Getting it Right From the Start

11587478496_8c2bfca4f7_m4982094649_5448c46e67_mAs we begin this blog together. I want you to fully comprehend Gods connection to each one of us prior to an abortionist having the opportunity to snuff out our life in Christ. And no this is not a blog about abortion so to speak. But as these demons from hell driven by the lure of money and supported for the most part by those who lead a sinful life of fornication and adultery. Move forward in their quest to dispose of as many lives as they can for the sake of their bank accounts. Its nice to see how God looks at us. For in the end that’s all that matters anyway. And by the way if you are employed in one of these offices in any capacity.

You need to leave NOW! God doesn’t understand that you are just the clerk and need the money. Here is what he said to the prophet Jeremiah. In the book of Jeremiah chapter 1 verses 4 through 7. And by the way this was not just because Jeremiah was called to be a prophet. All children are special to the Lord and God first speaks to Jeremiah as a child which you shall soon see….Then the word of the Lord came to me saying. Before I formed you in the belly….I knew you. And before you came out of the womb I sanctified you and I ordained you as a prophet to the nations.

Then I said..Ah but Lord! I cannot speak for I am but a child. But the Lord said to me do not say that I am but a child. For you shall go to all to whom I will send you. And whatever I command you shall you speak to them. And do not be afraid of their faces for I am with you to deliver you from them. Then the Lord touched my mouth with his hand and he said to me. I have put my words in your mouth. Quite a different story is being told to us here in regards to the scientific community’s crap that they try to peddle. As to if and when life begins. They just don’t want you to think too much about someone sticking a knife in your baby. And tearing them out of their mommy by the head. God just said that before he was formed God knew him. And that before he had exited the womb he was already sanctified for the work of the Lord.

Many non Catholics criticize infant baptism. I know this is true because I was one of them. They and I would be wrong. When a baby is born to a Christian couple Gods hand is already upon the babe. But in the singular act of pouring the baptismal water over the child. The parents and those present who are walking with Christ are making a PUBLIC AFFIRMATION that this one belongs to the Lord. So take that you lousy devil. The scuttlebutt among Protestants is that only a believer is to be baptized. And that the child has no knowledge of what they are doing rendering it therefore in their eyes a moot occasion. But of course that doesn’t stop them from having a dedication. Whereby they are dedicating the child to the Lord. Its a good thing that beat downs are not condoned in Christianity. Because if it was every time I ran into some religious punk telling me why I am wrong and they are right according to their Pastors diatribe. I would be opening a can of Whop ass every month. I’m sorry but I digress. I also stated in one of my other blogs that we Catholics reaffirm our baptismal vows every Easter publicly in church. And the youths do so additionally during their First Holy Communion and their Confirmation. And by the way none of these so called reaffirmations do you or I or our children any good if we or they are not walking with God…Whew!

We as parents have an ongoing and active role to play in the lives of our children. Most people at the baptismal font are waiting to get home and tie one on. The process is virtually meaningless to them but it is not overlooked by the Lord. The child is all so important to him wherever they are and whoever they are parented by. Because they haven’t as of yet been corrupted by their immoral parents who are worshipping false Gods and serving the flesh. So what exactly is our role? Well I am so glad that you asked. The book of proverbs chapter 22 and verse 6…Train a child up in the way that he should go. And when he is old he will not depart from it. We as parents are to train our children in the ways of God. But what do you have to train them with while you are still living the life of a sinful malcontent.

Only a godly man or woman can offer something of value to their child by example. What it is to live and abide by the teachings of Christ. And thank God as well for the influence of godly acquaintances and relatives in the lives of children. And being a godly example has nothing to do with how many expensive vacations you’ve taken them on. Or buying them a new I Phone every 3 years. So wise up all you young parents to be. And its never too late for all of you older parents as well. Where there is life there is hope for all. So move on to doing the will of God in your lives. And be the godly examples that God has called you to be for your children. The formation of your child’s Christianity is allot like sex education but even greater. You don’t want them to learn it from someone else or on the street…..To be continued



5338646869_8c6d7064e6_mI am certain that I am uncertain…about exactly where I am going with this topic. But I am quite certain about the events which lead me to choose it. How do you like that? I have been dealing with a skin issue for perhaps 25 years and counting. Three dermatologists and one allergist later and I am still dealing with it.

Problem number one is this.The dermatologist to whom the allergist sent me several weeks ago. Was unaware today of why I was at his office.Which was a follow up visit recommended by him on my last visit. He also looking at my arm said it looks much better when it was in fact much worse than the last visit. He had one foot out the door and one foot in the next room before he even said hello.

The same occurred in court the other day where I was with a relative of mine for a compensation case. The judge was totally unprepared for the case being brought before him. Not knowing what had already happened in the last hearing. He posthumously closed the case a second time with zero compassion for my relative who was sitting before him hoping for finally some justice. The judge was a self centered,uncaring fool. I know what you are thinking. Those are some tough words Mr. Pundit.

And you would be correct. If the doctor or the judge had one of their relatives sitting in their office or their courtroom. A smile would be on their face and whatever needed to be done within whatever timeframe required would be done. And the results would definitely be favorable or they would be unacceptable. Once again as a Christian man I am confronted with the antichrist at work in the hearts and minds of mankind.

The dermatologist was walking out of the door telling me I needed to get a second opinion. While I was still talking to him about the data concerning myself that he needed to give me his opinion on. When a missionary doctor goes in the field to help the poor there is no pay. And they are hoping to give the most people the best they can offer in the time they have. With the best results possible for everyone. Their reward is in heaven. The dermatologist and the judge are making good money. And their concern for you is minimal at best. They are comfortable and if you are not well that’s too bad. What they fail to see is this. God who is just will not be slack concerning them when they die. Especially as it pertains to how you treat a man or woman of God when they come to you for help. I am speaking about myself and my relative. We are both God fearing, praying Christians.

And God is not slack when it comes to our treatment. I want you to know  that we can and will face much discouragement in this life. We all know what it is like to approach someone in the store or anywhere else. And as you look at their face and hear their voice you know what’s coming. And what’s coming is nothing good. They are being used and controlled by a devil from the pit of hell. And for the most part they don’t even know it. People….in this life you are going to serve somebody. It will either be the devil or the Lord… but you will and are serving somebody everyday of your life. It is your decision and it can be changed at any time you desire.

This is what we refer to as a conversion or born again experience. You become a new creature in Christ. And part of being that new creature will be a new outlook on life and mankind. You will not talk the same. You will not act the same. And you will begin to have a more caring and loving sense of compassion for the plight of your fellow man or woman.We need each other. But we don’t need each other in the current format. We need more God fearing..Christ centered people to start making a difference in this world. Gods mercy and grace are always at the ready for any and all who will humble themselves and ask for it. So where is it exactly that you stand? Are you ready to start making a difference?…..To be continued


But…I Didn’t Say Anything?

3773580856_e8743e2bce_mThe member’s of my family, almost everyone of the people I have met working through the years, and most of you readers have something in common. Do you know what it is? You are ashamed of the name Jesus Christ. And a fair amount of the above claim to be Christians. You are more than willing to talk about vacationing, gossip, work, Hollywood and just about anything else you can think of. But when Mister Bill or anyone else for that matter so much as breaches the topic of Christ….Silence. The conversation ends and nothing will be said or added. You don’t want to speak of him and in your mind, this is a matter of religious privacy if you will.

You will die in your sins and you will make hell your eternal home, just as if you were an axe murderer or any other hideous thing you can think of. In fact….to say you are his and to go to church and do nothing or say nothing in regards to Christian evangelism, is in actuality worse than never knowing about him at all. You are a disgrace. And now that I am in a happy place with you lets keep moving right along. Shall we? You say I am full of religious malarkey. Well, how about some scripture reading? After all, you love Jesus, don’t you? And since Jesus told us he is the living Word, you won’t mind reading Him a little bit, will you? You remember of course through all your biblical reading, while you spent day and night for 6 years getting your degrees, that the bible said the Word became flesh and dwelled among us.

The Gospel of Saint Matthew chapter 5 verse 13…You are the salt of the earth. But if you being salt have lost your flavor, what then can be salted by you? This salt being you, is therefore good for nothing else, but to be cast out into the streets, and to be walked upon by the feet of men. Well then…that was rather succinct. How about another happy time scripture? An after-dinner mint if you will. Oh, you’re going to like this I am sure. Let’s read together in the book of Matthew chapter 10 starting in verse 32. This will only take a minute. Whoever, therefore, will speak of me before men, he also will I confess before my Father in heaven. But he also who will not speak of me before men, him also I will not speak of before my Father in heaven. Do not think that I have come to send peace on earth, but rather a sword. For a Christian man’s enemies will be those in his own household……It sounds a lot like you, my mouth zippered friends. Does it not?

Verse 38…And he that does not pick up his own cross and follow me is not worthy of me. Well, that was a lot of fun, wasn’t it? And now you can go right back to talking about what you love. Your car, where you’ve traveled, your investments. Oh, wait not that. I forgot you don’t want anyone to know how much money you have. So sorry about that. And do you know what else? You are in more trouble than you can possibly imagine. But that can all be changed. The question is this. Are you willing to change?… To be continued


6926467376_d7d1af85d7_mWe are accountable for everything that we say or do. And of course we also can repent and change what we are saying and doing at any time we desire to do so. At times in my blog you will find me taking a jab or two at Protestantism. And as many of you know I have a right to do so having come from their ranks back into Catholicism. There is nothing quite as ugly and repugnant as an individual taking a stand on religion,race or anything else for that matter. Having no factual basis for doing so. And in many cases because your friend or family members have born the same bias…or have bought into the same lies or rhetoric for many years.

So once again in is time for a little exposure for those of you who are interested parties. I will not belabor this point because volumes can be written on this topic alone. I will however expose a few salient points as I a prone to do from time to time. I was shooting on the skeet range yesterday with a group of men.When a comment was made by one.. that we should thank the Lord for every day. He said this because two of the group were not present and sick. Somehow this opened up a little rant between one man…a Catholic. And another…a protestant. In this instance I kept quiet and listened to the exchange.The Catholic as is typical had no knowledge. And the protestant took the prototypical protestant stance having no knowledge either.

In other words neither could explain their stance…but both had a stance. Many if not all of the protestant factions teach that we are to live by the word alone. In other words we are to say and do and put into practice within our lives, and the church services. Only what is written in the bible.Such as playing a song while the collection of money is made. After all that’s in the bible also. Isn’t it? Not! In fact nowhere in the scriptures including all of the things which were recorded that Jesus said. Can you find that we are to live by the word alone. I have stated in a previous blog how Paul told the believers that all of the things they had heard and seen him do. They were to do also.

So I will ask you my protestant friend. Exactly how many things have you or anyone of your faith seen Paul do? Including those who started your sect going back in time to whenever. I can trace Catholicism which simply means universal. Back as far as you want to go. In fact Polycarp was a disciple of John. You may remember him. He had his head on Christ’s shoulder at the last supper. Referred to as the one whom Christ loves. Now its your turn. Name one of your earliest church leaders and who taught them. Go ahead I am waiting. The apostles were Jews. They were well familiar with the temple traditions and ceremonies.The priestly garments.The altar. The tabernacle etc. These forms and practices were brought into the new testament church.Which has and can be seen in the Catholic mass. In fact the altars can still be seen in the catacombs of Rome. Where the early Christians were hiding celebrating the early mass.

I know of all the nonsense of non décor. No Jesus corpus on the protestant crosses. No statues and stained glass scenes of church history. No Eucharist. No wine.The devil has seen fit to strip all that was in place when men like Luther and Calvin began the rift.And you have seen fit to carry it on to this day. And how about why the Catholic bible has seven more books than the protestant bible. If you look at a copy of the 1611 protestant bible. Which was the first of its kind. you will soon see that the 7 books are in that bible. Its a little more than odd to me. And it should be to you also. That out of the mouths of a couple of men. Standing behind a bully pulpit. Over one thousand years of church history. Established and handed down by thousands of men of God. Right from the apostles themselves. Should and would be overturned. And a new form of tradition would be initiated. Sweeping away the old.

And why no Jesus on the cross? Do you just want to focus on the ascension and the resurrection and not the suffering? Christ is more than a little interested in the suffering and agony that he went through for us. For without it we have no life. Do you carry any photos of deceased family member’s? Have you ever seen a presidents painting? Why do we have them? It was Jesus who told the Jews of what King David said….The Lord said to my Lord.. sit on my right hand until I make your enemies your footstool. Therefore Jesus said…God is not the God of the dead but of the living. We as Catholics are not praying to the dead. We are praying to the living. And if they are not alive than your own faith is in vain. And if asking those in heaven to intercede for us is in vain.Then you might as well not ask me or anyone else to pray for you either. I would rethink your stance and quickly if I were you.

Prior to the written word and the printing press. We had nothing but oral traditions and demonstrations by those who came before us. And people were very good and attentive to it. People could recount church history and teachings over periods of days not minutes. And others would be at the ready to correct them should they falter. People today cant remember yesterdays dinner. Let alone recount a thousand years of tradition. Enough said for this round….To be continued


6793792090_25bfef7848_mThe gospel of Mark chapter 10 verse 32. And as they were on there way going up to Jerusalem. Jesus went ahead before the apostles. And they were amazed. And as they followed him, they were afraid. And now in the gospel of Luke chapter 5. Starting in verse 5. And Simon said to Jesus. Master we have toiled all night long. And have caught no fish. Nevertheless at your word I will put the net out again. And when they had done this they caught as great amount of fish. So many that the net began to break. And they called to their partners which were in another boat to come and help them. And they came and filled both of the boats to the point of near sinking. When Simon Peter saw this. He fell down at Jesus knees saying. Depart from me.. for I am a sinful man.

What we know and read in the gospels. Is but a mere snippet of what Christ and his followers went through together in his three years of ministry. And what we know of the apostles is that they said yes to the call of Christ. We read of no debates and the like taking place between them and Jesus. They simply were told to come and they did. As time progressed they both saw and heard more and more of the miraculous while walking with Christ. They really had no reason to fear Christ at all. For they were in fact invited guests. And they were in training as well. Man in his or her cockiness and arrogance. Tends to think for the most part. That there will never be a so called day of reckoning. A giving an account of so to speak. Of what we have done or not done in this life.

However we can plainly see as the apostles continued along the path to Jerusalem with Jesus walking just ahead of them. The reality was setting in. And the question was ringing in all of their minds. Just who is this we have gotten involved with? Dead people were being commanded to live. Blinded and cloudy eyes were opening to see again. Their nets were bursting with fish on the Masters command. Walking on the water Christ comes to them on the sea. He has command of the very forces of nature. And in their humanity and fleshly weakness. I suppose the thought had entered their minds. What if he gets mad at us and turns this power against us?

I guess Peter was thinking in his finite mind. That when Jesus realizes just what kind of man he had been. Prior to his choosing me. I will certainly be a goner. As if Jesus didn’t know already. It was precisely because of who Peter was and was not that he was chosen by Jesus. And the others as well. The Lord takes us as we are. With all of our baggage and misgivings. All of the sins and anger and lies. And then by his grace and mercy he teaches us and coddles us. He picks us up again and again. Holding us by the hand he urges us to keep going. To keep following him on the road to Jerusalem. And in our case on the road to heaven. He knows exactly who he has chosen. And he has chosen each one of us for a particular work and for a particular reason. We are part of the body of Christ. Hands,feet,toenails,hair,eyes,feet etcetera. All of us have a contribution to make. And all of us are blessed by God to take part. It is a natural thing for the finite to be afraid when confronted with the divine. All through out the bible. We read of when angels came to visit humanity. As was the case in the calling of Mary. The first thing the angel said was do not be afraid. I myself have had numerous encounters with the divine. And each time was as spellbinding and scary as the one before. I was left completely dumfounded and amazed. Just as the gospel said the apostles were.

But to fear a visiting angel and to fear the living God are two different things. In one case we don’t know why the angel has come. But in the second case. We do know that we will all appear before the judgement seat of Christ. To give an account for what we have done. And we do know that God has in store for the disobedient a place called hell. Which is reserved for the disobedient and the devil himself. Friend….place yourself at the foot of Christ’s cross. Confess your sins. Tell him that you love him and are sorry. He will welcome you in to his fold. He will clean you up and set you on a straight path. Do not delay. For you and I are not guaranteed tomorrow will ever come again. And then what? Gods mercy and grace is here for the asking right now. And his forgiveness is everlasting…To be continued


36253739655_b2de165914_m (1)In the Old Testament book of Second Samuel we read a story of a man who found himself embroiled in a tangled web of treachery and lies. But this was not just any man. It was King David of Israel. And as you will see..being royalty does not disallow sin raging in our midst. In fact…money being at the root of all evil. And royalty having the maximum at their disposal. The likelihood and propensity for sinning is certainly in their court so to speak.

The story begins with our being told…that the time when kings go to war had come. This was the time in that region where weather conditions were best for standing marching armies to wage war. And war they did. But David’s problem began when he stayed home while his armies went to fight. This would be akin to General Patton staying in some swanky hotel while his army fought in the Rhine Valley.

As David walks out onto the rooftop of his house. He looks out and sees a nude and beautiful woman bathing. Now if he was out fighting as he should have been. This second step would not have occurred. He would not have been there to be on the roof and see her. And so in the very early stages he still could have stepped back inside.But he stood his ground and allowed Satan’s thoughts to begin rooting themselves in his heart.

Now I will not go through the whole story with you. For that would require an hour of preaching. And this is a blog. But the gist of it is this. He has an underling fetch the woman. Who happens to be married to one of his most devoted military men. He sleeps with her and impregnates her. When she tells him she is pregnant he tries to set up her husband by calling him away from the battle and getting him drunk. In an attempt to get him to sleep with her and think he made her pregnant. But he would not and remained faithful to his king and his fellow soldiers.

Keep in mind that at any time David and or you. When we find ourselves getting deeper and deeper into sins clutches. Could come to a place of repentance with God an let the chips fall where they may. But David did not do this. And neither do many of you. So he now has Uriah who was the husband of Bathsheba the woman. Placed directly into the most heated part of the battle. In a position where he is sure he will be killed…And he is killed.

And so from a lustful gaze he is now the culprit in a case of voluntary man slaughter. Sin is always this way. But the scripture says that when the enemy comes in like a flood. The Lord will raise up a standard against him. And that enemy is Satan. But that is generally only the case when we humble ourselves before God confessing our sins. And asking him for help and forgiveness. And so God sends the Prophet Nathan to David who tells him a parable of a man who performed an evil deed against another man. But unknown to David the parable was told about an entirely different scenario which in fact was representative of exactly what he had just done. And when Nathan was through with the tale.

He asked David plainly what he would do with such a man if he knew of him and his dirty deeds. And David said…I would have him killed. And then God and Nathan dropped the bomb. Nathan pointed his finger at King David and said…..You are that man! And so it is with you my dear reader. You are in fact that man or woman in your own life. The sin that started out as seemingly meaningless to you. Now has full possession of you. And the Lord Jesus Christ is waiting at the door of your heart. Waiting for you to call on him in a spirit of repentance…..You are that man!….Aren’t you?….To be continued




7036629915_a552e916e0_mThere is much to be said about having a positive confession. In other words. Speech pertaining to where you want to be…not necessarily where you are. Having said this much. My opinion is that there is way too much time spent on this topic in Pentecostal circles. The gospel of Luke chapter 6 verse 45. A good man out of the good treasure of his heart. Brings forth that which is good. And an evil man out of the evil treasure of his heart. Brings forth that which is evil.. For out of the abundance of their hearts. Both men speak. There is absolutlely nothing wrong so to speak of asking for and expecting good things to happen in ones life.But to sink or swim on a daily basis in a state of expectancy can be precarious at best.

In the Our Father prayer. Which the Lord himself gave to us as a fouindation of how to pray. He himself said to the Father…Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven. Ultimately you and I want Gods will and nothing but his will being done in our lives.For only in and through him being  the priority of our existence. Can we truly find happiness. And so there are certain foundational confessions which all Christains must embibe if we are to be saved and successful in our walks. Without these you have no vision at all. You are in fact blind. First John chapter 4 verse 15. Whoever shall confess that Jesus Christ is the Son of God. God dwells in him and he in God. If God is in you how can you fail? And if you are living in God how can you fail. The bible teaches us that when we marry. We being the man and woman. Have become one body. When you believe and confess Jesus Christ as Lord. You have become the bride of Christ and therefore one with him as well. And if Jesus is in you and you are in him.You can do nothing but succeed.

And to succeed means nothing more and nothing less than making heaven your eternal home. Everything else is as they say gravy. First John chapter 1 verse 9. If we confess our sins he is faithful and just to forgive us our sins. And to cleanse us from all unrighteousness. A positive and regular confession of our sins is necessary for every spirit filled believer. But its not enough to confess our faults to God alone. We need to come clean to our brethren as well. James chapter 5 verse 16. Confess your faults one to another. And pray for one another that you may be healed. This is exactly where and why we Catholics have confession. Yes I ask God to forgive me for my sins every night. But the last time I went to formal confession before my parish priest. I wept like a baby in the Holy Ghost. Now if you Pentecostals out there think that this was some type of satanic intervention going on. You are out of your spiritual minds. God was moving in a mighty way on me and through the priest being there to hear me. And I left the confessional renewed and refreshed in God. There is power in confession. God moves in and through the act of confession. So increase your vision to include a good confession on a regular basis. And see what the Lord will do for you and through you….To be continued

What Are You Hiding?

5261826705_56bc1a1c70_m5893815228_d1ee7d1640_mMy experience over many years of living and working. Is that when you are at work.At some point in time and in some fashion. The conversation of some if not all that are present. Can and will take a turn for the worse. I am speaking of vulgar communications and dirty jokes. Now although this can be initiated by the most vulgar of the staff. It always seems as though most of those present will at the very least smile or laugh. This is being done as a nod of approval for what was said or done. You or they are giving a sign of approval. When you laugh at filthy communications. What you are actually doing is expressing your fear of man. And your actions are belaying a further point which is this. You fear more being singled out by your coworkers more than you fear Gods wrath.

How many of your coworkers know that you are a Catholic Christian? How many of them have you ever even remotely tried to break the ice with? As it pertains to conversing about Jesus Christ. I have said this many times. The best way to start a conversation with someone is to begin by telling them what God is or has done in your life. But if nobody knows you are a Christian its because you have no guts. You are not really a Christian at all. You are a fake and a fraud. And the dilemma is this. As with the laughing at and participation in the telling of dirty jokes. Nothing is hidden from the Almighty. Or perhaps you think you caught Him napping. Peter… a day prior to denying the Lord. Said to Jesus that he would never deny Him. And that night he denied him 3 times and fled the scene weeping bitterly. He made a bad decision. In very much the same way that you and I can and do make bad decisions as well. Separation from God will always lead to sorrow.

And if its not known immediately. It will become known in the future. Many people say that if there is a God.. than why does this and that happen? And if you were to get  to know them personally. You would find out quickly. That they themselves are doing little if not nothing in their lives to grow closer to the very God they speak of. They are just complainers about God and everything else. When I was young there were depictions of 3 monkeys. Do any of you remember them? See no evil…Speak no evil…and Hear no evil. These were at the time basically created as a public service message. A reminder to all of how we should best lead our lives. For the good of ourselves as well as the good of all those around us. Today most peoples eyes are feasting on evil. Most peoples ears are wide open to any and all smut. And the tongues of even the most sheepish of Americans can be heard slipping into the gutter of perversion. Keep in mind my friend that denial is not a river flowing through Egypt. It is a state of being that if left unfettered will kill you. And there is another thing about D…Nial….Its full of crocodiles!

Repent and believe……To be continued


79958655_2ed9c20eee_m79958655_2ed9c20eee_mThe title of this blog is really an expression. Its meaning is your morning cup of coffee. In other words what many of us do or partake of to start our days activities. In the New York area which is where I dwell. You cannot turn on an AM radio station before noon. And not be inundated with every form of perverted, demonic and otherwise untoward conversation. This is referred to as your morning joe in the land of media. The stations typically have a team of 2 or 3 people. All of them having a propensity for trash talking. Generally one is the so called straight man. Countering the main pigs jabs and jibes about the latest news articles about some hooker or weirdos activities. One of the so called shock jocks regularly and sarcastically makes reference to the baby Jesus as he calls him.

To me this is out of pure guilt for the way he is making his millions. He knows he is wrong but he cant stop. The lure of money is too great. He also had his number 2 man on the show for many years. Who claimed he was a bible thumping born again Christian. He played the straight man. And laughed and cajoled with the rest of them as slob after slob presented their perverted blend of what they call humor…day in and day out. Millions and millions of people start their work day off filling their minds and souls to the brim with garbage. And many of these so called shock jocks just happen to be Jews. Sons of the promise of Abraham who was called the friend of God. Well my friend God has certainly kept his promise to Abraham. And that was that he would bless his seed after him. But the blessing for most of them is strictly in the monetary realm. For the true blessing which is Jesus the Christ has been overlooked by most of Abrahams seed.

Now back to the morning joe. The book of First Timothy chapter 4 and verse 2…They speak lies in hypocrisy. Having their consciences seared with a hot iron. And now to one of my favorite reads. Webster’s dictionary for the definition of seared…Here we go…To burn or scorch injuriously….To make callous or unfeeling. To dry up or wither away…These people have become mentally and spiritually devoid of feeling. They have allowed themselves to be seared of the natural God given normalcies of human interaction. When they think of love it is lust. When they think of gain it is covetousness. When they think of good its everything that is bad. Their lives’ are antichrist. There are many of us who have someone in our lives like the person I am about to describe. Due to certain circumstances this individual crosses paths with me on a regular basis. Quite possibly they are the most filthy and vulgar person I have ever met. I don’t like them and I don’t want them near me. I don’t want to hear what they have to say. And I don’t want to see what they are doing. And do you know what? Almost all of the other people who have contact with them. Think they are funny.

It is at this moment. That I realize how blessed I really am. I have been eternally altered in a good way. The fact is that I now know sin in all of its ugly forms has no part in me. And it should have no part in you as well. There are no circumstances under which it is OK for a Christian to be lewd, vulgar, drunk, pilled up or anything else you can think of. Here is how I begin my day before work. And for all of my Protestant friends out there. You are going to love this. I am kidding because they hate the rosary. They think I am on the wrong track. That Pope Francis is the antichrist. And that I am out of my mind asking the saints in heaven to intercede for me. They would be and are wrong. I get in my car. The radio is turned off. I bless myself with the sign of the cross. Oh my Protestant friends! Can it possibly get any worse? He blessed himself with the sign of the cross. And I begin to pray my rosary. I want my day to start on the right foot. And the right foot is in prayer. I need and you need to remind ourselves of who it is we are living for. And who it is that died for us. This world and its inhabitants for the most part have no part in me. I don’t like them and Gods doesn’t expect me to like them. Do not feel badly about not wanting to be around the sinful. We don’t belong with them because we have been removed from them spiritually speaking. Second Corinthians chapter 5 verse 17….Therefore if any man is in Christ…He is a new creature. All of the old things have passed away. And behold all things have become new. The book of Hebrews chapter 10 verse 31…It is a fearful thing to fall into the hands of the living God. Just a little reminder for you vulgar swine. Who think its fun to take your liberal jabs at Gods holy ones. Your day is coming. Just like those who poked fun  at Noah when he warned of the coming flood. You will be dragged kicking and screaming into eternal damnation…..To be continued

Dead Men Walking

4061334601_6de6dff39b_zThere is an old joke. Now I am not one to repeat jokes anymore. But this is actually clean. Believe it or not there was a time when an entire family could sit in front of the boob tube. Without worrying about who was going to hear what. That is not the case anymore. For Satan has certainly secured a well used niche in the realm of video and audio….So here goes nothing. Two men are standing in front of a casket. One guy says to the other… He looks great! To which the second man says…What do you mean he looks great? He is dead….And the other fellow says….Yeah I know he is dead….But he never looked so good when he was alive….Now I now its not much of a joke in the realm of Ha Ha…But the point made is one that I shall expound upon.

The truth as you know. Is the only thing that can benefit mankind. For a lie is nothing more than a discreet covering of what the truth is. And to tell the truth…no matter how uncomfortable it may be for the listeners. Is always, always, always the best remedy for any of life’s situations. Lets read together one of Jesus Christ’s many truths conveyed through the holy writ. Once again he is dropping a holy hand grenade into the Jewish religious leaders camp. And by the way. Deception is akin to a lie. For both divert ones attention away from reality. And for those of you who believe that a little deception is OK..It was Jesus who said that Satan was a liar and a deceiver from the beginning. Of course many of you could care less about aligning yourself with the devil. But as for me and my house it will remain…The truth…the whole truth…and nothing else… so help me God. The gospel of Matthew chapter 23 verse 27….Woe be it unto you oh scribes and Pharisees! You are hypocrites! For  you appear like a well whitewashed tomb. Which on the outside seems beautiful. But on the inside you are filled with dead men’s bones.

Even so outwardly you appear as being righteous to men. But within you are full of hypocrisy and iniquity. Much like our politicians of today. As well as many of our religious leaders. These creeps were scamming their congregants. Mugging for the cameras so to speak. Happy when in public someone said to them… Hello rabbi. Causing their pride to jump within them. They were spiritually dead. While their façade was that of a spiritual leader. I find this to be true in my own religion more often than not. People take the microphone. Wearing their suit and tie. Or religious garb. But as they speak….the words fall out of their mouths like stones to the ground. Their words have no life because they came from a spiritually dead… inanimate being. Dead words from a dead man….Hence the term Dead Men Walking.

But Jesus had a better plan for mankind. And that plan was life. The gospel of John chapter 10 verse 10…The thief comes for nothing but to steal, kill and destroy. But I have come that you may have life. And that you might have it more abundantly…..The emphasis being on the word.. might.. my friends. You might have it if you decide to pick up your cross and follow him. I find it rather interesting that life comes through an instrument of death such as the cross…..Got Jesus?…..To be continued