6793792090_25bfef7848_mThe gospel of Mark chapter 10 verse 32. And as they were on there way going up to Jerusalem. Jesus went ahead before the apostles. And they were amazed. And as they followed him, they were afraid. And now in the gospel of Luke chapter 5. Starting in verse 5. And Simon said to Jesus. Master we have toiled all night long. And have caught no fish. Nevertheless at your word I will put the net out again. And when they had done this they caught as great amount of fish. So many that the net began to break. And they called to their partners which were in another boat to come and help them. And they came and filled both of the boats to the point of near sinking. When Simon Peter saw this. He fell down at Jesus knees saying. Depart from me.. for I am a sinful man.

What we know and read in the gospels. Is but a mere snippet of what Christ and his followers went through together in his three years of ministry. And what we know of the apostles is that they said yes to the call of Christ. We read of no debates and the like taking place between them and Jesus. They simply were told to come and they did. As time progressed they both saw and heard more and more of the miraculous while walking with Christ. They really had no reason to fear Christ at all. For they were in fact invited guests. And they were in training as well. Man in his or her cockiness and arrogance. Tends to think for the most part. That there will never be a so called day of reckoning. A giving an account of so to speak. Of what we have done or not done in this life.

However we can plainly see as the apostles continued along the path to Jerusalem with Jesus walking just ahead of them. The reality was setting in. And the question was ringing in all of their minds. Just who is this we have gotten involved with? Dead people were being commanded to live. Blinded and cloudy eyes were opening to see again. Their nets were bursting with fish on the Masters command. Walking on the water Christ comes to them on the sea. He has command of the very forces of nature. And in their humanity and fleshly weakness. I suppose the thought had entered their minds. What if he gets mad at us and turns this power against us?

I guess Peter was thinking in his finite mind. That when Jesus realizes just what kind of man he had been. Prior to his choosing me. I will certainly be a goner. As if Jesus didn’t know already. It was precisely because of who Peter was and was not that he was chosen by Jesus. And the others as well. The Lord takes us as we are. With all of our baggage and misgivings. All of the sins and anger and lies. And then by his grace and mercy he teaches us and coddles us. He picks us up again and again. Holding us by the hand he urges us to keep going. To keep following him on the road to Jerusalem. And in our case on the road to heaven. He knows exactly who he has chosen. And he has chosen each one of us for a particular work and for a particular reason. We are part of the body of Christ. Hands,feet,toenails,hair,eyes,feet etcetera. All of us have a contribution to make. And all of us are blessed by God to take part. It is a natural thing for the finite to be afraid when confronted with the divine. All through out the bible. We read of when angels came to visit humanity. As was the case in the calling of Mary. The first thing the angel said was do not be afraid. I myself have had numerous encounters with the divine. And each time was as spellbinding and scary as the one before. I was left completely dumfounded and amazed. Just as the gospel said the apostles were.

But to fear a visiting angel and to fear the living God are two different things. In one case we don’t know why the angel has come. But in the second case. We do know that we will all appear before the judgement seat of Christ. To give an account for what we have done. And we do know that God has in store for the disobedient a place called hell. Which is reserved for the disobedient and the devil himself. Friend….place yourself at the foot of Christ’s cross. Confess your sins. Tell him that you love him and are sorry. He will welcome you in to his fold. He will clean you up and set you on a straight path. Do not delay. For you and I are not guaranteed tomorrow will ever come again. And then what? Gods mercy and grace is here for the asking right now. And his forgiveness is everlasting…To be continued

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