Slavery Never Ended

Slave HousePeople in the United States…if asked when slavery ended? Would more than likely say under the presidency of Abraham Lincoln and during the Civil War. They would be wrong. What did end was the ability for one man to purchase another man as human property. For the purposes of doing with them whatever they wanted to do. In other words. Sit down.. shut up…and I will tell you what to do later. Got it? No my friend slavery did not end and will not end in your life until you decide you’ve had enough. Now when we speak of slavery in biblical terminology. The word servant is readily interchangeable. For in those times and places. A servant was in fact owned by the master of the household. He or she was in fact a slave so to speak. But it is a different type of slavery of which I am speaking. It is that of being a slave to sin. And in so doing you have aligned yourself with your new slave owner. And his name is Satan. To the Gospel of John chapter 8 we go. And to a variety of verses contained therein. In order to make my point. Jesus is speaking to the Jewish leaders and those others who were present. Whoever commits sin the servant of sin. Why do you not understand my speech? It is because you cannot hear my words. Because you are of your father the devil. And the lusts of your father you will do always. He was a murderer from the beginning. And could not abide in the truth. Because no truth can be found in him. When he speaks a lie he is speaking of his own. For he is a liar and the father of all lies.

The scripture teaches us that Jesus came to deliver us from the power of sin and death. Both of which will render you in the same fiery destination. And by the way your father will be there also. So you can all have a nice little cozy family reunion by the fire. John chapter 16 verse 13. Jesus is speaking…No servant can serve two masters. For either he will hate the one and love the other. Or else he will hold on to the one and despise the other. You cannot continue in a sinful…God in the and expect anything less than the fires of hell in your future. You are not only kidding yourself in doing so. But you have allowed the enemy of your soul to spiritually handcuff you to the rail of a hell bent freight train. You are a slave to Christ or you are a slave to Satan. Those are your two choices. One or the other will own you outright. There is no middle ground and no if ands or buts about it. In John 16 verses 19 and 20 Jesus says this…If you belonged to the world. The world would love its own. But because you are not of this world..But I have chosen you out of this world. Therefore the world hates you. Remember the words that I said to you. A slave is not greater than his master. If they have persecuted me they will also persecute you. And then we go to verse 22. If had had not come and spoken to them they would not have any sin. But now that I have…they have no way of hiding their sins.

He that hates me hates my Father also. And so I would like to ask something of you. You don’t you? It wont take me long at all. Since you have been…shall we say. Walking with Christ. Do all of your old friends still know and call you? Do you still watch the same TV shows and attend the same functions? Do you still find dirty jokes to be funny? Do you still have those…Oh how should I say this without offending you? Filthy ,dirty,disgusting,sleazy,pornographic magazines in your dresser drawer? Jesus just said that if you were of the world that the world would love its own. So why is everyone still so lovey dovey with you Mr. Christian? Maybe its because your not a Christian at all my Catholic friend. Maybe its time for you to reconsider your stance on abortion Chicky Pooh.

And who by the way is persecuting you? It seems to me that everything is as it has always been in your little corner of paradise. At least for the moment anyway. For the day is coming and quickly. Where the trumpet of God shall sound out with a mighty blast. And the Lord will appear riding on the clouds with a heavenly host. And at his command the dead in Christ will rise from their graves. And we who are alive in Christ will join them to meet Christ in the air….And you sir or missy…will be left behind….To be continued

Setting the Bar High

5685826016_dca232e612_mThe book of Matthew chapter 5 and verse 48….Jesus is speaking…Be therefore perfect. Even as your Father which is in heaven is perfect. Everyone has some type of goals or ambitions in life. Even if at this point you haven’t quite identified them as of yet. We see here in Matthew that our Lord tells us to be perfect. Now in the Greek this actually means to be mature and well rounded. In Matthew chapter 10 verse 10.. Jesus tells the apostles that the workman is worthy of his wage. In many of the working trades such as carpentry,plumbing,electrical etcetera. When an individual comes into the craft they are referred to as a journeymen. For they are in fact beginning a journey which will end in them becoming a master themselves. Someone who will now be able to teach and raise up others in the same way. That is of course if they themselves complete the journey. Recently there was a show on T.V. called The Selection. There are very few things that I watch on T.V..But this caught my eye. Thirty individuals voluntarily put themselves through an eleven day special forces training. No awards. No trophy’s. And no prize money was given. This was the same training that Navy Seals, Army Rangers etc., go through. Or close to it. In the end only four of the thirty finished. That would be 13%.And two of them were on their last gasps of breath in the end. The training was brutal in the physical and in the psychological realms. And those who did finish save one were not who you may have thought would do so in the beginning. One by one they dropped out during various phases of the training. Their bars were not set high enough.

Christianity is very much the same way. This is why Jesus said that many are called but few are chosen. They enter their walk with Christ with a certain mindset about the faith. But when they day comes as it did with Peter. When the Lord told him to get out of the boat. They like Peter sink. The difference is Peter didn’t drown. He cried out for Jesus and kept going. Matthew chapter 13 verse 21.Jesus was expounding on the Parable of the Sower.Listen to what he says about this particular person. Spoken of as a seed that had been planted in the parable…..He has no root in himself…and he endures for a little while. But when tribulation and persecution arises because of the word of God. He becomes offended…In other words in the Greek…he quits! the Gospel of John chapter 15 verse 1..Jesus is speaking…I am the true vine. And my Father is the keeper of the vineyard. Every branch in me that does not bear fruit, my Father cuts off. And every branch that does bear fruit he prunes. That it may bring forth more fruit. The parable said the individual had no root in himself. This was the mistake. Self reliance has been the death of many a Christian. Jesus said that he is the vine. And we are to be attached to that vine and his roots at all times. It is not our roots or goals or ambitions that will bring us to our goal which is heaven. It is doing the will of the Father as Jesus himself demonstrated for us. Even to the giving of his own life in obedience. So set the bar high and stay rooted to the vine. And you can not fail in Christ….To be continued

Correcting Your Compass

5564747160_13547c0ea2_mRecently I purchased a Garmin hand held GPS unit. My sole purpose in doing so was to bring myself and my boat to an artificial reef that was made from sinking a barge quite a few years ago. Although I had a good chart…which also had printed on it the exact longitudinal and latitudinal coordinates. I had no way to zero in on them. As I was fumbling around with the device as I am prone to do. Trying to figure out how to operate it.I actually stumbled across one aspect that should have been done first.You see I had figured out how to enter the coordinates. But after having done so the directional arrow was pointing in the wrong direction. It was then that I ran across setting the compass for my location.God also has coordinates set in place for each one of us. He has both a plan and a course for us to follow.But without knowing the beginning or the end of our course we would be floundering about on the seas of life.

The good thing about this GPS unit as well as our Christain walk. Is that we have a history of people who have travelled these routes before . Those who have gone before us by land and by sea to follow.During one of my conversations with my brother Kevin. We were discussing what are known as waypoints. These are typically major bouys that are marked and charted on nautical maps.They were put there and marked by others through the years.So that someone could project a safe and secure route from point A to point B on a waterway. One can also mark their own path with the GPS while hiking or boating. So that after having traveled many miles or days. You can follow your trail of bread crumbs back to where you started.But as I stated earlier my compass was set wrong. And without it nothing else was right either. So I followed the directions which told me that after having pressed this certain button. I was to turn slowly clockwise while holding the unit level to the floor. A moment later the compass was set to exactly to where I was standing on the face of the earth.

When the Jews were delivered from the hands of Pharaoh.They began a journey to what was to be their promised land. Today having the distinct advantage of aerial mapping. We can look down on the area they were to travel. They spent forty years travelling a route that more than likely should have taken weeks or months. And do you know what else? God was with them the entire time. And they had no idea they were going in circles. Soon after they left Egypt by the miraculous hand of God moving on their behalf. They decided they didn’t need God as their compass any longer. And what about you dear reader? What coordinates are you heading for? If you are a Christian. And your destination is to be heaven. Then you had better start mapping out your course. And yes there will be waypoints along the way. If there weren’t…you would not be saved. For everyone who walks with Christ will be tested again and again. These tests will become markers in your life for advancement. With the plan being that someday …that you having traveled the route. Will now be able to direct and counsel others who are themselves just beginning their journey. Or you can be like the Israelites. And you can say I have no need of any God.

But we must begin with some fundamentals. Lets rename our GPS…GODS POSITIONING SYSTEM. The book of Romans chapter 14 verses 13 and 14.Let us live and conduct ourselves honorably,and becomingly.As being in the open light of day. Not in reveling and carousing and drunkenness.. not in immorality and debauchery, sensuality and licentiousness. Not with quarrelling and jealousy. But clothe your self with the Lord Jesus Christ. And make no place for yourself to indulge the flesh. Put a stop to thinking about the evil cravings of your physical nature. Which do nothing accept to satisfy its desires and lusts….The apostle says that we are to wear Jesus as a garment. We are to be wrapped in him. He is to be in direct contact with our being all day and every day. This is the foundation of our journey. The bible says that we are to put on the mind of Christ. Throwing away our old thought process. We are to be new creatures in Christ. And this process will be ongoing. Reading your bible,praying and seeking the Lords direction every day of your life. If you do this you will achieve all of the waypoints plotted out for you on your journey. And heaven will be your destinations end. If you do not. You will be as the Israelites were. Murmuring and complaining. Traveling in circles. Worshipping idols made with human hands. And in the end…you will find your way home also. But your home will be quite different than mine. Hell will be your destinations end.

And now for something you don’t know. About halfway through this blog. I stopped to go to mass at church. The priest during his message…which we call the homily in Catholicism. Was preaching about  hiking the Appalachian Trail in Bear Mountain. The long and short of it was that he got lost. And after having spent the night in the woods. He found his way to a highway the next morning. And do you know what he said? He would never hike again without a COMPASS…To be continued

How to be a Good Carnivore

9479730855_385f65d9a9_mWe begin our little chat in the book of First Corinthians chapter 3. But before I begin. A little ground work is necessary in order for you to comprehend what the Apostle Paul is up against. Paul had established a church of new believers in Corinth. Hence the name Corinthians is use for this epistle. After having done so he continued on his apostolic journey to other places with the hope of establishing more Christian communities as well. But now he has returned to see how everyone is doing, having been away for quite some time. And he is not a happy camper. And so we begin reading chapter 3 and verse 1. And I brethren could not speak to you as spiritual Christians. But I have to speak to you as still being carnal. Even like babies in Christ. I have fed you with milk and not meat before. And still now you are not able to eat meat. Paul was disappointed in what he found going on after such a long absence. He like any father would. Was expecting to see some growth in the new church and its congregants. But in stead he walks in on the same diaper soiling bunch of babies.

As you read this book it is more than evident the he was more than a  little bit peeved. He had no doubt prepared some more meaty teachings to help in the growth of these believers. But instead of teaching them something new. He has to go over the same infantile pabulum again. The Epistle of James chapter 1 verse 22. But rather be doers of the word and not only hearers. For in doing this you are deceiving your own selves. You’ve heard the saying…You have got to be kidding me? God is a God of action. He is not stagnant at any time. His creation is constantly evolving and active. And we are to be also. One of the reasons the Lord has brought me back to Catholicism is to instruct the babies. For never have I met such a grouping of more infantile Christians then those present in Catholicism. Now I am by no means tooting my own horn. But I do realize that God has given me a great deal. And guess what? He is expecting a return on his investment from me and from you.

The Gospel of Luke chapter 12 verse 48. This is Jesus speaking. For everyone to whom much is given. Of him shall much be required. And in a similar way. To him who men entrust much. They will require of him all the more. At some point in your walk you need to wake up my friend. Its not enough to go to church periodically and sit through the typical run of the mill easy come easy go messages. At some point the metal has to meet the stone to be honed. And the stone is by design able to where away some of the blade to make it sharper. James just said that we are to be doers of the word and not hearers only. You are required to evangelize. You are required to teach. You are required to be a light to the world. You are not to be a Christian bystander. There is no such office in Christianity named bystander. First of all. The so called Christians that I work with would not even be known to me as such had I not started a conversation with them about God.Their lips are sealed from speaking about Christ. They have bought into the lie of Satan not to speak of religion or politics. And even when I start a conversation with them. They are quick to change the subject or contribute nothing at all.

In this they are worse than babies for they have been taught something…albeit very little. And they are ashamed to even speak of Christs name. Jesus said that no man having put his hand to the plow …who looks back…is worthy of the kingdom of heaven.You do not begin your walk with Christ by sitting down on the first park bench that comes along. You beginning by crawling. Then you walk. Then you run. And then you fight. Yes my friend fight. The book of First Timothy chapter 6 verse 12. Fight the good fight of faith. And grab hold of eternal life. Whereby you have been called. And you have made a good profession of such before many witnesses. I want you to think of something for a moment. And this is critical to your own salvation. Timothy said to grab hold of eternal life. Envision if you will a drowning man. To who a life preserver has been thrown. Just how tightly do you think he or she will grasp that ring? Do you think you could pull it away from them?
Do you think for one moment that having grabbed it they are going to let it go? And just how many witnesses do you think could be brought forth to testify on your behalf. Of your being a good Christian? How many people in say the past five years.. have you struck up a conversation with about your own salvation or the need for their own?

It seems to me that you are in a bit of a pickle to say the least. You are the very babe to which Paul was addressing his remarks. You are in fact useless to yourself and the kingdom of God. And that needs to be addressed and now. I can promise you this. When you start to open your bible and read on a regular basis. And when you then start to follow the prompting of the Holy Spirit and begin to witness to those around you. You are going to get charged up. You are going to feel so good inside that you will wonder why you hadn’t done so sooner. God will begin to reward you in your inner man in ways that you cannot even begin to comprehend. Put down your rattle. Put down your pacifier and blanky. Get in the fight where you belong. Eat some meat you spiritual vegan. The Gospel of John chapter 9 verse 4. I must work while it is day. For the night is coming when no man can work….Get to work! Don’t be complacent sleeping like a spiritual bum on a park bench….To be continued

Staying in the Light

3259001264_33482e91cd_mWe begin in the book of First John… chapter 1 and verse 6. If we say that we have fellowship with Christ and walk in the darkness. We are liars and do not do the truth. But if we walk in the light as he is in the light. We have fellowship with one another. And the blood of Christ cleanses us from all sin. If we say that we have no sin we are deceiving ourselves. And the truth is not in us. Furthermore if we confess our sins he is faithful and just to forgive us our sins. And to cleanse us from all unrighteousness.

Have you ever taken a piece of glass and held it up to a lit lamp? Or even your eyeglasses after you thought you had cleaned them. The light exposes every imperfection in the glass itself. And every smudge or piece of dust on the glass is made evident. We as Christians are called to walk in the light of God. Which means that we are willingly exposing all of our faults and blemishes to God our Savior. Who by the way knows them all rather well anyway. And in so doing we are saying to God… please take me as I am and help me. Clean me up in ways that I am not capable of. Make of me something new and better then I can dream or hope for. I regularly clean my eyeglasses in the sink. I turn on hot water and drip a few drops of dish soap on the wet lenses. And then I scrub with my fingers as the water is running on the lenses until they squeak. And do you know what? Every time I do this there is still something left on them when I hold them up to the light.

The book of Ephesians chapter 5 starting in verse 8. For you were at one time darkness. But now you are light in the Lord. Therefore walk as children of light. And have nothing to do with the works of darkness…but rather reprove them. The scripture says that if anybody is in Christ…he or she has become a new creature. All things of their past life have been swept away. And all things have become new. As Christians we are to allow ourselves to be illumined by the light of Christ. We are so to speak spiritually naked in the eyes of the world and Jesus. Now I am sure that I am not telling you anything that you do not already know. Nevertheless…have you ever thought much about how many outrageous acts of sinfulness are committed under cover of darkness? The entire night club scene is set in darkness. Shadowy faces with drinks in hand. Uncomfortable souls writhing in the shadows of a dance floor. The first stage of the next abortion being committed in the back seat of a darkened parked car. Thieves committing burglaries and home invasions. And all other manner of sinful debauchery.

The Gospel of John chapter 3 verse 16.And so we begin with Jesus speaking…For God so loved the world that he gave us his only begotten Son. So that whoever believes in him will not perish but have everlasting life. For God did not send his Son into the world to condemn the world. But rather that the world through him might be saved. He who believes in him is not condemned. But he that does not believe is condemned already. Because he has not believed in the name of the Son of God. And this is the nature of the condemnation. That light has come into the world and men loved the darkness more because their deeds are evil. For everyone who does evil hates the light. Neither do they want to come to the light. That their deeds may be made known.

And so my friend it is you who choose what side of the equation you find yourself on. For the most part… whenever I am speaking in depth to someone about the things of God. It always comes down to allot of finger pointing and excuses. But if the individual would be honest about it…which most will not. The issue is this and nothing more. They are happy. Or so they think. Being a sinner. And they don’t want someone like me exposing thier wrong doing. And this is why they maintain a certain group of acquaintances. People who typically like to do the same things they do. Those who have the same preferred sinful alliances that they do. This is their demonic comfort zone.But so as not to point the finger at just them. What about you Mister Catholic. Who maintain all your Catholic friends who never speak of Jesus. And who shun those like me. Saying… that guys a little too much for me. Oh sure you say. My sins are nothing like those other people. I wear nice clothes and drive a beautiful car. I’m not drinking in some nightclub and doing lines of blow. Well let me deliver a little show stopper to your spiritual mailbox. Romans chapter 3 verse 23. For all have sinned and come short of the glory of God. All men and all women are under the same condemnation of sin. All people need to repent and all people need to confess Jesus as Lord. All need to come into Christ’s glorious light. And this was exactly why Jesus told those who brought the woman before him… who they said was caught in the act of adultery.That let him who is without sin among you throw the first stone at her. I am in the light because I love the light. And you lurk in the shadows of sin because your father is the devil….To be continued

Rotten to the Core

5678577503_ded33c313e_qYou will undoubtedly learn over time as you and I engage each other through the media of blogging. That I am not a huggy, kissy kind of guy. Although to know me personally. Which almost none do. You would know that there is a distinct side of me that is in fact drawn in that direction. However the Lord has directed me that my evangelistic calling is that of exposing what is at the heart of man. In other words. What is the root cause which separates us from  attaining in greater fullness what God has for us? And in other cases. What it is that keeps one from coming to Christ in the first place? There are far too many people in my opinion…who are spending way to much time preaching on love. Yes my friend Gods love for mankind is at the very core of the bible. And in the gospel of John  chapter 3 verse 16…loves essence is revealed. For God so loved the world. That he gave his only begotten Son. That whosoever believes in Him should not perish. But have eternal life. We also read in the scripture that greater love has no man than that he lay down his life for another.

Plainly from these two scriptures we can see that the ultimate expression of love is giving up ones own life for someone else to save theirs. But there is another side of this love. A corrective aspect. And for that we must look deeply into our own hearts and minds. We must expose the dark areas of our being and psyche. In order to uncover  what is keeping  us from attaining  a greater measure of love. In order that we may better serve God and man. The book of Romans chapter 7 verses 24 and 25. Oh the wretched man that I am. Who can deliver me from this body of death? I thank God through Jesus Christ our Lord. So then I realize that with my mind I serve the laws of God. But with my flesh I serve the law of sin. This statement was just made by the greatest apostle who ever lived. My buddy Paul. A free and open confession that the flesh nature and all that goes along with it is drawn to sin and iniquity. And if allowed…death. We are talking hell here. Not six feet of dirt.

The book of the prophet Jeremiah chapter 17 verse 9. The heart is deceitful above all things. And desperately wicked. Who can know it? Paul says that his flesh is killing him. And he is crying out for his own deliverance from the desire to commit sin that is raging in his members. And Jeremiah proclaims that the heart of man is inherently evil. And that in the desires of the heart of man can be found the very apex of deceit. Oh I know its not your heart. Of course not. Perish the very thought of it. God must have been addressing everyone else on planet earth. For you are the very essence of love, goodwill and charity. By the way if I may. How much is that monthly car payment on your ride? You know the one you just have to be seen in. And how much did you give to the poor last year? Ah yes my friend. How quickly and easily the process of exposure can begin if we allow it to occur.

But then we must act on making changes for the better. The book of First Corinthians chapter 11 verse 31. For if we would judge ourselves…we would not be judged. And then verse 32. But when we are judged. We are being corrected by the Lord. So that we will not be condemned with the world. The Lord is not unfair. In fact he is more than fair and equitable in all things pertaining to mankind. He is simply asking us as we would our own son or daughter to examine our own doings. And to consider the ramifications of our actions. Be they applied to our own lives or the lives of those around us. Which brings us full circle to the following. Do unto others and split. Oh so sorry…I meant to say do unto others as you would have done to yourself. But you already knew that. Didn’t you?……The blogging will continue until the moral improves

Are You Comfortable?

4211943756_93ebac758d_mI am sure as I move forward with my blog. That many of you are uncomfortable with my rhetoric.In particular my Catholic brothers and sisters. And that is fine. All that it means is that you are a little too complacent with your walk in Christ. When a local priest was asked why he doesn’t preach with more fervor on subjects such as sin and repentance. He replied…I cant do that…the people wont like it. Your comfort is temporal and your character is eternal. One of my favorite Pentecostal preachers is Joyce Meyer.Her shows are aired on the Daystar television network. This is some brass tacks in your face Christian preaching and teaching. Now as much as I love her. She would disagree with me being a Catholic I am sure. And the Catholic church would disagree with her being a Pentecostal and a woman preacher to boot. And therein step I. The equalizer. Feel free to hate me everyone and anyone. Now I quite frankly don’t care who you are or what church you attend. And my belief based on the word of God is that he doesn’t much care either. God is looking for hungry,sincere,humble individuals. People who have a desire to read his word and pray fervently. And after having done so are willing to take a licking and keep on ticking. What I find in talking to many Christians. Something you will never know because you are applying zero effort to evangelization. Is that they are very opinionated about church and everything else.

And their opinions are in vain because none of them have anything to do with Gods word. Now I know this to be true because I am a bible thumping Christian. Filled with the Spirit of God. Which is something you know nothing about either. But that wont stop you from being critical of me or others like me. There  are topics which need to be preached and teached about on a regular basis. In the kingdom of heaven repetition is a very good thing. In fact in revelation we read of angels by Gods throne who do nothing but proclaim Holy,Holy,Holy day and night 24/7.So for you Protestants out there who think saying the Our Father and the Hail Mary and the Glory Be is vain and repetitious. When I am praying and I feel the holy Ghost come upon me. And the tears are rolling down my cheeks. That’s not Satan numbskull. These prayers may be repetitious but they are certainly not vain.

I will ask you to consider the utter stupidity of your thought process regarding this as being vain and repetitious praying. As I present to you the definition of vain….Without real significance, value or importance; baseless or worthless Definition 2: excessively proud of or concerned about ones own appearance, qualities, achievements  etc. It sounds like the definition is you. Not the prayers. And what do you say we sample the Our Father and see how it measures up to your claims of being vain. OUR FATHER WHO ART IN HEAVEN..HALLOWED BE THY NAME THY KINGDOM COME THY WILL BE DONE ON EARTH AS IT IS IN HEAVEN GIVE US THIS DAY OUR DAILY BREAD AND FORGIVE US LORD AS WE FORGIVE THOSE WHO TRESSPASS AGAINST US AND LEAD US NOT INTO TEMPTATION BUT DELIVER US FROM EVIL..AMEN…And now lets sample the Catholic Glory be Prayer…GLORY BE TO THE FATHER AND TO THE SON AND TO THE HOLY SPIRIT AS IT WAS IN THE BEGINNING IS NOW AND EVER SHALL BE WORLD WITHOUT END AMEN…Now I ask you my astute critic. At what point do either of these prayers become vain? And while we are at it. Considering that angels proclaim Holy Holy  Holy day and night before Gods throne. At what point do you judge that we have said them to much for our own good or the praise of God? Feel free to message me when you come up with an honest answer. Gods word is living. It is active. It is and has been moving since the day it came into print for the first time. And it will continue to do so until Christ’s return and then some. If Gods word is not alive and real and working in your life. Then you are nothing more and nothing less then a dead man or woman walking. You are useless to the Kingdom of Heaven and are a critic to those who are doing something bout it.

Now I know that you are out there reading this. You cant stand someone  exposing your complacency in God. You don’t want to speak of him because it will cause embarrassment amongst your friends and peers. It s much easier to attend your little mass or service on Sunday and go back home to your own comfortable world on Monday. The fact is for those of us who read and know. That Gods word is like sandpaper. And it comes in different grits as well.60,80,120,180 etc. Each grit is designed to remove a certain amount of sin and pride from your life. And if you allow that process to occur via the Holy Spirit. You will eventually get to the place where the 22o and the polishing grades are then applied to buff out your finish. But you will never know anything about that process until you put your pride on a shelf. Humble yourself before God in prayer. And tell him that you are sorry. Its time to get to work. I know that you are able…but…are you willing? To be continued

The Yoke is on You!

2875262731_1656e4af85_mAs I begin. Let me start by saying the following. If the wrong yoke is on you at present. Then in fact the joke is on you. And its not funny. In fact this jokes punch line has both dire and deadly consequences. In case you are unfamiliar with what a yoke actually is. What we are talking about is a large wooden object. Which has been carved or cut out of wood. And its shape lends itself to being placed over the neck and shoulder area of  large beasts such as  oxen. It is by design used to keep two beasts of burden joined or yoked together for the purpose of performing a task. Generally plowing or pulling a wagon or cart.

Now a farmers yoke is very heavy if you or I were to attempt to lift it alone. But for  a large animal and especially a pair of large animals…they bare the weight evenly… and for them it is no great shake. Any farmer worth his salt will tell you that as the selection process begins for what beast will be yoked to whatever other beast. He is looking for two animals that are preferably the same size and temperament. This will hopefully insure them working together relatively well. So why all of this talk about yokes and oxen Mr. Pundit? Well its funny that you should ask. Because the bible has a considerable amount to say about yokes of a variety of types. And the ways in which they can and do affect us in our lives as Christians or not.

Within the context of this blog I will be exposing two very different types of yokes. This first is a gift from God that we receive by choice. And the second is a gift from your father the devil that you have chosen by choice. That is to say of course if you are not serving Christ. And  may I say without any hint of hesitation dear reader. You will and are serving something or someone whether  you like my saying so or not. And if you are whole heartedly following Jesus Christ you are a servant of God . If you are half stepping or following any other entity or religion or philosophy…you are whole heartedly serving Satan. Just like the branding that occurs on a cattle ranch that says these cattle are the Big A ranches. You have a big spiritual pentagram slapped above your brow that says I have denied Christ and belong to Satan. It may be tough to swallow but its better that you know upfront while there is still opportunity to change.

So, lets move along and look into the yokes of the bible. Matthew 11 verses 29 and 30…This is Jesus speaking….Come to me all of you who labor and are heavily laden…and I will give you rest. Take my yoke upon you and learn from me. For I am meek and lowly of heart. And you shall find rest for your souls. For my yoke is easy and my burden is light. Now there are many things that I profess willingly no knowledge about whatsoever. But you would have to be the south bound end of a northbound horse…if you cant see that this is nothing like the yoke on a pair of oxen. He just said his yoke is easy and the burden is light. What happened to the cart and plow? This doesn’t sound like work to me. And not only that he speaks of giving us rest. Doesn’t  he know that I haven’t done anything yet?

Well of course he does dummy. The yoke he is speaking about is teaming up with him. Sure there is going to be work. But it will be fair and equitable. It will be without fear of harm. There will be joy and peace. And at night you will lay your head down with a clear mind and conscience on your pillow. Knowing that you are a servant of the most high God and that your reward will be great. You may have noticed in my bio. that I used the term sojourner. Which is the long form for the word sojourn. This simply means a temporary stay or place. This world is not my home. I am just passing through. Gods yoke, Gods burden, Gods work is nothing next to that which you have been through already or will go through. And the reward for you and I in the end will be insane. Let me drop a spiritual bomb on you from the book of John chapter 14 and verses 2 and 3…And by the way pull your pants up you jerk. Your butt and shorts are hanging out…This is Jesus speaking to his disciples….In my Fathers house there are many mansions. If it was not so I would have told you that. I am going to prepare a place for you. And if I go to prepare a place for you, I will come back again and receive you to myself. So that where I am you may be also. Now listen up Einstein! If you believe that God created the heavens and the earth in six days and rested on the seventh. Which I do. Just what kind of place do you think is in store for us Christians that has been two thousand years in the making?

Has it ever dawned on you, all of the testimonies alone from those who have died and see Jesus? Nobodyyyyyyy! Sees a stinking Buddha. Nobody sees Jehovah. Nobody sees Krishna. They all see Jesus or they were in hell. Why I even heard testimony from a man who died in a hotel room in France. He was being dragged into a pitch black abyss. With what he said were creatures whispering and talking to him. Creatures who then started biting him and tearing at his flesh. And as he was screaming he remembered the name Jesus and started crying out. And a large white glowing hand reached into the darkness and pulled him out. Talk about the mercy of God. Even at that seemingly far gone state he was saved from doom.

I know of a young woman who is dating a non-Christian man and she was raised Catholic Christian. Now it doesn’t matter to me who you are. But I will tell you that I am secure with who I am. Now this couple is setting themselves up for the fall. Either one or the other will prevail in one way shape or form. And neither will make heaven their home for they’re beginning aside from everything else is founded in fornication. Which is sex out of wedlock. To strong for you? Well that’s too bad because it gets even better.

Second Corinthians 6 verse 14 says this…And do not be unequally yoked together with non believers. For what fellowship does righteousness have with in righteousness? And what communion does light have with darkness? And what relationship does Christ have with the devil? Or what part does he that believes have with an infidel? And what agreement does the temple of God have with idols? For you are the temple of the living God. As God has said I will dwell with them and walk with them and they shall be my people and I will be their God. therefore come out from among them says the Lord. And be separate. And do not touch unclean things. And I will receive you. And I will be a Father to you. And you shall be my sons and daughters says the Lord God Almighty. If you are in business with the unsaved or if you are dating the unsaved. No matter what you do with them you will have to give the devil his due. He owns you and your thieving,conniving sales business. He owns your hooker looking girlfriend and your stud muffin boy toy. So enjoy it while you can braniac, because things are certainly warming up for your future…Repent or else….To be continued


Spiritual Bigotry

8200217561_cd43daab27_q-1One of the things I remember most in my long walk with Christ is the Billy Grahm television crusades. I was not close to the Lord back then… but looking back he was close to me. He was already drawing me into the fold of his flock…even though I was yet unaware.Now as a mature Christain I can look back on many aspects of my life and recollect more fully on the hand of God at work on my behalf.Reverend Grahm would end his sermons by having a call to salvation. And as the crowds came forward to give their lives to Christ. The cameras would pan back to Billy. And he would end by telling all who were listening to go to church on Sunday. But he didn’t tell them what church to go to. This is a man of God who had confidence in a God that would surely direct his people where to go. I believe that Billy was an Episcopal…but I may be wrong.

And that has no bearing on where I am going. The fact is that there is a tremendous amount of bigotry in the church. So what is a bigot? By definition it is a person who is intolerant of those holding different positions. For the sake of this blog.. I am discussing Christian spiritual bigots. For the world is full of those who would say we as Christian’s are bigots. And they would be right…but for the wrong reasons. We are to defend our faith. For there is only one empty tomb. And there is only one Son of God sent to die on a cross for the forgiveness of the sins of mankind. Of this there is no compromise and no toleration within ourselves for opinions to the contrary. If those around you do not believe this then move on. For it was the Lord himself and not me…who said don’t cast your pearls before swine. Is he calling nonbelievers swine? Well you can read that and determine it for yourself.

What I am talking about is toleration within the Body of Christ not the world at large. I have stated in previous blogs that the Lord called me to come back to the Catholic church. Which is at the forefront as I all to well know of the grossest forms of bigotry imaginable. As ridiculous as I know this is in my heart…which is why I obeyed the call to return. I have lived many years on the other side of the Catholic fence. Embedded within the ranks of Protestantism. I cleaned the church…walked the streets handing out tracts and evangelizing. I put together radio broadcasts for many years that were aired on Long Island. And when it was time I left. And do you know what? Nobody of all the people I had known through the many years so much as called me on the phone. And do you know why?  Because I had left the fraternity. I was still a member of the body of Christ. but not in a form or fashion that was acceptable by them.

Lets clear the air for a moment. And yes I do speak the oracles of God for I am his servant. Called to be an evangelist of the gospel of Jesus Christ. I am a Catholic and yet I am a devotee of Joyce Meyer, Joel Osteen and many others through the years that you would know. I understand that they and I are but a few molecules or cells if you will in the body of Christ. I am not asking you or them to be a Catholic. I appreciate who they are and what they do…and yes they are most definitely heirs to salvation along with myself. The Catholic church…like it or not has been at the forefront of the church for longer than any other faction. They began what it now called public welfare. They were there  at the beginning of what we now call hospital care. They were there at the very foundation of what we now know as university education. And they are still there today. The Catholic church is the number one charitable giving institution on the planet. And has been so for many, many years. It was Catholics who were fed to the lions in Rome. It was Catholics who were hiding in the catacombs having mass in secret.

When the reformation occurred. There were many reasons for the split. Many of which I personally respect and think were well founded. For there were many wolves present then as there are now within the church. There were also many wrongs being perpetrated by some evil entities running the show back then. And they were the predominant cause for the rift. But to not see Satan at the very core of this absolutely dumbfounds me as a Christian. From that one rift came some twenty or thirty thousand denominations. All acting on there own accord and predominantly without any oversight or supervision. We have the First Baptist, the Second Baptist, the only Baptist. We have the Church of God, the Church of God in Christ. The Assembly of God. I could go on and on. All of these are free to do and say whatever they want and whenever they want to. For the most part the congregants don’t know where and how the money is spent. And they are rife with those who think nothing of denigrating another church that doesn’t hang their banner over their front door.

In other words we are right and all others are wrong. A huge amount of these are being run by former Catholics and their congregation’s are filled with the same. God sent me to preach to the Catholics as I have opportunity. They have been lacking solid bible based teaching and connect the dots biblical reading for a long time. Most Catholics that I know could not quote John 3:16. And that’s not entirely their fault. My observation is that the Catholic church is turning a corner in this regard. But its going to be a long haul. Religion stagnates people. Christianity liberates people. The bible says that he whom the Son makes free is free indeed. It doesn’t say that he who the Son makes free remains in prison. And so my friends I will leave you with this. The next time someone starts shooting you down  when they hear what church you attend. And you know in your spirt that they think you were the biggest fool ever born because of your decision. Step away and get on with doing the will of God in your own life. And remember what Billy Graham said…Go to church on Sunday. God Bless You….to be continued

A Healthy Life


7831235404_58ccbf6c1b_mA few days a month I go to the local pharmacy to pick up some scripts. As well as my periodic trips to the supermarket . At both locations as I wait in line, the magazine racks are strewn with what they are purveying as healthy living publications. The cover shots are generally of some misguided soul wearing so little that she might as well be nude. The faces of the individuals are either posed in a big broad toothy grin or what I would call a sinister seductive smile. In either case the magazine editors and their photographers are trying to lure you into the pages of the publication. The cover shots are in their eyes promoting healthy living. And they are pushing on you and me that to be healthy is to appear as the models do who work for them.


In other words to be seen as a seductive slut be they man or woman….showing as much flesh as they can get away with under the current laws. And attaining near zero body fat by living on a rabbit food and miniscule portions….will make everything all right for you and I. Nothing could be further from the truth in the eyes of God and in accordance with his word. I will begin with part of the definition of the word prosperity. Or what it is to prosper…To be in a state of wellbeing and comfortable. Now let’s take a look at what Gods word says about the unsaved person’s view of prosperity and health aside from Him. And Gods viewpoint on man’s ways that are not founded on His principles. Are you ready? OH And by the way. If you start to feel a little nauseous it’s not a virus. The book of Proverbs chapter 1 and verse 32.


The prosperity of fools will destroy them. Well that’s fairly blunt…And in James chapter 1 beginning in verse 13…Lets see what the temptation of the world can help us out with.. .Including such things as it promotes as being good and healthy. Let no man say when he is tempted…I am tempted by God. For God cannot be tempted with evil. And neither does he tempt any man. But every man and woman is tempted when they are drawn away by their own lust and enticed. Then when lust has conceived it brings forth sin. And sin when it is finished brings about death….the death spoken about here is spiritual. To be cast into hell and separated from Christ forever…


When we see these publications on the rack. The next step of the enticement process begins with the extending of the arm to grab them. Temptation my friend is a process. It is an evolution if you will of your will. At any time you could say no or yes. Notice if you will what James said under the guidance of the Holy Spirit. He said when lust has conceived it brings forth sin. It is in fact a spiritual version of conception. An act of giving birth which we generally associate with a child. But there is more to the word conceive than meets the eye…To form or devise an idea in the mind. Ah yes my friend…the mind…and the heart of man. Proverbs chapter 14 and verse 12…There is a way which seems right to a man…and the way appears straight before him. But at the end of it is the way of death. And now for the heart of the matter. The book of the prophet Jeremiah chapter 17 and verse 9…The heart is deceitful above all things. And desperately wicked. Who can know it?


Deception and death is what God warns us about when we allow ourselves to be enticed by our mind and our heart. Now let’s get back to Gods view of our health and prosperity. We will begin in the third epistle of John verse 2. In case you’re wondering…there is only one chapter…..Beloved I wish above all things that you may prosper and be in health. Even as your soul prospers…..Well looksee here. Health and prosperity has nothing to do with 10,000 sit ups and wearing a thong in Cancun. It says nothing about wearing red lipstick and a one piece with a gold zipper running up the front exposing your breasts! James says that as your soul prospers that health will follow. But you don’t know that. And do you know why? Because you don’t read your bible and pray. You and your father Satan have another set of rules and regulations that you adhere to. There is nothing wrong with exercise and eating well. But the fact is that so many westerners are so far down the path of lust and perversion that Satan has unleashed in the past 50 years. That they can no longer see the proverbial forest through the trees. It is also more than obvious to me and others as well, that you in your present sinful existence,  relish people watching you prancing about in your yoga pants like some 2 bit hooker. And you mister wannabe playboy. All you want is to unveil your so called six pack as you jump headlong into hell with your girl toy out of wedlock into a bed of perversion. You will die in your sin as will millions of others like you. And you will meet your doom in the lake of fire with your father Satan and his minions. While I and my brothers  and sisters in Christ will finally be free from the torment that is your existence. You and you alone have made a decision of the heart to walk down this path of destruction. But it is not now nor will it ever be Gods path. Turn away I say to you before its too late. Don’t buy into the lies and seduction of this world. Choose to live a life of godliness and contentment in Christ.


Proverbs chapter 3….My son…Do not forget my law or teaching, but let your heart keep my commandments. For length of days and years of a life worth living…and tranquility both inward and outward…continuing through old age until death…These will they add to you. Let not mercy and kindness and truth forsake you. Bind them around your neck and write them on the tablet of your heart. So shall you find favor, good understanding, and high esteem in the sight of God and man. Lean on, trust in and be confident in the Lord with all of your heart and mind. And do not rely on your own insight and understanding. In all your ways know and acknowledge Him. And he will direct and make straight your paths. Be not wise in your own eyes but reverently fear and worship the Lord. And turn away from evil. It shall be health  to your nerves and sinews. And moistening to your bones….To be continued…….