Speaking of myself. Let me state the following. I am a father. I am a husband. I am a employee. I am a Catholic Christian. And now if I may ask you a couple of questions. And I want you to direct these same questions at yourself. After having filled in the blanks as to who you are. So lets begin. Is there ever a time when you are not who you are? And the second question is this. Can you choose to not be who you are?

So what is it exactly that you are driving at Mr. Pundit? Well I will tell you. The only time you are not who you are. Is if and when you decide to hide it for the sake of sin.For the truth is you can never change who you are. But you can change your actions and the way in which you are perceived as being who you are. When sin sneaks into view. The husband or wife takes off their wedding band. Telling their suitor that they are not married. And although they still are who they are.They are now perceived through the act of deceit as not being so in the eyes of the beholder. Jesus told Peter that before the cock crowed. Peter would deny him 3 times. Peter said to the Lord that this would never happen.

Well as it turns out it did in fact happen. And Peter fled the scene weeping. Jesus told Peter that when he had matured that he would lead the church. Peter didn’t get it at the time. Just as you are not getting it now. When it comes to being a Christian. You most definitely are who you are. And for most of you. Who you are now is not good. But here’s the difference. I can never change that I am a father. For if I have a child I’m always a father. Now whether or not I am a good one is another story. But the fact that I am a father will never change. But as to wehter or not you or I are a Christian. This is entirely another story indeed.For as being a Christian there is no proof of anything. There is no human body to whom you can claim being the father of. So how is it we can prove ourselves to be a Christian?

Jesus said that you will know a tree by its fruit. Now man may be in error when judging you as being a Christian or not. But God who is never in error will judge you righteously in the end. And you will either hear from him. Well done my good and faithful servant. inherit the kingdom of my Father in heaven.Or you will hear. Depart from me you wicked one. Into the everlasting fires and darkness of hell. So let me ask you one more time if I may. Are you who you say you are?…to be continued

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