known immediately. It will become known in the future. Many people say that if there is a God.. than why does this and that happen? And if you were to get  to know them personally. You would find out quickly. That they themselves are doing little if not nothing in their lives to grow closer to the very God they speak of. They are just complainers about God and everything else. When I was young there were depictions of 3 monkeys. Do any of you remember them? See no evil…Speak no evil…and Hear no evil. These were at the time basically created as a public service message. A reminder to all of how we should best lead our lives. For the good of ourselves as well as the good of all those around us. Today most peoples eyes are feasting on evil. Most peoples ears are wide open to any and all smut. And the tongues of even the most sheepish of Americans can be heard slipping into the gutter of perversion. Keep in mind my friend that denial is not a river flowing through Egypt. It is a state of being that if left unfettered will kill you. And there is another thing about D…Nial….Its full of crocodiles!

Repent and believe……To be continued

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