6926467376_d7d1af85d7_mWe are accountable for everything that we say or do. And of course we also can repent and change what we are saying and doing at any time we desire to do so. At times in my blog you will find me taking a jab or two at Protestantism. And as many of you know I have a right to do so having come from their ranks back into Catholicism. There is nothing quite as ugly and repugnant as an individual taking a stand on religion,race or anything else for that matter. Having no factual basis for doing so. And in many cases because your friend or family members have born the same bias…or have bought into the same lies or rhetoric for many years.

So once again in is time for a little exposure for those of you who are interested parties. I will not belabor this point because volumes can be written on this topic alone. I will however expose a few salient points as I a prone to do from time to time. I was shooting on the skeet range yesterday with a group of men.When a comment was made by one.. that we should thank the Lord for every day. He said this because two of the group were not present and sick. Somehow this opened up a little rant between one man…a Catholic. And another…a protestant. In this instance I kept quiet and listened to the exchange.The Catholic as is typical had no knowledge. And the protestant took the prototypical protestant stance having no knowledge either.

In other words neither could explain their stance…but both had a stance. Many if not all of the protestant factions teach that we are to live by the word alone. In other words we are to say and do and put into practice within our lives, and the church services. Only what is written in the bible.Such as playing a song while the collection of money is made. After all that’s in the bible also. Isn’t it? Not! In fact nowhere in the scriptures including all of the things which were recorded that Jesus said. Can you find that we are to live by the word alone. I have stated in a previous blog how Paul told the believers that all of the things they had heard and seen him do. They were to do also.

So I will ask you my protestant friend. Exactly how many things have you or anyone of your faith seen Paul do? Including those who started your sect going back in time to whenever. I can trace Catholicism which simply means universal. Back as far as you want to go. In fact Polycarp was a disciple of John. You may remember him. He had his head on Christ’s shoulder at the last supper. Referred to as the one whom Christ loves. Now its your turn. Name one of your earliest church leaders and who taught them. Go ahead I am waiting. The apostles were Jews. They were well familiar with the temple traditions and ceremonies.The priestly garments.The altar. The tabernacle etc. These forms and practices were brought into the new testament church.Which has and can be seen in the Catholic mass. In fact the altars can still be seen in the catacombs of Rome. Where the early Christians were hiding celebrating the early mass.

I know of all the nonsense of non d├ęcor. No Jesus corpus on the protestant crosses. No statues and stained glass scenes of church history. No Eucharist. No wine.The devil has seen fit to strip all that was in place when men like Luther and Calvin began the rift.And you have seen fit to carry it on to this day. And how about why the Catholic bible has seven more books than the protestant bible. If you look at a copy of the 1611 protestant bible. Which was the first of its kind. you will soon see that the 7 books are in that bible. Its a little more than odd to me. And it should be to you also. That out of the mouths of a couple of men. Standing behind a bully pulpit. Over one thousand years of church history. Established and handed down by thousands of men of God. Right from the apostles themselves. Should and would be overturned. And a new form of tradition would be initiated. Sweeping away the old.

And why no Jesus on the cross? Do you just want to focus on the ascension and the resurrection and not the suffering? Christ is more than a little interested in the suffering and agony that he went through for us. For without it we have no life. Do you carry any photos of deceased family member’s? Have you ever seen a presidents painting? Why do we have them? It was Jesus who told the Jews of what King David said….The Lord said to my Lord.. sit on my right hand until I make your enemies your footstool. Therefore Jesus said…God is not the God of the dead but of the living. We as Catholics are not praying to the dead. We are praying to the living. And if they are not alive than your own faith is in vain. And if asking those in heaven to intercede for us is in vain.Then you might as well not ask me or anyone else to pray for you either. I would rethink your stance and quickly if I were you.

Prior to the written word and the printing press. We had nothing but oral traditions and demonstrations by those who came before us. And people were very good and attentive to it. People could recount church history and teachings over periods of days not minutes. And others would be at the ready to correct them should they falter. People today cant remember yesterdays dinner. Let alone recount a thousand years of tradition. Enough said for this round….To be continued