33620412632_67009b9f4f_mThe book of Philippians chapter 2 verse 12. Therefore my beloved brethren. As you have always been obedient in my presence. And now in my absence as well. Work out your own salvation in fear and trembling. In this passage, the word work actually means to carry something to its inevitable conclusion. In other words to complete the task which you have undertaken. Which in this case is making it to heaven. It is not enough to start. We must finish. And finish I will. What about you?. How many times have you ever passed a house or building project, which was started and never completed? The owners or builders began in good faith, assuming that everything would go according to plan, but something or somethings went wrong. They were unable to overcome the obstacles set against them in and of themselves, and now the weeds and vines are consuming what they started out to do.

In my life, I have witnessed to and evangelized many individuals. Some of them briefly, and others at great length. I recently looked up someone that I had allot to do with…who had received Christ into their life. It was a Holy Ghost check-up, a spiritual doctor’s visit if you will. This individual had started out on the right path, at least it seemed so to me having had many conversations with them over the years. So I called them. They were talking the right talk, as though I or God could be fooled by mere words. But I wasn’t and God isn’t either. The first lie after my asking how’s it going was, I haven’t found a good church. The second lie they embraced was that they are co habituating and having sexual relations out of wedlock. The third lie they spoke of was that they are working and pursuing a career in an industry that is ungodly. They have lost what God intended for them to keep.

Beloved you and I are subject to all of the same temptations. God knows it and Satan knows it as well. Sex, money, lies,  and lust in all of its forms. And all of the rest of it. We are humans. Paul said to work out your own salvation. I can’t work out yours and you can’t workout mine. Although I don’t particularly want to use this example I will. When one goes to a gym, there are many people there. But nobody does the reps for another person. And nobody makes you come 1,2, 3 or 4 times a week to work. Some begin and stop quickly. Others remain fervent  about what they are doing and it becomes a life long effort.

Paul had been with this church from the beginning. He had left on his apostolic mission and returned. His opinion of them, for the most part, was that they were and are doing well. And still he admonishes them to not loose sight of the prize. For truly my friends, it aint over until its over. Philippians chapter 1 verse 6. Being confident of this very thing. That he who has begun a good work in you. Will continue to carry on this work in you. Until the day of Jesus Christ. God is not going to quit on you. So don’t quit on yourself! So how’s your workout going? Got Jesus?…To be continued

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