God is Light

The scripture says that God is light and in Him is no darkness whatsoever. In my life, there are many things which I do in order to better understand the enemy of my soul who is Satan. In other words, I want to be aware of the types of tricks and snares 43972474351_59047b46af_mwhich he uses to dupe mankind. This would include at times watching some of the shows where they are encountering so-called spirits of the dead or ghosts.

The scripture says plainly, that it is appointed unto man once to die and then the judgment. There is nothing that says you die and then wander aimlessly inhabiting the home or area in which you once lived or worked, having no apparent place to go and no direction.

Knowing that God is light, an immediate and foreboding alarm should go off in your spirit, whenever and wherever you are encountering darkness of any form. That is, of course, providing you know and understand the scripture, which at this point you now do.

The scripture also says that men preferred the darkness over the light because their deeds were evil. When the devil is at work, one of his main ploys is to dupe or mimic Gods creation, this is done in an effort to make you and others believe that there is something more to this life and existence of ours, other than what the scripture has laid out for us. And there are more than a few who play right along with that theme.

The existence of dark entities in homes, children’s voices being heard, things being hurled around the house by unknown and unseen beings, are all trademarks of the evil one’s activity. But of course, if you don’t believe the scripture, and you think that I am full of hot air, none of this matters to you. And you, in fact, are in for a rude awakening.

The Lord in his mercy has extended a rope to us, which he intended for us to grab hold of and pull ourselves to safety. Of course, this same rope can be used to hang oneself spiritually speaking, which was not His plan. A man was speaking to me the other day, after having come across my blog. He said to me, ” I had no idea that you were engaged in such a way with a blog like this.”

When God had His hand on you, He extends to you the rope in various ways and forms. In the case of this individual, it was in the form of my blog. He voiced to me his concern about his own state of affairs and those of the world today. God is calling him and you, but will you respond? To be continued….


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