SONY DSCAs we blog along together. You will notice over time. That there are certain topical discussions which will occur over and over again. When I was a young Christian I considered this very process like fingernails dragging across a blackboard. I would literally writhe in my seat as the preacher hit on the same old topic again. Thinking within myself. How many more times do I need to hear this boring  material. Well my friend. As many times as it takes until you no longer consider it boring. And until you and I finally realize that the foundational teachings of the church are what is supporting our spiritual house until the day we die.

We are living in what is beyond the shadow of doubt. The most prideful, self aggrandizing,braggadocio’s, egocentric,society in the history of man. And its called the United States of America. Your average American worships self, money,ego, looks, celebrity. As well as a host of other things which I could list. But I will not. Suffice to say everything except their creator. And this mindset on the part of most humans. Is the essence of pride. And this in and of itself puts the individual in perfect harmony with their father Satan. For it was Satan. Who before his fall. Thought first within himself. That I can rise above God. And now for a moment of exposure. Oh and not the way you like it you perverted slob. I am speaking of exposure of our adversary. Or should I say my adversary. Who happens to be your chum Satan.Your average angel has an intellect which would dwarf that of the wisest person on earth.

Satan…who was Gods greatest created being before his fall. Has the intellect of a million super computers joined together. And he has charge currently over this planet and over you. I am a big fan of Sherlock Holmes. The old school version. And any of you who know of whom it is that I speak. Knows that Sherlock’s arch nemesis was Professor Moriarty.Who was a cunning murderous swine. Whose intellect closely matched that of Holmes. But in the end always fell short of the master sleuths abilities. I am not saying that Satan even comes close to God. What I am saying is that for you or I to underestimate who it is that we are up against every single day. Is a most grievous offense against ones self. He is the absolute epitome of cunning and treachery. He will stop at nothing to destroy you. And his tool box is filled with the demonic and the diabolical. Everything and anything is at his disposal to use against you. And his number one tool is self pride. Now the antiphase’s of pride is humility. Or that of an individual being humble.

Which is quite frankly almost as speaking a curse word in todays society. Proverbs chapter 16 verses 18 and 19. Pride comes before total destruction. And a haughty spirit before a fall. Better it is to be of a humble spirit with the meek and the poor. Than to divide the spoils with the rich . I am also a fan of formula one racing. One of the recent world champions… apparently allowed some pictures of himself…But of course…who else would the pictures be of ? To get on the internet.They were of himself in the shower at various angles. This is a man by the way. And adult human being doing this. Now call me funny. But in all my days I could never depict my father,grandfather,uncle or myself. Standing nude in a shower. And holding a camera at various angles to photograph ones self. And then to post them for all to see. And the very idea of mankind being so obsessed with the idea of taking a selfie. That devices are now made to help you do so. If you cant see what I am driving at here. Which is the obsessive,compulsive,perverted behavior of the world. Than you may be in fact to far gone down the rabbit hole yourself.

As we just read in the Book of Proverbs. Gods word always,always,always.Goes against the grain and direction of mankind. God just told us that PRIDE PRECEDES DESTRUCTION. Did you get that? And that you and I are better off hanging with the poor and the humble. If I told you that I was having a party on Friday. And that I was inviting all the poor people in my neighborhood. And all the people at work who don’t like to talk so much. Would you come? Of course you wouldn’t. Because you are such a prideful, wretched, God forsaken slime ball. That you wouldn’t even consider the possibility of doing anything of the sort. Now if I was to say the  richest, most beautiful, most educated people on Long Island would be in attendance. Including some athletes and celebs. Who were all going to be there. The line would be a mile long at 5000 dollars a ticket. Its true. So admit it and shame the devil you filthy self serving pig.

I will close with this. Beginning in the gospel of Matthew starting in verse 2.This is Jesus giving a little lesson. I think its directed at you actually…The kingdom of heaven is like a certain king who was preparing a wedding for his son. And he sent out his servants to call those who were invited to come. But they would not. And he sent out still other servants. Saying to them. Tell those who were invited that everything is prepared. All the food and fixings are in place. Come to the wedding feast. But they made fun of it all. And each went his own way. One to his farm. And another to his merchandise. And those who were left treated his servants badly and killed them. But when the king heard of this he was very angry. And he sent out his army to kill them. Then he said. The wedding is ready. But those who were invited were not worthy of coming.

Go out therefore into the highways and invite anyone who will come to the marriage. So they went out into the highways and invited all both bad and good. And the wedding feast was filled with guests. And when the king came into the feast. He saw a  man standing there who did not have on a wedding garment. And he said to the man. Friend…how is it that you are hear at this wedding without  a wedding garment on? And the man stood speechless. Then the king ordered his servant to bind him hand and foot and take him away. And cast him into outer darkness.Where there will be much weeping and grinding of teeth. For many have been called. But few will be chosen….I hope you own the correct wedding apparel. And its not your black tux macho man. Or your skin tight low cut evening gown chickster…..To be continued


3532687082_9d5a85c987_mAs I begin this blog. I will do so by saying the following. Within the context of Christianity. There are certain base points of the faith which are infallible. As Jesus said that he is the same today, yesterday and forever. So are these base points of which I speak. One of the points of faith is that we will know a tree by its fruit. Simple enough. A peach tree does not grow pears etcetera. And in this same light. A Christian is not a filthy vulgar pig. Laughing and participating willingly in vulgar conversations and so called humor. Each time I go to the store as was the case today. To buy a card for someone or some occasion. Which today just happened to be a young boys birthday . I was passing by a  Rite Aid store and went in to look for a suitable card.

But  before I continue. Just a little retrospective view on my part. In years past when looking for a religious card. There were always some. And they were generally marked with a little cross on a card which protruded above the card case. Which aided you in locating it on the rack. Now since there are in reality so few Christians in number. As compared to the unsaved. The percentage of cards available was more than likely along the lines of 1% of the total cards on display. On my last trip card shopping it was a Stop and Shop. And I believe they had 1 or 2 available in the religious category. Today for little Eddies card in Rite Aid there were none. Now as far as the so called humorous birthday cards. And all of the others. There were hundreds of cards available.

These cards as I perused a number of them. Contained lewd comments of every sort. Vulgar and semi nude depictions. And every sort of debauchery imaginable. And these are the cards being given to almost everyone in celebration of their particular day. When I was young there were clown faces and happy little dogs and cats for the children. Beautiful rainbow, landscape and floral designs for the women’s cards. And cars, boats and hunting scenes for the men. As I pondered this. My mind was drawn also to bumper stickers. When I was young the most popular sticker scene on a car was South of the Border. Which many people picked up driving to Florida. Now there are curse words. Nude depictions of women. And even homosexual scenes. In the sixties you would have been ticketed and or arrested for such things. And forced to remove them from your vehicle.

But now you can pull up behind a truck or car. With your son or daughter or wife in the car. And you are being confronted with such garbage at will. At work the most vulgar and perverted conversations are spewed out without restraint. Nobody seems to care or desire to do anything about it. In fact most participate in it quite willingly. And that without remorse. And when they see that you are not laughing along with them. You either receive some type of grimace from them. Or a comment like why are you so serious? I am reminded always of what the scripture says….Consider from how a great a height you have fallen. And repent!….My Christian friends. We must guard our faith always as a precious gemstone. We are definitely on the outside looking in as we move forward towards Christ’s soon return. Although I am praying for the lost daily. I cannot dwell on them continually. I realize that wide is the way which leads to destruction. And unfortunately there are untold millions entering that gate on a daily basis….Which gate will you go through?…To be continued



32542427553_40525d9702_mWe begin in the book of Colossians chapter 3 and verse 5. So kill or deaden the evil desires which are lurking in your members. Those animal impulses and all that is earthly in you that is employed in sin. Sexual vices, impurity, sensual appetites, unholy desires,and all greed and covetousness, for that is idolatry. For it is on account of these very sins that the holy anger of God is always coming upon the sons of disobedience. Those who are obstinately opposed to the divine will of God.

With whom you yourselves once walked. When you were living in and addicted to such practices yourself. But now you must put away and rid yourselves of such things. Anger, rage and bad feelings toward others. Curses and slander, and foul mouthed abuse. And rid shameful utterances from your lips.Wowee Kazowee Batman…Now that is a mouthful!

I don’t believe for one moment in my heart. That anyone reading this blog with me. Can honestly say within themselves that they had no part in anything that was just mentioned by the apostle. This is why the scripture says that all have sinned and fall way short of the glory of God. And this is exactly why when you become born again. Which is to say a new creature in Christ. People are not going to like you so much anymore. Because the closer your walk becomes with Jesus. The less likely you are to be found participating in the things and ways of the world. Godly living repels ungodly living. And man doesn’t like being shown his or her sins. Misery loves company and so does sin. Forgive me for using this analogy. But sin is like an orgasm. For many it brings a momentary ecstasy. And then one is left wondering….Now what? God is telling us to flee from the fleshly desires. He tells us to put on the new man which is hidden in him.

A spiritual man that is longing for God. A man that is given to prayer and thanksgiving. A man that wants to deny itself in the hopes of giving to someone else in need.This life in Christ is one of the toughest things that you will ever do. It will require everything you have. And everything that God has to support your efforts. You will fall and you will get up again. And God will never leave you or forsake you during the process. The time to turn it around is now…..To be continued

Dancing on Broken Legs

7625632634_dc950e6ae0_mWhat is this all about is what many of you are asking? Well I will tell you. The Lord is not so much wondering if you think your able to be used by him. He is more interested your willingness to be involved in advancing the kingdom of heaven in these last days. For many of you we already know. That God chooses the weak things of this world to combat those things which are strong. And he uses the humble to combat the brazen. Hence the title of dancing on broken legs. Many have two good legs and are unwilling to dance with their spouse. While the cripple or the maimed gets up and does their best.

The command to the apostles was to go into the world and preach the gospel. The Lord said nothing about remaining seated. You and I have been given a great gift. God has made an investment in us. And he is expecting a return on his investment. And his return will come in the form of your action regarding evangelization. We are not all called to be on a national platform. The vast majority of salvations come from one on one encounters between neighbors and or coworkers and the like. I will issue you a warning regarding this. I am guarded about who I allow to remain in my sphere of aquaintances.There is a time to witness and a time to as we say in fishing…cut bait and run. Realizing that there is a storm looming on the horizon.

My spiritual policy is this. I will allow certain relationships to remain. So long as I feel via the Holy Spirit that my own salvation is not in danger. I say this in regards to those I believe God has put in my path to share the gospel with as I am able to do so. This evangelization does not have to be reading a chapter of the book of Acts to a person and telling them to repent or die. It can be a sharing of Christ and or his teachings in so called dribs and drabs during conversations about almost anything. Just as the unsaved drop a variety of innuendos into their conversations. Which are typically of the vulgar sort. We too can insert our own innuendos which are leading to the cross of Christ. This is what Jesus was talking about when he said to be as wise as a serpent and as meek as a lamb.

Having said that. When I feel that there is no further reception by the individual to what I am saying. Or if I feel that this individual is becoming a threat to my own holiness over time. The sharing must end. Matthew chapter 7 verse 6. Do not give that which is holy to the dogs. Neither should you cast your pearls before pigs. This language from the Lord is very stern and revealing. Understand this please my friends.You are of great value to the Lord. And the message which is contained in this our earthen vessel is of great value. When Jesus told the apostles to go and preach. He said this to them. Matthew chapter 10 verse 14…And whoever does not receive you. And doesn’t listen to your words. When you leave that house or city. Shake to very dust off of your feet as a testimony against them.

Once again we are told to make a determination. A judgment call regarding the individual we are speaking to. This doesn’t mean that this person may not come to salvation at some point. But we are not to waste any more precious time with them. Your time is far better spent seeking out someone else who is willing to hear what you have to say. Or at the very least not rejecting you openly.And by the way. As some of you know from my previous blogs. When some devil says to you don’t judge me. And the voice of Satan tells you that you are a bad Christian. Know this my friend. That response from that individual. Came exactly from you hitting a sinful nerve in that person. You are more than likely in a perfect place with God in your preaching. I have many people that I come in contact with in my life. To the ones who are perpetually vulgar. I do not and will not engage them in regular conversations

I will not allow myself to be stained by their garbage. I have some people with whom I work. Of whom I feel as though I need a shower after they leave my presence. There are others who claim some form of Christianity. Who are a stain on the church. They are brazen and boisterous. Prodding into everyone and anyone’s business. They cannot and will not control their tongue. Prescription drug abusers, drunkards and busy bodies. And in my spirt I cringe when they come near. If you are a prayerful and scripture filled individual. And people make you cringe when they are around. Do not think for a moment because they claim to be Catholic or any other form of Christianity. That there is something wrong with you. This is a warning sign from the Holy Spirit that they are not of God. Oil does not mix well with water. And the darkness which they possess will not be tolerated by the light of God within you. Remember this. You and I are not called to be everyone’s friend. James chapter 4 verse 4…Do you not know? That to be friends with the world is to be the enemy of God. Whoever therefore is the friend of this world is the enemy of God. It all comes back to good old Joshua. Choose you this day who it is that you will serve….To be continued


Its a Disease..Isn’t It?

3181374471_26fb468b5b_mSome time ago I was having what seems to be a reoccurring conversation with an individual. I use the term reoccurring because the topic  comes up rather frequently. The woman told me that her daughter was suffering from alcoholism.To which I said that it was a form of demonic oppression. She immediately flipped her wig stating it was a disease. As though I was accusing her daughter of being a demon or something of the sort. So what do you say we sort through the spiritual rubble? And see what is really going on here with her daughter and many others. Be it alcohol,drugs,pornography or any other form of sinful possession. The old testament book of Hosea chapter 4 verse 6. My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge. Because you have rejected knowledge.  Unfortunately this is where it all begins for most people. It is nothing more and nothing less than ignorance of the word of God and his plan of protection and  deliverance for your life. Most Catholics for starters do not ever read their bibles.They rely totally on little snippets of scripture given during the mass. And typically there is zero passion behind the person speaking them. And generally there are no teachings being given in their entirety on any particular subject. Because they are out to please people by getting you in and out quickly. So you have time to put your thong on and fill your cooler with beer. And get to the beach to meet your boyfriend.

Personally I have learned the value of prayer and good solid preaching and teaching. I can think of no better way to spend a couple of hours of my life. The lack of knowledge of which Hosea the prophet speaks. Is nothing more than ignorance of what God has available for you. And if you think you are going to go it alone in life. The results can be catastrophic. The second part of the dilemma is reliance on the medical community to dictate to you what your problem is aside from Gods holy word. Since most of the world doesn’t know or care about what God says. They have no other recourse than to label everything and anything according to the medical model. A model which in fact has become their god. Lets take a look at what Jesus said in the Gospel of John chapter 8 and verse 36. If the Son therefore sets you free. You will be free indeed. So what is it exactly that you and I need to be freed from? Jesus through faith in Him. Sets us free from the oppression of the devil. Prior to salvation in Christ the devil has free reign to attack you at will. And attack you he will.He is a ruthless and cunning adversary. Who will stop at nothing to kill you and your family. In the book of Romans chapter 8. The apostle Paul says some very interesting things…Lets read it together. For the law of the Spirit of life…which is in Christ Jesus. Which has become the law of our new being. Has freed us from the law of sin and death.

There are two wonderful little nugget’s here. Firstly is Paul’s expression of a new being. Now any of you who have read my blogs are aware that he is talking about being born again in Christ. Let me refresh your memory with the following scripture. If any person be in Christ. He or she is a new creature. All things have passed away and all things have become new. We were also as Paul states. Prior to salvation.Under the law of sin and death. And without going into a 1000 word dissertation on the Mosaic law. Suffice to say that the breaking of laws. Even in the society we live in. Have repercussions to us as individuals. Now I used to drink a fair amount of alcohol. I have in my refrigerator beer that I have bought for visitors. I cannot put my finger on the last time I drank a beer. And when I did I think it was half a bottle. I have no desire to do so. And do you know why? I have been set free from excessive drinking. And I have  zero desire. I am not tempted in any way to drink what is in my fridge. Neither will I then go out and buy a case to chug down.

Now for all of you holy rollers out there who think I am mad. Beer is in and of itself is not bad. In fact on a hot day an ice cold brew is quite refreshing. And beer has been a staple throughout history for man, woman and child. For hundreds and hundreds of years. So for all of you American drunkards. Who haven’t fully given yourselves over to Christ. Be you church goers or not. You need to fully put that desire at the base of Christ’s cross. Giving and committing your lives totally to Jesus. And you will not have a problem with beer,drugs,money,women,men. Or anything else that currently has you in spiritual bondage. What you need is to read your bible. And to start to learn what God has to say about you. Until you are willing to do that.You will continue to be Satan’s whipping boy or girl. And you can hang on to your disease for as long as you wish to do so….To be continued