The Cross

33028889005_c16f04db1b_mMy brother-in-law just passed yesterday, and I was once again reminded of the frailty of this life. I was also reminded last night, in a poignant way, about the cross of Christ, recalling my first days in a Pentecostal church, and seeing nobody on the cross. As you know, I am a Catholic and I am once again appreciative of why seeing the body on the cross is a good reminder to us all.

If our lives are to imitate Christs, and they are, then why don’t they? In earthly life, the vast majority of Christian people are striving for the same things which the world is. With some of those being, power, money, control, and self will, just to name a few. You may say that none of these apply to yourself and you would be a liar, but that’s a story for another day.

Now, I ask you to fix your eyes on the cross which I have provided in the picture. On the cross, Jesus had no power at all, he was nailed to the wood unable to move or free himself from his captors. He had no money, and in fact, had told some of the early followers that he didn’t even have a place to lay down his head. His self will being absent, choosing rather complete obedience to the will of His Father in heaven.

Now that you have read this simple little blog, stare at the picture and be honest with yourself and God. Today, this very day, how many of those same attributes are at work in your own life? To be continued…