Dancing on Broken Legs

7625632634_dc950e6ae0_mWhat is this all about is what many of you are asking? Well I will tell you. The Lord is not so much wondering if you think your able to be used by him. He is more interested your willingness to be involved in advancing the kingdom of heaven in these last days. For many of you we already know. That God chooses the weak things of this world to combat those things which are strong. And he uses the humble to combat the brazen. Hence the title of dancing on broken legs. Many have two good legs and are unwilling to dance with their spouse. While the cripple or the maimed gets up and does their best.

The command to the apostles was to go into the world and preach the gospel. The Lord said nothing about remaining seated. You and I have been given a great gift. God has made an investment in us. And he is expecting a return on his investment. And his return will come in the form of your action regarding evangelization. We are not all called to be on a national platform. The vast majority of salvations come from one on one encounters between neighbors and or coworkers and the like. I will issue you a warning regarding this. I am guarded about who I allow to remain in my sphere of aquaintances.There is a time to witness and a time to as we say in fishing…cut bait and run. Realizing that there is a storm looming on the horizon.

My spiritual policy is this. I will allow certain relationships to remain. So long as I feel via the Holy Spirit that my own salvation is not in danger. I say this in regards to those I believe God has put in my path to share the gospel with as I am able to do so. This evangelization does not have to be reading a chapter of the book of Acts to a person and telling them to repent or die. It can be a sharing of Christ and or his teachings in so called dribs and drabs during conversations about almost anything. Just as the unsaved drop a variety of innuendos into their conversations. Which are typically of the vulgar sort. We too can insert our own innuendos which are leading to the cross of Christ. This is what Jesus was talking about when he said to be as wise as a serpent and as meek as a lamb.

Having said that. When I feel that there is no further reception by the individual to what I am saying. Or if I feel that this individual is becoming a threat to my own holiness over time. The sharing must end. Matthew chapter 7 verse 6. Do not give that which is holy to the dogs. Neither should you cast your pearls before pigs. This language from the Lord is very stern and revealing. Understand this please my friends.You are of great value to the Lord. And the message which is contained in this our earthen vessel is of great value. When Jesus told the apostles to go and preach. He said this to them. Matthew chapter 10 verse 14…And whoever does not receive you. And doesn’t listen to your words. When you leave that house or city. Shake to very dust off of your feet as a testimony against them.

Once again we are told to make a determination. A judgment call regarding the individual we are speaking to. This doesn’t mean that this person may not come to salvation at some point. But we are not to waste any more precious time with them. Your time is far better spent seeking out someone else who is willing to hear what you have to say. Or at the very least not rejecting you openly.And by the way. As some of you know from my previous blogs. When some devil says to you don’t judge me. And the voice of Satan tells you that you are a bad Christian. Know this my friend. That response from that individual. Came exactly from you hitting a sinful nerve in that person. You are more than likely in a perfect place with God in your preaching. I have many people that I come in contact with in my life. To the ones who are perpetually vulgar. I do not and will not engage them in regular conversations

I will not allow myself to be stained by their garbage. I have some people with whom I work. Of whom I feel as though I need a shower after they leave my presence. There are others who claim some form of Christianity. Who are a stain on the church. They are brazen and boisterous. Prodding into everyone and anyone’s business. They cannot and will not control their tongue. Prescription drug abusers, drunkards and busy bodies. And in my spirt I cringe when they come near. If you are a prayerful and scripture filled individual. And people make you cringe when they are around. Do not think for a moment because they claim to be Catholic or any other form of Christianity. That there is something wrong with you. This is a warning sign from the Holy Spirit that they are not of God. Oil does not mix well with water. And the darkness which they possess will not be tolerated by the light of God within you. Remember this. You and I are not called to be everyone’s friend. James chapter 4 verse 4…Do you not know? That to be friends with the world is to be the enemy of God. Whoever therefore is the friend of this world is the enemy of God. It all comes back to good old Joshua. Choose you this day who it is that you will serve….To be continued


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