This Facebook thing is very new to me. It was originally recommended to me by a friend’s wife who was quite a computer-savvy woman, and after having sat with her for a bit, she explained to me how I could use this platform as a blogging site, and how the whole thing would work. And here I am, and here you are as well. If you have ever had a deep cut or wound in your flesh. Then you know that the first step towards healing is to clean it out. Then is the application of the antiseptic to fight off infection, which is followed by the bandage to protect the site of injury.

This process generally needs to be repeated the days following to keep it clean and on the path to healing. As I get used to the operation of this blog. I am attempting to friend as many people as possible, in an ongoing effort to get them to read and interact. My apologies for not doing so well in the realm of interaction, but I am learning and getting better. But many do comment, and leave their little symbols as a remnant of their encounter with my blog, and they are not all happy, which makes me quite happy. I am not here to please people. I am here to please the Lord who is the Master of heaven and earth. And I am here to administer spiritual wound care to those of you who need it.

And those of you would also include me. If you are following Christ, then you are going to be in more than a few battles with the enemy of our souls…Satan. And though you may get wounded, you will always come out on top. So caring for your wounds in this life must be something that you get good at. And wound care in Christianity consists of praying and praying and praying. This Facebook platform is akin to Sodom and Gomorrah. They were the cities of the plain which were reduced to an ash heap by the angels of God. For their sins were so great that they were no longer to be tolerated, being utterly unrepentant, and without compassion or hope of change. They were destroyed by God’s holy angels. As I am attempting to friend people, I receive photos from many. Homosexual men with their pants pulled down. Women in lingerie exposing themselves to my gaze.

And then there are the little pictures. Indicating the displeasure of many after reading my posts. They don’t like the discussion of sin and repentance. They like their sinful discourse,  and they like to go to church on Sunday as well. They have purchased a lie, that somehow God who is holy, overlooks what they refer to as their lifestyle. And that he is all-forgiving, all the time, regardless of our deeds. My personal opinion is this. I do not believe that there is a man, woman, or child on this planet, who does not know that they are doing wrong when they are doing wrong. We were made in the likeness and image of God, and that includes this ability. For it is the very nature of God. He would not have created us and left us in such a state. Not knowing right from wrong or which end is up. When you decide that this Jesus thing as you call it is a little too much for you, and that the church your attending, which has a lesbian pastor, is more to your liking. And when you decide that flaunting your nudity and vulgarity on Facebook, while you agree to stand in as someone’s godmother on Sunday. When you post all of your pictures of guns and hateful rhetoric on this site, promoting all that is evil in the face of those who are doing good.

It is you who need wound care the most. God in his great mercy and love for mankind is ever ready and ever-present to attend to the needs of all those who are willing to repent and turn from their wicked ways. Growing in Christ is a transformative process. What you think in 1984 as a Christian is not necessarily what you think in 2020. For if you have remained faithful, you have grown as well. But growth never goes against the word of God and his holy Catholic Church. The teachings of He and the apostolic church remain forever. There are no loose canons. None who operate alone or in small groups because they know better than the rest of us. The bible says that we being many are one body in Christ. There is one body, not two or three or four. And as the scripture tells us, “A kingdom divided against itself cannot stand.” Go to church…And begin the process of caring for your wounds…..To be continued