You Are Not Your Own

37791420046_9536dee6aa_mFor those of you who may be unaware, I have spent the last year or more, working on a series of books, entitled, Bigfoot Terror in the Woods Sightings and Encounters. I recently engaged in my first interview about the books, with a wonderful man named Wes, who runs a podcast named Sasquatch Chronicles. My series is ongoing.

In the process of all that has been going on, I was speaking to someone very close to me, about one of the upcoming accounts in volume number 6, where a hunter encounters a priest under the most unusual of circumstances and finds himself praying the Lord’s prayer when his life is threatened.

This person with whom I am close, who is, by the way, a Catholic man, said to me, that I shouldn’t include that in my interview. In other words, don’t bring God into the picture. When two people are married, the scripture says that the two become one flesh. You are no longer an individual, but rather, you have become part of your wife and she has become part of you, the two of you have become one body spiritually speaking.

In like manner, when you enter into a relationship with Christ, He refers to you and I, as being his bride. In other words, He to has become one with you. How is it then that this man and others feel that they shouldn’t speak of their bride when living out their lives? Do you leave your bride in the car, while you go in to eat dinner? Of course not. Christ is my everything, it is he who created me, it is he who has given me the skills to write, and it is he with whom I speak every day of my life.

Ask yourself these questions. What is my relationship with Christ right now? Am I ashamed to speak about him with others? How often have I  prayed in the past 3 days? And finally, when was the last time that you told Him how much you love Him and all that he has done for you? In answering these simple questions, you will get to the crux of the matter rather quickly. To be continued…


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