36253739655_b2de165914_m (1)In the Old Testament book of Second Samuel we read a story of a man who found himself embroiled in a tangled web of treachery and lies. But this was not just any man. It was King David of Israel. And as you will see..being royalty does not disallow sin raging in our midst. In fact…money being at the root of all evil. And royalty having the maximum at their disposal. The likelihood and propensity for sinning is certainly in their court so to speak.

The story begins with our being told…that the time when kings go to war had come. This was the time in that region where weather conditions were best for standing marching armies to wage war. And war they did. But David’s problem began when he stayed home while his armies went to fight. This would be akin to General Patton staying in some swanky hotel while his army fought in the Rhine Valley.

As David walks out onto the rooftop of his house. He looks out and sees a nude and beautiful woman bathing. Now if he was out fighting as he should have been. This second step would not have occurred. He would not have been there to be on the roof and see her. And so in the very early stages he still could have stepped back inside.But he stood his ground and allowed Satan’s thoughts to begin rooting themselves in his heart.

Now I will not go through the whole story with you. For that would require an hour of preaching. And this is a blog. But the gist of it is this. He has an underling fetch the woman. Who happens to be married to one of his most devoted military men. He sleeps with her and impregnates her. When she tells him she is pregnant he tries to set up her husband by calling him away from the battle and getting him drunk. In an attempt to get him to sleep with her and think he made her pregnant. But he would not and remained faithful to his king and his fellow soldiers.

Keep in mind that at any time David and or you. When we find ourselves getting deeper and deeper into sins clutches. Could come to a place of repentance with God an let the chips fall where they may. But David did not do this. And neither do many of you. So he now has Uriah who was the husband of Bathsheba the woman. Placed directly into the most heated part of the battle. In a position where he is sure he will be killed…And he is killed.

And so from a lustful gaze he is now the culprit in a case of voluntary man slaughter. Sin is always this way. But the scripture says that when the enemy comes in like a flood. The Lord will raise up a standard against him. And that enemy is Satan. But that is generally only the case when we humble ourselves before God confessing our sins. And asking him for help and forgiveness. And so God sends the Prophet Nathan to David who tells him a parable of a man who performed an evil deed against another man. But unknown to David the parable was told about an entirely different scenario which in fact was representative of exactly what he had just done. And when Nathan was through with the tale.

He asked David plainly what he would do with such a man if he knew of him and his dirty deeds. And David said…I would have him killed. And then God and Nathan dropped the bomb. Nathan pointed his finger at King David and said…..You are that man! And so it is with you my dear reader. You are in fact that man or woman in your own life. The sin that started out as seemingly meaningless to you. Now has full possession of you. And the Lord Jesus Christ is waiting at the door of your heart. Waiting for you to call on him in a spirit of repentance…..You are that man!….Aren’t you?….To be continued



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