You Are Not Your Own

37791420046_9536dee6aa_mFor those of you who may be unaware, I have spent the last year or more, working on a series of books, entitled, Bigfoot Terror in the Woods Sightings and Encounters. I recently engaged in my first interview about the books, with a wonderful man named Wes, who runs a podcast named Sasquatch Chronicles. My series is ongoing.

In the process of all that has been going on, I was speaking to someone very close to me, about one of the upcoming accounts in volume number 6, where a hunter encounters a priest under the most unusual of circumstances and finds himself praying the Lord’s prayer when his life is threatened.

This person with whom I am close, who is, by the way, a Catholic man, said to me, that I shouldn’t include that in my interview. In other words, don’t bring God into the picture. When two people are married, the scripture says that the two become one flesh. You are no longer an individual, but rather, you have become part of your wife and she has become part of you, the two of you have become one body spiritually speaking.

In like manner, when you enter into a relationship with Christ, He refers to you and I, as being his bride. In other words, He to has become one with you. How is it then that this man and others feel that they shouldn’t speak of their bride when living out their lives? Do you leave your bride in the car, while you go in to eat dinner? Of course not. Christ is my everything, it is he who created me, it is he who has given me the skills to write, and it is he with whom I speak every day of my life.

Ask yourself these questions. What is my relationship with Christ right now? Am I ashamed to speak about him with others? How often have I  prayed in the past 3 days? And finally, when was the last time that you told Him how much you love Him and all that he has done for you? In answering these simple questions, you will get to the crux of the matter rather quickly. To be continued…



23018142623_4ba1deb468_mIn the context of the scriptures, the word satan means obstacle or adversary. When Jesus had revealed to the apostles, that he was to go to Jerusalem and die, Peter said to him without hesitation, that he must not do so. To which Christ said, get behind me Satan. Now, Jesus was not saying that Peter was, in fact, Satan, but rather he was identifying an immediate threat being posed to him finishing the work which the Father had sent him to do. In our own lives, we as Christians should be able to both identify and thwart the attacks which the enemy of our souls brings against us, but few are capable of doing so. The scripture also says that those who love this world will not see the kingdom of heaven.

The bible teaches that if we draw ourselves nearer to God, then he, in turn, will draw nearer to us, but as you can plainly see, this requires first, a movement from ourselves. The enemy of your soul is quite happy with the current state of affairs in your life. Your lack of prayer and the need to be continually entertained by the things of this world are just fine with him. Because he knows that if you stay this course, he will own you in the end, and there will be no escape.

The scripture says and correctly so, that Gods people perish because of a lack of wisdom. And it also says plainly, that we are to not be wise with the things of this world, for worldly wisdom, is of little profit. You may take this as a warning or you may shrug your spiritual shoulders and walk away, saying to yourself that this Pundit is full of hot air. But in the end, it is I who will have the last laugh, as I enter the kingdom of my Lord and all of his saints. What are your obstacles to a closer walk with Christ? To be continued…

Getting Your Priorities in Order

5721904435_b4c6f2ba81_qFirst of all, as I begin this blog having been away from the site for the better part of a year. May I offer my apologies. I have invested virtually the entire year writing a series of books on of all topics, Bigfoot. But now, I am back in the driver’s seat and ready to go, so let’s get started. I thought I would share with you something that had occurred in my life about a year ago, which re-opened my eyes in a profound way, to the plight of many church-going people.

It was last October when I had approached a local pastor, about the availability of time in his parish, to speak on the subject of discipleship. After much discussion about the matter, the decision was made that he wanted to go ahead with it, saying also to me in the process, that surely God and the Holy Spirit is with you in this endeavour. So the plan was set in place for a date in November.

Having asked this pastor about how much time would be allowed, he said to me that the previous guest had spent 2 hours speaking about a book on Angels, and so I had prepared myself for the allotment. During this time he had also asked for me to put something together in the form of an announcement regarding who I was and what I would be doing. Well, when the time came and the announcement had appeared, none of that which I had given him was printed, and yet, a huge section was dedicated to an Elvis impersonator that was going to appear.

When the evening arrived, there were virtually 10 people there, most of which were invited by the pastor, who by the way said that he was going to try me out. Well, I did my due diligence, speaking for 90 minutes, and the evening ended. That was that. My question to all of you is this? How is it that a work that is begun in Christ needs to be approved by man? After the fact, he told me it was too long, and this after he had told me the previous speaker had spoken for 2 hours.

It’s my understanding that the house was packed with drinkers and revellers for the Elvis impersonator, and ten people were present for the discipleship seminar. I was prepared, having done what God had asked me to do, and once again, the majority of the church had other things to do for the evening. And so, what are your personal priorities as it pertains to the things of God? When Jesus came to Lazarus’s house, he met up with his 2 sisters, Mary and Martha. Mary sat immediately at his feet, while Martha busied herself with the preparations. When Martha complained of her sister’s inactivity, Jesus said, Mary, has chosen the more important thing.

They choose entertainment over prayer as a priority, and I do not. I have always said that you know who the foundation of your church is by those who show up for prayer, and not that everyone who is praying is always visible, but God knows who they are and that’s all that matters. The world has taken root in many churches and I will have none of it in my life. I want more of Christ and less of anything and everything else in my life. And to date, I still haven’t achieved anything worth bragging about in that regard. What are your priorities? To be continued….